(Episode 7) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 7) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

He smiled at himself when he realised his plot had worked, reopened the door, saw her still transfixed on one spot and drew her back in laughing.

Ifeoluwa: “I was just joking o, I got you right there didn’t I?”

She took her time to peruse his expression just to be sure he wasn’t joking at that moment. She just didn’t know what to make of his sudden outburst.

Bolatito: “What kind of play was that?” her confusion started getting replaced with anger.

Ifeoluwa: “C’mon! Don’t tell me you are getting angry? I expected you to know it was all a joke. Can’t believe I got you so easily” he tried getting closer to kiss her but she jumped out of his reach.

Bolatito: “How did you expect me to know it was all a joke with the way you looked? You looked like one possessed by a wicked demon who has suddenly been sent to torment me. That was not cool at all, seriously it was not cool”

Ifeoluwa: “Possessed ke. I can never be possessed by any demon. I’d rather be the one to possess them” he said giggling.


Nneka arrived her uncle’s house that Sunday afternoon looking like she had won a jackpot. She beamed with smiles as she looked around the beautiful house she will be living in and thought herself to be the luckiest among the living without knowing what fate awaited her. Mmesoma led her to her room after her dad had left. She didn’t even mind if her husband was aware of anything she did or said since he wouldn’t mind anyway. He was at her beck and call; making her happy was his top priority in life. She kept feeding him the black tea and he kept getting worse. It was a development she took so much delight in, watching him wallowing at her feet.

She admired the well-polished shiny wooden doors which lined the corridor. She noticed that the upstairs alone had almost five rooms, hers was at the base of the corridor. To her, it was the most beautiful house she had ever set eyes on or entered. Before they were only allowed to stay in the living room downstairs whenever they visited but now, she was free to roam the house anyhow she wanted. She felt blessed.

Mmesoma: “Okay this is your room. Make sure you don’t stray into any of the other rooms since you have no business whatsoever there, do you understand?”

Nneka: “Yes aunty” she replied happily looking around her well-furnished room which looked as good as new since only one person had ever stayed there before. The housemaids were only allowed to take the rooms downstairs.

Mmesoma: “And don’t think because I said I will treat you like a daughter that you will have the freedom to do whatever you want or be lazy”

Nneka: “Yes ma”

Mmesoma: “You are here for a reason and you must carry it out without any flaws. Make sure this house is never dirty and you cook all our meals. How old are you again?”

Nneka: “I am sixteen years old”

Mmesoma: “Oh good! You are of age. You will enjoy me if you do everything I ask you to do and if you start slacking thinking your uncle will be there to save you, you will be on your own. Your uncle will do only what I want or what I ask him to do. Which mean he can throw you out anytime I ask him to or beat the hell out of you if I want him to. So it will be in your best interest to be of good manners and mind your place. Did I make myself clear?”

Nneka: “Yes ma” her tone was no longer sounding as happy as it did before.

Mmesoma: “Good! Unpack your things and come downstairs. You have a lot to do” she said and walked out of the room at last.

“If only you know what I have in store for you, you wouldn’t be so happy to be here. If I am you, I wouldn’t even rear my head here at all. Thank God she is beautiful at least, I have nothing to worry about” she thought as she walked away from the girl’s room.


Some months Later…

She watched the bond between the two of them keep growing every day. She had been right, a baby changes a lot. He would never stop talking about her each time they were together even though he still claimed he didn’t love her still or any other lady at that but the look on his face always spoke volumes whenever he talked about her. It was remaining just few months for her due date and she still hoped something would happen which would abort the baby and the feelings growing inside Ifeoluwa towards his baby’s mother.

That day she had gone to his place and met her there. The way he was all over her, getting her everything she wanted, touching and kissing her baby bump, massaging her legs and paying so much attention to her body movements unnerved her. She had to quickly leave the place before she went crazy with jealousy, envy and rage. She just couldn’t stand it she had to call her aunty one more time. She had been expecting something to happen but nothing had happened thus far.

Angela: “Hello aunty. I think I am going crazy here, you might hear the news that I ran mad one of these days” she sulked into the phone immediately her aunty picked the call.

Mmesoma: “Oh baby! I told you to trust me didn’t I? How many months gone is the pregnancy now?” she asked coolly.

Angela: “Eight months. She will be giving birth next month aunty and he is already making arrangements for her to move in with him even though he is so protective of his space. The next thing he will be planning now is how to pay her bride price. I can see it iin his eyes already. I might be forced to do something bad o”

Mmesoma: “Wow, just be patient baby. Something will happen soon. I will turn them against each other. Don’t worry okay? She will be out of his life for good very soon” she said soothingly.

Angela: “Thank you ma” she said and ended the call.


Few minutes after Angela left the house, she suddenly leapt up from between his laps where she had been lying while he stroke her hair and played with her very sensitive nipples. He did not see anything wrong with her action, he thought she probably wanted to go ease herself like she had always been doing. Her incontinence was one of the reasons he always felt sorry for her, she could go to the bathroom ten times in an hour.

She went straight to the kitchen, parted the curtain and on the windowsill was a hammer, she took it up and started hitting her own tummy with it, targeting where she knew the baby was. Beads of sweat gathered on her forehead while her eyes began to shed tears not for the pain she was feeling but for the fact that she could not stop herself. Her groaning grew louder with each blow and Ifeoluwa heard it at last.

He ran into the kitchen and what he saw almost took his breath away. He was mad beyond words at the sight of her hitting herself with a hammer like that that with a blind fury, he took giant steps towards her, collected the hammer and with all the strength in him flung it at her and it caught her at the side of her head. She staggered sideways and landed on the floor on her stomach.

He could not believe he had done that, all he had intended doing was to collect the hammer from her and probably scold her a little. He ran towards her as blood flowed from the side of her head, there was a puncture at the place the blood was flowing from. She gasped for breath as she tried saying something…

Bolatito: “I am sorry Ife, I could not stop myself. I am dying please save my baby. This was an accident, tell people I fell down and hit my head on a sharp object on the floor. I don’t want you to suffer for something you had no control over and know I loved you until death. Save my baby” she said and closed her eyes gently.

Ifeoluwa: “I love you too Bola please stay with me okay? I will make it all right from now on, please” he said as he scooped her up into his arms and dashed out of the house.

Question: What will Mmesoma want to use Nneka for? Will Bola and her baby make it?

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  1. Bola cannot make it though her baby may, a course her mother should have broken . Nneka is in horror house.

  2. Hmmm ooo!Bola will not make it but the baby will.She wants to use Nneka to make babies.Nneka will deliver children for her.

  3. it seems mmesomma want Nneka to get pregnant by her husband and take the baby from her, I pray Bola will be safe and the baby

  4. C wot bolatito mother cause her child,being impregnated is not d end of life,lossin a life in the process is d big deal.may d gud lord help u thru


  5. I don’t think Bola can make it but d baby will, her mother would @least avert this if her ego had not dectate to her. Mmesoma may want Nneka to carry baby 4 her 4rm a man she will choose

  6. I don’t think Bola can make it but d baby will, her mother would @least avert this if her ego had not dictate to her. Mmesoma may want Nneka to carry baby 4 her 4rm a man she will choose

  7. Ha!!!!see life…see what this woman has caused herself,daughter & her unborn baby,haaaa.l pray Bola&her baby survived if it is 1 survivor it should be Bola,she can’t still get pregnant again….
    Nneka,hummmmmmmm Nnesoma is truly devil,all her plans wouldn’t succeed by God’s grace….

  8. i pray bola makes it o ,but i knw her baby will. As for nneka, she shud get ready to carry a pregnancy or leave dat huz for good

  9. i pray bola makes it o, but i knw her baby will. As for nneka, she shud get ready to carry a pregnancy or leave dat huz for good

  10. I hope Bola n d baby make it bt as things is, is likely only d baby survived it. Only if Adunni as show mother concern by helping her tru prayers. Hmmmm, Nneka will b included in her mischief to her husband or get her way to b pregnant n v d baby.

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