(Episode 11) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 11) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

Getting himself aroused so he could do what he had been paid to do became a little difficult. Nothing about the helpless girl or the room he was in made it any easier for him. He kept caressing his manhood, touching a blooming breasts and kissing the unfeeling lips until he felt himself harden at last and the adrenalin rushed to his veins. Hot blood pumped into his penis and it stood erect. He heaved a sigh, ripped the skirt on her apart and plunged into her. He had expected her to stir when he tore into her hymen, to scream but not even a single sound came from her. Getting the blood into his penis was one thing, getting himself to release his seed into her was another.

He kept thrusting harder and harder, when he felt her becoming dry, he used his saliva to moisten her vagina and kept on at it. At some point he felt himself softening again and started cursing under his breath. He almost gave up until thoughts of the last sex he had had with his lady friend crowded his mind and he followed that line of thought until he found himself reaching the crescendo and then spilling his seed inside her in torrential waves of sweet sensations. He rolled off her at last and laid on the floor for some minutes, he cast a look at her and saw tears on her eyes even though she hadn’t made any sound all through. She was alive yet dead. That was his view of her. He offered words of apology to her before stepping out of the room reeking of sex and sweat.

Mmesoma: “What took you so long? Hope you did not touch anything?” she asked looking at him with eyes filled with curiosity.

Man: “You did not tell me your room was that beautiful neither did you tell me I was to sleep with a zombie” he sulked.

Mmesoma: “I did tell you it wasn’t going to be that pleasant didn’t I? Did you get it done?” she said scrutinizing his sweaty body and weak gait as they walked back to the sitting room, luckily for her, her husband was yet to be home from their usual Sunday meetings.

Man: “Yes I did! Don’t call me back if it didn’t work the way you planned o. I will never do this again. And if at all it works, don’t even associate the product to me. I am only a business man, I have discharged my end of the bargain and that is all. Do you understand ma’am?”

Mmesoma: “I have no intention of calling on you anyway. I have monitored her menstrual cycle for the past two months so I know when she is fertile and when she isn’t. No need to worry yourself. You are gone and forgotten already” she said to herself, glad she used the room since it was what had unnerved him to the core. Who will ever want a child conceived under such circumstances and such environment anyway?” she smiled contentedly at herself as she bade him goodbye knowing fully well what laid in store for him. No one entered her secret chambers and remained alive to tell others about it.


He found her phone on one of the settees and took it up. Luckily for him, she knew her pattern since he had seen her unlock her phone several times. He unlocked it and went directly for her contact, found her mum’s contact and put a call through to her. She answered it in the first ring…

Adunni: “Ah Bolatito! Kinni mo se fun e ti o fe dariji mi? (What did I do to you that you have refused to forgive me for?)” She said immediately she picked the call. He has gone ahead to use her line to call her.

Ifeoluwa: “This is not Bola ma, this is Ife and I need your help” he said as the cries of his baby kept echoing in his head. Angela was already getting exasperated by it.

Adunni: “Where is my daughter please?” she said in a panicking voice.

Ifeoluwa: “I will send you my address in a text. Will explain everything to you when you come. Please ma do not stay long, this is a matter of life and death” he said, ended the call and started typing the address immediately.

Locating his place was not difficult for her at all. That sense of foreboding she had been feeling kept growing stronger as she waited for him to open the gate for her. as soon as she stepped inside the compound, she heard the weak cries of a baby and a lady’s voice which did not sound like her daughter’s angrily scolding the baby to keep quiet.

Adunni: “What is going on here? please where is Bola?” she asked looking around the room as she collected the baby from Angela.

Ifeoluwa: “She is still in the hospital and that is her baby. She gave birth prematurely. Please ma, the baby’s diaper needs to be changed and she is hungry. I have some baby food here but I don’t know how to make them” he explained dejectedly.

Adunni: “Is my daughter okay?” she laid the baby back on the bed and started removing the soiled diaper. At last it was changed and she started making her food.

Ifeoluwa: “We will talk about her later ma” he replied at last when he saw how relaxed his child had become and had started sulking at her fingers hungrily. He had watched attentively as she changed the diaper and prepared the food which did not require any special procedure.

Adunni: “So you mean your lady friend here cannot change a diaper or feed a baby” she eyed Angela with disdain. She couldn’t help it, there was something about her she just didn’t like.

Angela: “I don’t have a child yet” she shot back trying to defend her bruised ego.

Adunni: “How is my daughter?” she ignored Angela.’

Ifeoluwa: “She is In Coma at the hospital. She will not be coming back anytime soon” he announced sadly.

Bola stood beside her mum, watching her baby suck hungrily at the feeding bottle. She was feeding so well it brought smiles to her face and succour to her aching heart.

Mother Feeding Her Baby ca. October 2000

She was glad her mum was there, she was glad there was someone there to help him with the baby at least but her mum’s sudden outburst threw her off-guard.

Adunni: “My child is in coma?” she sprang to her feet and the baby almost fell to the floor if not for Ifeoluwa who quickly caught her in mid-air. “See what you have caused now? You got a girl pregnant and refused to marry her, see what you have cost me? Will my daughter ever recover? I want to see her and I didn’t meet her talking and acting like a normal person, believe me, you will never ever see me here again. You and your daughter have taken my daughter away from me and I will not forgive you, I will never forgive you”

Angela: “Take it easy mama now”

Adunni: “If I slap your face you tiny legged thing. What exactly are you doing here anyway? Please which hospital is she?”

Ifeoluwa: “UITH” he replied without trying to defend himself in anyway. He knew he deserved whatever insult she hurled at him. She was a mother too and her daughter will be her first priority. He cuddled his daughter protectively in his arms as she began to doze off despite the commotion in the house.

Question: Is Adunni’s anger justified? Do you think she will really abandon her grandchild if peradventure her daughter was not yet awake when she gets to the hospital?

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  1. She should see her daughter in her grand daughter that is what she should do, after she her self wasnt a good mother to her daughter cos she wasnt there when she needed her so ife is not to be blamed alone, her stupid ego shuld also be blamed

  2. Her anger is not really justified cus she had a hand in it. She will wanna liv d baby but 4 d guilt n that of her child in coma. She will come back to take care of her granchild. She will cus she won’t b @ rest of mind

  3. Her outburst is not justified at all, she should ave been more understanding as a woman not to av abandon her daughter dat long. She will not abandon her grandchild dat’s what she av now. Bola pls wake up 4 ur baby

  4. Aduni will not abandon bola’s child.Well she has right to get angry but she ought to have forgiven her before now

  5. That woman is not to be trusted, she can abandon the baby if Bola is dead. She has an unforgiving mind

  6. She isn’t justified, afterall, she’s partly to blame.
    But Ife is truly stupid. How can he still be getting close to someone who’s desperate to marry him

  7. She isn’t justified, afterall, she’s partly to blame.
    But Ife is truly stupid. How can he still be getting close to someone who’s desperate to marry him

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