Must Read: Exercise Makes You Live Longer

Here are some important health benefits of regular exercises.

1 Help Maintain healthy weight: exercise is also a key to weight control because it burns calories. If you burn off more calories than you take in, you lose weight. It’s as simple as that.

2 Better Stamina: Aerobic exercise involves continuous and rhythmic physical motion, such as walking and bicycling. It improves your stamina by training your body to become more efficient and use less energy for the same amount of work. As your conditioning level improves, your heart rate and breathing rate returns to normal

3 Prevent Heart Diseases: the human body is meant to move. They actually crave exercise. Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. It can improve your appearance and delay the aging process.

4 Help Develop stronger muscles: exercising with weights and other forms of resistance training develops your muscles, bones and ligaments for increased strength and endurance. Your posture can be improved, and your muscles become more firm and toned. You not only feel better, but you look better, too!

5 Improved Flexibility: exercises keep your body slimmer so that you can bend, reach and twist. It improves your flexibility through exercise reduces the chance of injury and improves balance and coordination.


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