Singer, Janet Jackson looks Happy in new photos

Singer, Janet Jackson looks Happy in new photos

American singer, Janet Jackson , who was a estranged wife to Qatar billionaire, Wissam Al-Mana, had a mirthful smile on her face as she waved at Paparazzi as she left a mall in Malibu. The singer just recently returned to the US with her son, Eissa Al-Mana.



  1. Janet look so happy. We, her fans, are so happy for Janet because something was obviously very wrong in that situation. Not even hating on Wissam, he seems like a nice guy. Truth is, love does not conquer all. Both people in a marriage have to have the freedom to live their best life as a couple, and as individuals. When a marriage evolves to a point where one party can no longer be true to who they are, it time to pray, then walk away. When children are involved, they should find a way to ensure that the children do not suffer as a consequence of the marriage ending. Staying in a marriage solely for the sake of the children just add to the problem because children know when mom and dad are not happy.

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