(Episode 15) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 15) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

They kept kissing under the shower, gurgling water noisily as their tongues teased and sort for more.

He had never felt like that for a long time, knowing it was Bola in his arms again made all the hunger he had kept at bay come to the surface and he intensified their passionate kiss with hands roaming and squeezing her breast, teasing her nipples and finding their way to her buttocks. He broke away from her to look into her eyes, to tell her all the stuffs he had never told her before- stuffs he had wanted to tell her on several occasions but had kept it in his heart instead, putting up a font to depict disinterest in her.

Ifeoluwa: “Angela!” he groaned loudly “What are you doing here?” he asked as he took some steps away from her.

Angela: “I only came to check what was taking you so long in the shower when you drew me closer and started kissing me. please just kiss me for now, I am so dying to have you do even more to me than you already have” she said with a desire laden voice and stepped closer to him, tilting her head up towards his so he could kiss her again but he pushed her back gently, careful so she don’t slip on the wet tiles.

Ifeoluwa: “Please stop this Angela. Why will you come in here in the first place while I am still in the shower” he felt like he had cheated on someone special, someone whose place in his heart was no longer questionable.

Angela: “Ife please! I don’t think I’d be able to survive this night without you touching me. I am on firs right now, I am pining away for you so please get me out of my pathetic state” she pleaded with him with her eyes lustfully roaming his body.

Ifeoluwa: “Just stop okay? Stop it!” his voice began to rise. “I told you we are over, you are only here as a friend and nothing more. Please get your acts straight” he chided her blatantly.


She wanted to act like a pregnant woman by all means and so began forcing herself to sleep and act lazier even more than she used to. That night after making her husband prepare the dinner and serve her, they talked a little bit after which she started pretending to doze off. He watched her for some time, patiently waiting for her to sleep deeper before carrying out his plan. He peeped at her through the newspaper he was staring blankly at and saw her stretch out her full body on her favourite settee and began snoring slightly. He stood up and went straight for the room without acting like he was trying to do something behind her back.

He searched the nook and cranny of the room for the keys to the unused rooms but could not find them anywhere. He searched her traveling bags, handbags and even in between her pile of cloths in the closet but still couldn’t find them. He was going to give up when he remembered how protective of one of her shoes she had always been. He went straight for it on her shoe rack and unzipped the long zip at its back. It was a gladiator heeled sandal with closed pointed tip and so something as small as a bunch of keys could be hidden inside it. He dipped his hand into it and felt the cold hard metal of the keys on his hand.  He smiled to himself and proceeded to the next phase of his plan.

He started from the room at the left hand side of the wall. Each of them were empty save for dusty beds which had been left there for a time they would have plenty guests. He went over to the other side and started opening the rooms and peering into them one after the other too until he got to the last one. He felt a cold chill run through his spine and paused for a minute to regain his composure.


Angela: “What do you mean by that? What exactly is your problem Ife? Ever since you got that girl pregnant, you stopped having sex with me, is she better than I am, do you prefer her to me?” she shot angrily at him.

Ifeoluwa: “This is not about her and you know it so leave her out of this”

Angela: “This has everything to do with her. Ever since she came into your life, everything about you changed. Are you in love with a lifeless girl? Tell me the truth, are you in love with her?”

Ifeoluwa: “Lower your voice please, you will wake Bolu up and you know how difficult it is getting her to sleep is” he said in a hushed tone while Angela let out a frustrated laugh.

Angela: “Do you take me for a joke?” she scoffed. “I am saying something which is ripping my heart into pieces and all you care about is your baby?”

Ifeoluwa: “Just try to understand okay? All I need now is to rest. I want to sleep so freshen up, I am done already” he made to walk out but she held his forearm, stopping him from moving any further.

Angela: “Ife, where am I lacking? Why do you hate me so much? What can I do to be the woman I used to be to you before?”

Ifeoluwa: “It is not about you Angie. It is about me, myself and I. there are a lot I want to sort out about me, my feelings and what I really want. You used to be understanding, what has happened to you?”

Angela: “She happened to me, Bola happened to me and your heart is not helping either. I know you are in love with her and what I am to you right now is just a nanny. Not to worry, I will continue playing that role to my best capacity. I am done here, I will go out first” she used her hand to cover her mouth to stifle the sob that was threatening to wreck the little ego she had left as she walked out of the bathroom and into the room, pulled sweat shirt and pant from her stack of cloths, took and phone and walked out into the compound.

Ifeoluwa: “Hmmmmmm… this is one hell of a situation mehn! How do I go about this? How on earth was I seeing Bola in her? Am I hallucinating now or what?” he let out a hiss of frustration and stepped out of the bathroom too.

She knew the next thing to do. She was no longer going to sit by and watch the man she loved slip away from her just like that. Her aunty was her next option, she never let her down anyway. She flipped the screen of her Iphone6 on and scrolled through her call history, saw her aunty’s name and put the call through to her immediately.


She saw her husband leave but didn’t see anything suspicious about that and so she relaxed, enjoying her fake pregnancy state and all the attention it was getting her even from her husband’s family. She didn’t have to worry about the bump yet since it was too early for the bump to start showing, she kept monitoring the girl for any changes since she could not take her to a hospital for antenatal. She read all she needed to know online and applied on her- the supplements to take, the kind of food to avoid and the type to eat. She made sure she followed every procedure with absolute care.

As he made to turn the knob, he heard her phone ring in the distance and he jumped frightfully. He wondered whether to go in or postpone it for another time, he had a feeling about that particular room he didn’t have while entering the rest of the rooms. He felt jittery with fear and anxiety.

Question: Will he go in? Will he find the girl? What will Angela’s aunty advise her to do this time around?

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    • Evening ALCREW&FANs,

      I am thinking he will definitely go into that room at some point in time if not now.
      She will advise her to snuff the life out of Bola or worse.


  1. If he doesn’t go in he should find a way to duplicate the keys and wait for when she’s not around, but the earlier the better.

  2. devil aunt o think she will ask her to use lob portion on ife also..
    yes Charles will find the girl but it wasn’t gonna easy

  3. hmmmmm….. why am i having this ominous feeling that Charles is Bola’s father…….. its well o…. i just pity d baby gal

  4. He should go in n am sure he will find Nneka inside. Angie’s aunt can only advice her to use Bolu to gain Ife’s love n attention.

  5. I pray he gets in and out before his evil wife will find out.bola will come back to life nice story here

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