(Episode 16) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 16) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

As she stepped into the corridor on her way to the room to get her ringing phone, she saw her husband standing transfixed in front of the room she had the girl hidden in. at first fear gripped her heart but knowing he would confess when she asks him, she relaxed and walked over to him looking as displeased as she really was.

Mmesoma: “What are you doing here Charles?” she asked with her brows furrowed in a disapproving scowl.

Charles: “Erm…erm…”

Mmesoma: “Erm erm what? I said what are you doing here? Do you know how angry and sad it makes me when I ask you not to do something and you end up doing it? Your disobedience to my orders is getting out of hand and I will not have that any longer. Now tell me the truth since you know that would make me happy”

Charles: “Yes it will make you happy, I want to make you happy” he gibbered.

Mmesoma: “Will you talk now or not?” she yelled louder.

Charles: “I didn’t like that you always lock this room and won’t allow anyone close to it not even me. That is why I decided to check it out” his lips quivered and he felt like he was about to pee on himself.

Mmesoma: “So you also think I am hiding your niece in here? Should I open it so you can check? And if she isn’t there, I will pack out of your house for good and go to my father’s house”

Charles: “Don’t open it please. Leave it, I believe you now” he replied and handed the keys over to her.


One week after the unfortunate incidence which almost had Boluwatife dead, She was left all one with the baby yet again, that was the very first time Ife would leave the baby with her after that incidence because he had an outing and had to be there very early. Too early for him to take a baby out in the harsh harmattan morning. He had begged Adunni the previous day to help him take care of the baby as they both sat on the settee they had bought so whoever would be staying with her could feel comfortable…

Ifeoluwa: “Mummy, I know you are very angry with me on so many levels and I deserve whatever anger you mete out to me but I need your help ma. I really do” he looked at her pleadingly.

Adunni: “If it is something I can help with then there is no problem” she folded her hands across her midsection and waited for whatever he had to say.

Ifeoluwa: “I have a very important outing tomorrow and I cannot take Bolu with me like I use to. Please can you go help me take care of her till I’m back? Bola will be fine by herself, it’s of no use staying here 24/7 when there are nurses to monitor her” he explained knowing how important it was for her to watch Bola like she was doing. She probably thought she’d stop breathing if she is left alone for a night.

Adunni: “I cannot. What part of I cannot lay my eyes on your daughter until my daughter wakes up do you not understand? Even your being here is enough torture for me but it seems you are just too stubborn and will not leave no matter how much I beg you to. Now you want me to watch your daughter too? I cannot”

Ifeoluwa: “But she is your granddaughter? Do you ever sit down to think of how Bola would feel if peradventure she is watching you now?” and yeah Bola was really there, watching her mum’s contumacious demeanour with an aching heart.

Adunni: “God forbid my daughter is not watching, she is lying on the bed. Are you implying that her spirit is wandering about? I reject that in Jesus name”

Bola: “But I am really here mum and it is really breaking my heart that you are rejecting my daughter this much. Do you still wish I had aborted her? Look at her dad, isn’t he responsible enough? Do you still think I made mistake? Will you be happy if I lost my daughter to that scheming cactus?” she tried so much not to feel bitter towards her mum but it was not possible.

Ifeoluwa: “I am not saying her spirit is wandering about. Just that the nurse told me to mind what I say to her, she might be hearing us right now. I still can’t understand why you wouldn’t forgive us. If I could turn back the hands of time, I’d right every of my wrongs towards her but…”

Adunni: “But now you can’t and she is the one lying down there not you. Please leave me alone okay? I will see her when my daughter is awake, I need to sleep now, do you want to stay so I can go home?” she asked knowing very well that he wouldn’t want to stay because of the appointment he had mentioned earlier.

Ifeoluwa: “You should sleep then” he stood up with disappointment written all over his face. “Only God know how this woman got to be the mother of the amiable Bola who could sacrifice her own happiness for others.

And so it came to pass that Bolu was left alone with Angela that day and the only thing on her mind was how much the baby was the cause of her heartthrob changing and falling in love with her mum suddenly. If only she hadn’t been born then she would still have her man. She fed her watery milk which was too hot for a baby to drink thereby scalding her tongue a little.

“I wonder why she never even fall sick” she said to herself as she watched her sleep peacefully despite the sweat rolling down her face. Angela had intentionally switched off the fan and worn very warm clothing for her just to punish her a little. Bola stood at a corner watching her like a hawk. She needed to be sure her daughter was safe, she was going to do everything in her power to ensure her daughter survived those hard times no matter what means she had to use.

Bola: “Why will you wish this innocent child so much evil Angela? Wish I could just summon thunder on you right now. Why don’t you just leave my family alone? I am sure there is a man out there wanting you the same way you want Ife. Just let go and go lead a quiet peaceful life with some handsome guy in a duplex somewhere with a Jacuzzi” she taunted her.

Angela: “This girl is really sweating o. should we cool you off Bolu? How about the freezer? Maybe that would make you a little sick? Let me put you there for 20minutes? Will that cool you off enough?” she started walking towards the bed with an outstretched arm, smiling like an idiot.

Bola: “Don’t even try that. I know you are bluffing, I know you cannot do something like that” she said desperately but by then, Angela had already scooped the baby up and had started walking to the kitchen. She left the house in a mad hurry when she realised she meant what she was saying. She sought out her mum first and started screaming at her… “Mum please save my daughter, save my Bolu, she is going to kill her mum” she jumped around, tried throwing things about but none of it worked, her mum was too deaf and blind to hear her spirit voice. When she realised that her being there was a waste of time, she went for Ife praying in her heart that he would at least hear her in his heart, in his mind.

Second round of their meeting was just starting when he started feeling a splitting headache at the left side of his head. He excused himself from the rest of the OAPs and went to the restroom and just then, he saw a reflection in the mirror, that of a lady whose face was a little distorted in the mirror. He ran out of the restroom without a second look and went back to the board room feeling strange. Bola stood beside him, screaming into his ears…

“Please go home, save Bolu, go home, go home” she had to minimize how much she said so it doesn’t get mushed up in his ears thereby confusing him more than he already was…

Question: Will he finally hear her? will he be able to save his daughter from the cold hands of Angela?

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      Well God works in ways we do not see, I believe God will answer prayers to save Bolu. How mean could a wicked woman be!!!


  1. Pls next episode. I really want to read the miracle that saved Boluwatife from this heartless humanbeing who will never hear the cry of her own baby in her life.

  2. Some One Will Save Bolu Btw Aduni And Ifeoluwa Bcos Ife Can’t Hear Her So He May Decide 2 Go Home bcos he’s not feeling well…angela is really wicked

  3. He will hear her faintly,thou my not point out her saying bt will sense Bolu is in danger. He will b able to save her frm Evil Angie

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