(Episode 17) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

(Episode 17) The Reaper's Loot... A Touching Story!

She suddenly heard a loud banging coming from upstairs. She had gotten tired of staying indoor and therefore had decided to stroll around the compound in order to stretch her legs a little bit. She thought it was her mind playing tricks on her but when she heard the banging again and saw the gateman straining his neck towards the house too, she hurriedly went inside, locked the door so no one was able to get in- her husband had gone to work so she was the only one at home with the gateman. She took the stairs two at a time as she bounded for the room she knew the banging was coming from after getting the keys from her own room.

She pushed the door open after unlocking it, stepped in and quickly locked the door again behind her. She saw Nneka walking around in a zombie-like trance. She was coming to her senses little by little and therefore had started feeling suffocated inside the room coupled with the discomfort of being pregnant.

Mmesoma: “The charm seems to be wearing out. Where is the remnant of it again o, where did I keep it? She started looking around frantically, biting her index finger. Nneka walked up to her and looked at her with pleading eyes…

Nneka: “Aunty Mmesoma, please let me go home, I don’t want to go to the university anymore. Please let me go” she said as she swayed on her feet and her lips quivered.

Mmesoma: “C’mon go and sit down my friend! I should let you go? You are carrying my baby and I cannot let you out of here until you have safely put to bed” She replied and shoved her back while the girl staggered, only barely able to stop herself from falling.

Nneka: “I will still give birth to the baby whether in here or not. Please aunty, I might die inside this place”

Mmesoma: “Sebi you have mouth to say all these because you are in your right senses bah?” she said and suddenly remembered where she had kept the calabash of water which she always sprinkled her with in order for her to lose her mind. She went for it under her fetish table, bent down and dragged it out, carried it over to Nneka who looked bewildered at the look of the calabash and tried running but as soon as the water touched her, she stopped on her track and stood transfixed on the spot. “Now sit down there!” she commanded while she obeyed without even a word with a distance look and tears in her eyes.

“Just so you know Nneka, you are not getting out of this alive. How can I let you go am I mad? So you will go and rat me out to people out there? Tell them I am not the mother of the baby but you? No way!” She said out loud, cast her a wicked look and returned the calabash to where she had taken it from. “I will make sure I sprinkle you with that water every day until the day until my baby is delivered of you. The poor innocent child” she added then stepped out of the room, locking it after her.


Ifeoluwa: “What is this feeling? What is the voice screaming in my head? Is something going on at home?” he asked rhetorically.

Bola: “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Something terrible is definitely going on at home. Please rush home before it is too late”

Ifeoluwa: “And who was that I saw in the mirror? Could that have a fragment of my imagination?” he kept talking to himself inaudibly while the rest of the board members rallied round the table, getting ready for the next round.

Bola: “That was me but please just set that aside now and go home. Get your stupid ass off that chair now or you will lose your daughter” she said angrily this time and whooshed away sending the papers on the table flying around the boardroom.

The person sitting right beside him whose name on the tag read Rotimi Abdullahi noticed his discomfiture and asked him what was going on.

Ifeoluwa: “I think something bad is going on at home. I can’t seem to shake off that feeling no matter how much I try” he replied looking at the guy for support.

Rotimi: “Then I think you should not shake off the feeling. Rush home right now, you wouldn’t be having that feeling if it wasn’t necessary. I just hope all is really well at home” he said and then nudged him to stand up and get going immediately. Ife shot him a look of gratitude and quickly gathered his stuffs into his briefcase and rushed out like one who had fire on his tail.


The gateman could not shake off the feeling that something fishy was really going on inside the house with the way his madam rushed inside then locked the door securely behind her. He had tried going in but only to find the door locked. He stood in front of the entrance to the house, wondering what was really going on…

“Who be that fesin wey come dey knock the door por inside when oga no dey and na only her dey por inside? Shey dis woman dey hide Nneka for the house true true ni. Ah! Wahala dey o. na who I go call now? Shey make I call oga tell am? Abi make I no fut mouth por tin wey no consign me? I get flinty children wey I dey peed with the small kudi wey I dey manige get from here. Hmmmmm Allahu Akbar” he soliloquized in Hausa accent and then walked back to his post shaking his head like agama lizard.


The voice in his head had stopped but it had been replaced with a lingering anxiety no matter how much he tried to convince himself all was well at home.

“Bolu hope you are okay? Why do I keep thinking about you? I shouldn’t have left her all by herself, I should have taken her with me no matter what. This is why being in close proximity with your own family is a necessity. If I had one of my brothers in this city, I’d have just taken her there to his wife. God please take care of my child, I’d go mad if anything happens to her.

You gave her to me for a reason, maybe to bring me closer to you? I will get closer to you, I will start treating women better but that will never happen if you take my daughter away from me” He prayed as he raced home all the way from Oluyole to Dugbe. The traffic jam he met at the intersection between ring road and Dugbe seemed to be intentionally occurring to taunt him. He continued honking his car horn even though he knew that was ot going to clear the road for him.


She switched on the Television after placing the baby inside the fridge- she had changed her mind about placing her in the freezer. She had wanted to leave her there for just twenty minutes but then while Watching TV, she had slept off and forgotten all about the baby she was punishing.

Question: Will Bolu make it out of the fridge alive? Will the gateman decide to confide in someone about what he heard in the house?

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    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      Two evil people of the same stock! Damn!

      I want to believe Bolu will and that
      the gate keeper is not merely going to sit around doing nothing just like that.


  1. Good morning all. My heart is in my mouth! Bolus will be saved cos nepa will take the light and her is running down home. Angela and her evil aunty will be exposed and Bola will come back to life. But Adelove, the episodes are too short o.

  2. yeeeeee.. ..Angela is a devil….chaii….I pray bolu make it out of deer alive…..hmmm…..d gateman should confine in d police and involve nneka father…cos his boss is under madam spell…

  3. ha dis is sheer wickedness oh,can Angela ever b a moda in her lyf?and I tink d gateman will confide with someone else and not Charles cos if he tells him it is as well as telling mmesoma.

  4. Snc is d fridge n not frizer, nothing wll happn to her till her father gets bk n save her. I dnt kw abt d aboki. Gdmorning

  5. How will God bless this kind of a person? I pray you continue sleeping and forget yourself so that Ife will come back.

  6. Angela is heartless o,bolu will survive,that baby is here to stay,one wrong move 4rm mmesoma..the gateman will start prying

  7. This is wickedness of highest order.how can you punished baby?.baby,baby for that matter.human beings are wicked,the heart of a man is desperately wicked,who can know it?.haaaaa, Angela & Nnesoma, your cup is full,you will definitely rot in Jail by God’s grace…haha,wicked soul.

  8. Jesus how wicked can a woman be , does she think she will ever bear a child/children of her owb, God have mercy on such women.

  9. She will make it out alive cus she is a blessing to d family n mallam will confide wit his Oga or his friend

  10. This is pure wickedness from Angela. But assuming Nepa takes the light the freezer will still be cold,Lord save this girl and I just pray Ife gets home on time. Adelove the episodes are becoming too short! What’s happening guys?

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