(Episode 19) The Reaper’s Loot… A Touching Story!

Bola: “Ife please save me. He is going to kill me. He is already inside my ward and he is still deliberating on what to do. Can you still hear me?”

Ife’s mind was so occupied by thoughts of his daughter that every other voice was blocked off from his mind while Adunni was being eaten up by guilt. Inside, she was beating herself up so much her heart had begun to bleed.

She rushed back when she realised no one was paying heed to her and noticed Francis hovering over her.

Francis: “Assuming you had agreed to my proposal now, will you be in this condition? Women and their pride sha. I would have taken good care of you and your child is now going to be killed too. What a pity!” he mumbled.

Bola: “Please don’t do it Francis. I am sorry I did not accept your proposal but please spare my baby’s life” she pleaded.

Francis: “But to think of it, I really like the girl o. Look at the way she is shining even on sick bed. I don’t think she deserves to die just yet. I will spare her. Yes I have to” he decided in his heart and turned to leave but stopped in his track when he heard footsteps outside. He looked around in panic, looking for somewhere to hide but then on a second thought decided it was not going to be of any use.

Ife and Adunni stepped in and were taken aback when they saw a stranger there. ife’s first instinct was to check Bola’s pulse but when he realised that the man was calm and was making no attempt to flee, he relaxed also.

Adunni: “Please who are you?” she asked looking from the man to her daughter.

Francis: “I only came to check on Bola. She was my friend from our university days” he lied.

Ifeoluwa: “And which university was that?”

Francis: “Can I see you outside please? There is something I need to tell you urgently”

Adunni: “No tell us the university that you both went to” she insisted.

Ifeoluwa: “Mama its okay. Let me talk to him outside, I will be right back” he said and led the way out of the ward while Adunni went over to check her daughter’s pulse and was satisfied when she found out there was nothing out of the ordinary”

Francis: “That lady is in the danger” he announced without much ado.

Ifeoluwa: “What do you mean by she is in danger? Danger of what?”

Francis: “Not just she but her daughter too. Someone is after their lives and I feel she will not stop until she has succeeded in her plans” he looked around to be sure no one was within earshot.

Ifeoluwa: “Who? Who is the person and how did you get to know all these?” he asked, getting a little agitated.

Francis: “I am not going to tell you who the person is but please be security conscious. I know this because the person sent me here to kill them and since I decided not to cos Bola is someone I have met once, she might send someone else”

Ifeoluwa: “Wow! I am tempted to thank you for sparing their life and for telling me this. Should I call the police or what?”

Francis: “That will be your choice but before they arrive, id have disappeared” he said and made to leave but Ife stopped him.

Ifeoluwa: “Wait don’t leave just yet. I have a plan and I want you to help me. I know this person you are talking about, she is the reason my daughter is also in the hospital right now so there is no other person who can wish them death but she”

Francis: “Okay?”


He saw two women struggling in the distance. He was at an unfamiliar dark path. He recognised his wife immediately but did not know who the other young lady was. Like a flash, he saw his wife bring out a knife to stab the lady who held her hand, the both rolled on the floor for some time then before he knew it, the lady was in front of him, bleeding from different parts of her body. He wanted to help her, to carry her into safety but he was powerless. It was like the elements had connived to take away every ounce of strength he had ever had. he sighted Mmesoma running towards them from the distance, ready to deal the girl the last blow. She held on to him desperately mumbling to him to save her.

“Dad please save me, she is going to kill me. She hates me so much, I am dying dad, please save me” she kept saying, throwing him off-balance. Mmesoma was about to stab her again when he woke up sweating from head to toe.

“What is the meaning of that? How can a girl I have never seen before call me dad? How did I get to father such a grownup lady?” He never went back to sleep, his mind was filled with thoughts of the beautiful lady who had called him dad in the dream.

At day break after preparing breakfast for his wife who was still on bed, he got ready for work without trying to say anything to her like he usually did. As soon as he stepped out into the compound, the gateman ran up to him, limping on one leg.

Charles: “Why are you limping like that?” he asked walking towards the garage.

Gateman: “na the gate wound me for leg. Oga, something dey wey I wan tell you o” he scampered after him.

Charles: “Talk on I am listening”

Gateman: “Yesterday when you no dey for house. Madam sep dey por outside. I con hear as fesin they knock for door wey dey inside. E be like sey fesin dey for the house. I no know when bisitor come por the house”

Charles: “Is that so?” his knees went weak when he remembered how he felt while trying to open one of the doors that day.

Gateman: “Yes oga. I just tink sey make I tell you sir” he said feeling good inside. He had been unburdened.

Charles: “Thank you, I will look into it when I come back” he said and watched the gateman limp off again. “Or was that the person I saw in my dream last night? is there really someone inside that room? I remember Nneka do call me dad, oh my God! Could she be the one? Nevertheless, I have to keep on with this charade, I must not let her know I am on to her”


She found herself at that lonesome path again only that this time around, there were no other souls around, she was the only one. She sat down on the wet grass and began to cry. “What is the essence of this life exactly? Just some weeks ago, I thought I had everything I could possibly want and now even my life is about to be snatched and all I can do is watch and talk to the air? God please just take me, I am tired, I really am” she lamented out loud thinking no one was at least listening to her.

Lady: “I can make your wish come true”

Bola looked up and saw a lady glowing from head to toe. She was the most beautiful being she had ever laid her eyes on.

Bola: “Am I already in heaven?” she asked looking around.

Lady: “Not yet but you can be any moment from now if you agree to my terms” She flashed her a very benign smile which could captivate the most stone hearted among the living.

Bola: “What are your terms?”

Lady: “I will grant you power so you can protect your daughter for the time being but then I will have to take your life. Would you sacrifice your life for your daughter’s?” she asked maintaining the smile on her face.

Question: Was it Nneka Charles saw in his dream or someone else? Do you think Bola will agree to sacrifice her life for her daughter’s? Should she?

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      Some dreams are for direction, it would seem it’s Nneka calling for help.
      Bolu would want that so much but God’s gift are perfect. God’s perfect will be done upon Bolu. I think she’ll live.


  1. It’s bola Charles saw in him dream Cox bola is the child he abandoned after impregnated Dunni. I pray to God for bola, she shouldn’t agree to d strange woman’s request.

  2. Hmmmmmm angela nd memso ur cup will soon full oh; bola will agree but if its rilly Gods angel she will grant her her lyf4 d sake of her baby bolu

  3. Charles nid 2 set nneka free.Bola should nt agree 2 dat plan she should rather pray even in dat state bsyds Ifeoluwa and Francis are ploying 2 kip dem both safe.

  4. I fink Charlse is d Gozie dat impregnated bola’s mother n I don’t want Bola to agree to d condition cos Godly angel won’t give such condition

  5. NO it was Nneka but Bola, i think bola will do anything to keep her daughter safe but she shouldn’t bargain with it bcos its a trap.

  6. I have started to believe Charles is the Gozie Bola’s father.I don’t Bola to accept the condition but she can do anything for her daughter’s life.

  7. Mneoma is after Bola and Nneka, and Nneka is Charles niece Bola could be his daughter in a far distance. Bola will surely regain her consciousness. Definitely.

  8. She will want sacrifice her life in place of her daughter’s own,but Charles will save her cos immediately he center’s dat room 2 save Nneka,all Mmesoma’s charm will become impotent.

  9. Its Nneka….bola will want to sacrifice her life for her daughter but I want both alive for I’ve since he has realized his mistakes n he’s ready for a new start wit her

  10. Yes,I think is Nneka Charles saw in his dream. Bola shouldn’t accept to exchange her life for her daughter,there might be a way out.

  11. I think Bola is d person charles saw in hi dream. Boa will wanna sacrifice her lie 4 her daughter bt she shoudnt cus ife alrdy has plan to save both her and daughter wit d hlp of francis.

  12. Pls oh bola mustn’t die oh,there should be a twist some how,she needs to be back for her daughter and ife

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