(Episode 3) Queen Of Seduction… An Enchanting Story!

Queen and Asha got to the party venue and parked at the garage where their sugar daddies and their drivers were already waiting.

They got into the venue and the girls were impressed with what they saw especially with the caliber of people in the hall. The occasion was graced by top government personalities and business tycoons.

Queen: “I think we will even get better catch here o” she whispered into her friend’s ears.

Asha winked at her and told her to keep her fingers crossed and eyes opened.

During the course of the dinner, Queen noticed that a man who was richly dressed was staring at her and winking at her from where she was sitting. As soon as she perceived that he was a rich man, she adjusted her bra and excused herself from her date under the pretense that she was going out to receive a call.

As soon as the man saw her get up, he went after her.

Chief Humphrey: “hello beautiful” he said to her but she ignored him and continued to feign calling someone.

Chief: “I am talking to you, pretty one” he said approaching her.

Queen: “Oh, hi. Sorry I was on the phone talking to my father who is about to board a flight for UK this minute” she lied.

Chief: “I see. How are you? What’s your name? Look I am not one for too much talk. I will like to get down with you, what do you think about that?” he asked her.

Queen: “just like that? Biko I am not interested” she said trying to walk back but the man stopped her.

Chief: “Oh common, don’t get pissed off. I can give you whatever amount you charge me. In fact, if we get along well, I will spoil you silly” he bragged.

Queen: “Excuse me, sir. I take that as an insult to my personality. What are you trying to say? That my parents cannot take care of me or what? Look, my father is a business man who has companies all over the country. Right now he is going to UK to seal up a deal he is setting up in my name and that is what I was discussing with him on phone. I can take care of myself and I am sure that you know that”

Chief: “But the man you are sitting with in there in the hall, I thought that is your sugar daddy”

Queen: “Hell no, you got it all wrong. The man is my uncle, my father’s younger brother to be precise. My dad asked me to represent him here because he cannot be here himself” she lied again.

Chief: “Clean girl, that is the kind of girls I like. At least now I am sure that you are not one of those girls from poor homes who have slept with too many men for money. I like decent girls. Please give me a chance”

Queen: “a chance for what exactly? I am sure that you are married so what are you saying?”

Chief: I want to spoil you, please give me the opportunity to do so” he pleaded.

Queen: “I really don’t think that would be possible, my parents are spoiling me enough” she said.

Chief: “fine, here is my card. Just give me a call one of these days so that we can hang out. Is that okay?”

Queen collected the card and walked back to the hall without saying a word to him. As she walked away, she could feel Chief’s eyes roaming her buttocks and she was glad that she had made an impressive first impression.


Asha: “what did you have to lie for?” her friend asked her when they were driving home the next day having spent the night each with their sugar daddies.

Queen: “how do you mean?”

Asha: “The chief you said asked you out at the party, why didn’t you just accept him? From where I was sitting, I noticed that the man is very wealthy”

Queen: “And you think I don’t want to accept him? I just pulled a stunt there my dear. All these big men, if you want them to value you and give you plenty money, you need to make them feel like you are one of their own, I mean you need to make it appear like you are in their class else they will just give you peanuts after banging you out of air”

Asha: “You are right o, we all lie about our background at one point or the other but then where will you see him again?”

Queen: “ah, you no trust me? Who go see all these packaging wey go just waka like that? The man begged me to collect his complimentary card which I reluctantly did even though I was very happy in my heart”

Asha: “oya call him sharp sharp now. Shey you will be free today?”

Queen: “Not so easily. I will call him after about two weeks then I will lie that I had mistaken his number for another person’s own. That is how we will start and before you know, I will milk him dry”

Asha: “Abeg give me five” the two girls clasped their hands together.

Queen: “I go use that man build house for Abuja. Just dey watch me” she said


Mr and Mrs Ayo decided to call their daughter, Queen to find out how she was faring in the university. Her father who was a civil servant in Kogi state was finding it difficult to feed his family talk more of sending pocket money to her. He wondered how she coped in school but he was rest assured because his daughter was not the wayward and materialistic type, so he thought.

Mr Ayo: “Hello, my daughter, how are you?” he said as soon as she picked his call.

Queen: “I am fine, daddy. How are you too?” she said into the receiver.

Mr Ayo: “we are healthy and so we thank God since health is wealth. How is school? I am sorry that we have not been able to send any money across to you, it is not intentional o, we still haven’t been paid till now”

Queen: “Don’t worry, dad. I understand. Is it not that Kogi that workers have been doing one screening after the other without anything to show for it? God will help us in this country o”

Mr Ayo: “thank God you understand. God will bless you my dear and I promise to send you something as soon as I get paid. Please take your studies serious o and remember to go to Church always. Is that clear?”

Queen: “it is papa. In fact, I am coming from a night vigil right now?” she said and Asha ran into the bathroom to laugh.

Mr Ayo: “that is good. Your mother is here, she wants to talk to you” he said.

He handed the phone to his wife who was sitting beside him.

Mrs Ayo: “So when are you coming home” she asked after exchanging pleasantries with her daughter.

Queen: “soon, mum. Soon”

Mrs Ayo: “you have to try and come home this week or next week, we need to talk and it is very urgent”

Queen: “can’t we discuss it on phone?” she asked.

Mrs Ayo: “We cannot”

Queen: “okay, I will try” she said and the receiver went off.

Question: Looks like Queen is from a good home, how comes she ended up this wayward? What do you think her mother wants to discuss with her?

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  1. Many students most especially daughter’s fall into wrong hands when they gained admission into schools,peer pressures,they also want to belonged, they will want to wear,eat,do,what their parents can’t afford they easily forget the daughter & Son of who they are.this is an eye opener,I pray they hear o..kudos Matty&Adelove crew.

  2. i tink her mother want 2 discuss marriage or maybe her drm. Queen already had d mind set, i won’t say frnds pushed her or d family bkground.

  3. She might have fallen into the wrong hands at school.
    Her mother wants to discuss marriage issues with her.

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