State Police Will Turn Into A Weapon Of Intimidation By Governors, Says Tsav

State Police Will Turn Into A Weapon Of Intimidation By Governors, Says Tsav

Mr. Abubakar Tsav, former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, has reacted to the moves by the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) on the creation of state police.

Tsav, who condemned the idea, maintained that state police will turn into a weapon of intimidation by governors.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos yesterday, he said: “If the governors have state police, they will do what they like. What causes problems in our society is injustice. When peoples’ rights are infringed, they go to the Police to seek justice, and when they don’t get justice, a problem arises. We should not make the mistake of allowing the governors to have state police.

“Doing that will amount to looking for trouble. A Police Commissioner will be at the beck and call of a state governor. He will do whatever a state governor wants him to do, and these governors are very desperate and want to remain in power at all costs.

“When they have state Police, they can use it to harass and intimidate their opponents. We are not yet ripe for state police. I think what the governors should do is to support the Police by allowing them to do their job without interference. When we are civilised, we can start thinking about that but not now.”

It could be recalled that the NGF had set up a six man committee to formulate modalities on creation of state police.


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