(Episode 17) Queen Of Seduction… An Enchanting Story!

The ringing of Mercy’s phone woke her up and she got up with a start.

Mercy: “Thank God it was only a dream. I am sure that Peter would never advise me to do such a thing” she said and picked her phone from where she plugged it to charge before she fell asleep.

She looked at the screen and saw that it was Peter calling. She picked it excitedly. One of the best moments of her life was when she was talking with him on phone.

Peter: “hello, dear. How are you today? I was afraid that I was calling at the wrong time since you didn’t pick up earlier” he said into the receiver.

Mercy: “I was sleeping, I plugged the phone to charge and then I slept off. Can you imagine?”

Peter: “you must be very tired. Sorry, dear”

Mercy: “Do you know that I was actually dreaming of you before your call woke me up?”

Peter: “really? I must be in the spirit then. So, tell me what did I do in the dream or what am I going to do?”

Mercy narrated to him all that had transpired between her and her boss the previous day and how she had dreamt that he was advising her to give in to the man’s demand.

Peter: “God forbid. I can never ask you to do such a thing just to get me a job. Remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you must not do anything to desecrate it” he advised.

Mercy: “Exactly what I was saying to you in the dream before I woke up”

Peter: “that dream is from the pit of hell, ignore it. There is no way I will touch you before marriage and there is no way I will advise you to sleep with another man to get me a job even if it means that is the last job on earth. I know that the God I serve is able to give me a job at his own time. Please my dear, avoid that man as much as you can. Remember that you are to resist the devil and he will flee from you”

Mercy: “I will do just that. Thank you for being such a god fearing man. I love you” she grinned.

Peter: “I bless God the day our path crossed. I love you too”

They continued to talk until Mercy excused herself to go for her fashion designing school which she had enrolled into after camp.


“what will you like to eat, mummy?” Queen asked Kelvin’s mother.

Mama Kelvin: “I think I should get to know you properly first before you cook for me. Who are you and what is your relationship with my son like?”

Queen: “Oh, sorry. I thought Kelvin already told you about me” she lied.

Mama Kelvin: “no he didn’t. As a matter of fact, I have never seen my son with any woman before and that is why I think you must be very special for him to allow you spend the night with him” she said staring into the young lady’s face.

Queen: “Okay, mummy. My name is Queen. I am a corps member. Your son Kelvin is the love of my life, I love him more than life itself” she said quickly avoiding the woman’s gaze.

Mama Kelvin: “okay. This is good news for me” she said.

Queen: “how do you mean, ma?” she asked with peaked interest.

Mama Kelvin: “you see my daughter, I have been on my son’s neck to get a wife for long now and each time I bring up the discussion, he shies away from giving me a favourable answer. As a matter of fact, that is why I came here so I can continue drumming the need to get a wife into his ears. I was even afraid that my son was an eunuch, impotent or something” she lowered her voice.

Queen: “Ah, Kelvin is not impotent o, he is a real man” she lied giving his mother the impression that she had slept with him.

Mama Kelvin: “okay. So what is stopping you two from getting married? You must be very special to him and that is why he allowed you into his house and bedroom. I also over heard you calling him your fiancé, when will you two get married? Kelvin has more than what it takes to marry” she said with motherly concern.

Queen: “Hmmn, that is where the problem lies mother. Kelvin doesn’t want to settle down o, do you know that Kelvin even introduces me as just his friend?” she lied afraid that Kelvin will return and deny her before his mother.

Mama Kelvin: “are you serious?”

Queen: “Yes, ma. He tells people that I am only a friend even though we have been together for a long time and he promised to marry me. Kelvin was my first love, the one who made me a woman. Me I cannot live without him o, I will not be alive and see him marry another woman” she said feigning anger.

Mama Kelvin: “calm down my dear. I don’t see Kelvin marrying another woman. Like I said, you are the only one I have seen with him”

Kelvin: “Mummy he has other girlfriends o, they are the ones who don’t want him to settle down. All those girls are just after his money and his wealth, nothing more. I was the one who stayed with him when he had nothing. See mummy, you need to talk to him to get married to me o, if not your son may never get married”

Mama Kelvin: “God forbid. My only son must get married o. But then, don’t you think you should do something to hasten up your marriage with him?”

Queen: “something like what, ma” she asked at a loss on what the woman meant.

Mama Kelvin: “maybe you should get pregnant for him. Look, if you can take in for him, I promise you that I will personally make sure he marries you. I will personally bring my people to your parents house and pay your bride price. Please my dear, have pity on an old woman. Kelvin is my only son and he is my only hope of being called a grandmother. His father abandoned me and ran away with another woman when he was barely two years old. I suffered untold hardship to raise him up the little way I could. What is the reward for all the times I went hungry so that my son could have something to eat if I don’t get to see my grandchildren until I join my ancestors” she asked rhetorically.

Queen paused after listening to the woman’s story.

“this is the kind of family I want to marry into. His mother is so gullible I can easily control and manipulate her as my mother in law” she thought.

Queen: “don’t worry mother. I shall give you grandchildren, male and female, twins and triplets. Just put in some good words for me when your son returns”

Mama Kelvin: “Ah, I will. I will make sure he marries you except if I didn’t carry him in my womb and except he didn’t suckle my breasts. I like you already. You are very humble and decent. So, tell me, where did you meet my son?”

Queen: “er…erm..I..we met in a Church during one of the vigil prayers”

Mama Kelvin: So my son goes to Church, that is good to know”

“Yes, ma. It was one of the vigils that we attended last night, that is why you were already asleep when we got back that late” Queen lied.

Mama Kelvin: “It’s alright my dear. Get me tea and bread please”

Queen got up immediately.

“Mummy, you are going to eat something very special as breakfast this morning. Just give me few minutes” she said.

Question: We are laughing our heads off here. What sort of desperation for marriage is this? Can a marriage built on lies stand? How is it possible that Kelvin’s mother cannot see through Queen’s lies?

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  1. Dnt blame her mercy is pretending n she as an old woman needs grand children vry urgently. Good morning Adelove n crew

  2. Its really not his mothers fault, since she has never seen any woman with her son before and the act that queen is putting on looks so real, but i pity her because if kelvin comes back and still meet her in his house with all the lies she told kelvin’s mum, it wont be funny for her

  3. I Wonder O…Marriage Built On Lies Cannot Stand… The Woman Desperately Needs Grand children,the Truth Will Soon Unveil

  4. Hmmmmmmmm, one can’t blame Kevin’s mother. No mother will be happy seeing their established sons not settled down in marriage, but, her weakness is in her love and fear, if not, she’d have enquired the source of Kevin’s wealth.
    Kelvin might play along to maintain peace with the mum

  5. Queen Queen! Any Marriage built on lies cannot stand, Kelvin’s mother needs Grand children badly, that’s why she believes her story. But Queen aka ” Mama ashi” just wait for Kelvin to come back and disgrace you. Queen you must regrate for rejecting Peters marriage proposal.

  6. She’s devil incarnate the woman cannot get her but her rain of disgrace & shame is heavily prepared, let’s see how it end.

  7. Marriage built on lies cannot stand. Kelvin’s mother is desperate for a grandchild and is not aware of the lies queen is telling her.

  8. Well I don’t blame kelvins mum she’s been carried wit d thought of having g-children n wit d fact dat she hasn’t seen her son wit any woman, for queen I just shake my heads n my hands are in akimbo watching from my end as she falls to grass at d end

  9. Asha must deal wit dis queen, she think say if she and asha do rubish finish that she will get married to a big man. Watch out for asha

  10. marriage built on lies will never stand,I can’t blame the woman with all the ups and down Queen is telling her there is nothing she can do than to accept her……na wah oooooo

  11. It’s a lie ooooo,kelvin must marry mercy, you people want to change it with style abi, I am seeing you people oooo, Wehdone ooo, wehdone, anyways abeg do girls like queen still exist.

  12. It can never stand lie lie. Kelvin’s mum so so gullible n she won’t bliv her son if he comes back n narrate his own story of Queen.

  13. GOD punish u Queen for dat lie wey u take deceive mama. rubbish girl. marriage or any relationship built on lies can never stand

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