(Episode 18) Queen Of Seduction… An Enchanting Story!

Asha tried to call her Queen and find out how she was faring but her phone was switched off. After a while, Asha became worried that some harm may have befallen her friend since it was unusual for Queen not to return early morning after sleeping out with a man.

She decided to call again and this time around, her call went through.

Asha: “Where are you now? You want to give me high blood pressure abi?” she asked as soon as Queen picked the call.

Queen: “Hey, you don’t talk to somebody’s wife anyhow, you know. I am a married woman now” she boasted.

Asha: “What is this one saying? Shey you don dey craze ni? You better carry your body come here o, no allow me change am for you”

Queen: “I am serious, I am in my husband’s house”

Asha: “I don get it. Husband, marriage? Where is that one coming from?”

Queen: “I am serious o, I will gist you when I return. I need to cook for my mother in law now. Bye!”

Asha looked at the phone after the call went off and shook her head wondering what the problem was with Queen.


Kelvin returned home and was surprised to find Queen in the house, talking with his mother.

Queen: “Oh, welcome darling” she said and ran up to hug him.

Kelvin was surprised and didn’t even know what to say.

Mama Kelvin: “welcome my son. Your fiancee here has been keeping me company all day. She is such a lovely girl and a great cook too. I cannot wait to have her as my official daughter in law” she said.

Queen: “please go up and freshen up while I will set the dining table”

Kelvin: “fiancee? Mum, who is the fiancée?” he asked with surprise on his face.

Mama Kelvin: “Queen now, she is such a prized daughter in law”

Kelvin: “I really don’t know what you people are talking about” he said and went upstairs.

Queen: “Mummy do you see what I was telling you about? Why does he need or put on this attitude anything there is a third party among us? If we get to the bed now, he will be begging me. Me I am tired of this relationship o, I will just quit and get another man” she lied.

Mama Kelvin: “don’t say that, my daughter. Do you want another person to come and reap where she did not sow? If he comes begging in the night, allow him, once you take in like this, we will come and ask for your hand in marriage. It is a promise” she assured her.

Kelvin was stepping out of the bathroom when Queen entered.

Kelvin: “And what are you still doing here? I told you to ask the driver to drop you off at home or get a cab with the money I left under my table. Why haven’t you gone?” he barked as soon as she closed the door behind her.

Queen: “Your mother” she said and paused for effect.

“My mother? What is wrong with her?” Kelvin asked.

Queen: “she is the reason why I am still here. She is such a nice woman and she thinks I am your fiancée. She wouldn’t even allow me leave her presence. She is so adorable, I wish I can have her for my mother in law”

Kelvin: “I don’t know what you are talking about, all I know is that you are leaving my house this minute and if you don’t leave, I will ask the guards to throw you out” he threatened.

Queen: “please don’t do this. Okay, I will leave but please come down and let us eat as a family, that is all that your mother desires. Is that too much to do for a woman who went through thick and thin to raise you after your father abandoned you?”

Kelvin: “how did you know all these” he asked dropping the T-shirt he had picked to wear.

Queen: “she told me everything including your refusal to get married. See, lets just pretend that we are dating tonight and I promise you first thing tomorrow morning, I will be gone from your house and your life. Dinner is served, can we go downstairs now?”

Kelvin: “as if I don’t know that women use love portion when cooking? I am not eating” he said moving away from her.

Queen: “your mother and I will eat out of the same bowl of food, there is no way I would use a love portion in it”

After some persuasion, he decided to give in to her for the sake of his mother whom he could do everything to please.

Mama Kelvin giggled when she saw Queen and her son coming downstairs holding hands.

“God, I wish she would just get pregnant tonight. All I need is a grandchild”, she soliloquized.


After Queen left the house the next day, she became a regular guest at the Kelvin’s mansion and his mother who extended her visit became very fond of Queen. Many times she would take the woman out for shopping and sight seeing in town. Mama Kelvin was not the only one who was fond of Queen, Kelvin also was getting used to her presence because she was a great cook and did not spare anything in making sure she prepared delicious and mouth watering local delicacies for him anything she went to the house.

Queen had the habit of sleeping over in the house and weekends and she made sure she slept in the Master’s bedroom where Kelvin slept even though all her seductions to get him to touch her were not yielding any results.

Queen returned home from his house to see Asha making out with a man on their bed. As soon as the man left, Queen walked up to her.

Queen: “babe, what was that for now? I thought we already agreed that we will not bring men into our house? Have you forgotten what happened to me back then in the university?”

Asha: “It is not my fault now. You are hardly in the house these days. Even when you come, it is just to pick your things and leave. Do you want me to die of boredom?”

Queen: “But you know what I am pursuing now” she said relaxing.

Asha: “You are pursuing marriage but till today, I am yet to see your invitation card. In fact, I am yet to see an engagement ring in your hand”

Queen: “I already explained everything to you. Do you  know that till today Kelvin has not touched me? If only we will make love, I know that he would fall in love with me. You know that I am a professional in that department, now” she said.

Asha: “getting him to make love to you is not a problem. Since he will not do it of his own accord, we will make him do it” she said.

Queen: “How do you mean” she asked, her hopes rising again.

Asha: “Just leave everything for me, girl. I got this” she beamed.

Question: hmmnn…girls and their wahala. How do you think Asha intend to help her? Is good sex enough to make a man fall in love?”

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  1. using juju is the next thing ooooo, lailai giving a man good sex doesn’t make him fall in love as far as am concern

  2. Good sex is not enough to make a man fall in love, I smell fetish solution but it will only make everything worst for queen.

  3. She may use fetish means to make Kelvin sleep with her. Good sex is not enough to make a man fall in love with a woman there is more to it.

  4. Girl wahala much o. Queen no allow Asha give u love portion o or advice u wrongly o. Wait a little bit,kelvin will fall naturally 4 u. Sex is part of it o since she is also a great cook n a good company wit others.

  5. Two Things are involve here,its either they get him intoxicated or the other option is love portion ..sex doesn’t make a man fall in love,just wish she will wait a little, kelvin will come around .

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