(Episode 1) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Jason was a medical student in the college of medicine in 500 level. His charming look was irresistible, thus, felt he could get whatever he desired with little or no stress. He met Liz a 100 level student in college of medicine as well.

Jason: “Hey, watch out”. (He screamed as he saw Liz, who was lost in thought as a vehicle hooted for her to leave the road). Liz jolted backward, and at the speed of light, Jason caught her before she slipped.

Jason: “Where to? You must have been up so early to be here at this hour of the morning”.

Liz: “I’m sorry, I doubt if I’ve seen this face before”.

Jason:” ‘Hmmm, but, I see you virtually everyday”.

Liz:  “Wow! So, you’ve been monitoring me?”  Liz asked rhetorically clapping her palms.)

Jason: “Can you remember the guy that packed your books for you when they slipped off your palms at the library entrance?”

Liz: “Ow, I see!  Thanks for the other day anyways.  Liz appreciated with an eye-roll depicting let-me-go).

Jason: “I see you around often, and I know “Freshers” when I see them”, (he teased). “If you don’t mind I can help with some courses, since we’re in the same department and few years ahead of you. (Jason offered to help).

Liz: “I think I am okay for now with some courses, you know, I am still in 100 level, so, no really serious works. But as I proceed in my course of study, I will always get back to you, if I need help”, (Liz stated in a firm tone).

Jason:  “Forgive my manner, I am Jason, in 500 level, college of medicine”.( he introduced himself apologetically, stretching his hand for a handshake.

Jason: “And you are…,( he quizzed raising his arch-shaped thick brow).

Liz :”My name is Elizabeth,  but you can call me Liz, (she said shyly). “In 100 level, college of medicine as well”, (she said with a faint voice as though she choked on her own words).

Jason: “If I may ask, where are you going to?”

Liz “I am going to the market off campus to get some baking ingredients”.

Jason: “Wow! You bake? What for? A birthday, wedding or…?,

Liz: “Yeah, a roommate is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so, I want to bake for her” ( she replied , tilting her head sideways and playing with the braided hair extension in  a flirtatious manner).

Jason is every girl’s desire on campus. He’s smart, cute and sure knows what to wear and how to combine his clothing and accessories. His sense of fashion is flawless, with a nice cologne to go with it, each day.  He is well known for his singing prowess in the most populous fellowship on campus, this is an added advantage to his many talents.

However, there’s always a bittersweet part to every fairy tale. He’s a male chauvinist!

Jason: “Can I have your number?”  Don’t fright, it’s not what you may be thinking, I won’t disturb you and if you don’t want to speak with me. I sure will understand”.

(He knocked the poor girl speechless with his outspokenness and forbearance. This was after Liz had given an I-knew-that’s -the- next-thing kind of look. She was cold. And the charming dandy wouldn’t let go. She got frustrated, and almost yelled when Jason wouldn’t let go).

Jason: “Don’t create a scene here young lady, I already told you, there’s no ulterior motive to this. I wonder why ladies find it difficult to give guys their numbers”.

(Liz gave in eventually as she felt the guy had wasted enough of her time on mushy discussions).

Liz: “okay, let me call it out to you…”

She reluctantly called out her digits. And the duo parted ways.

*                      *                           *

The thoughts of the good looking young and intelligent chap couldn’t leave Liz as she headed towards the school gate to board the campus shuttle going to town. While on bus, she thought:

Liz: “wait a minute, I hope that is not the much talked about Jason, among even “Freshers” on campus? Hmmm, a whole me, why would the guy approach me in this manner?  My hair is so unkempt, though, it’s braided, it’s old”. (she chuckled, and her eyes met with the guy beside her on bus, exchanging some in-comprehensive glances). Liz sure was in a state of ecstasy as no guy had approached her since she came on campus.

Liz:” could it be that he just wanted to assist me academically or had some tricks up his sleeves? Let’s wait and see”. (She thought.  At this period the bus had already arrived at its destination, and all the passengers alighted and headed for their different destinations).

As it’s customary of Nigerian public varsities’ halls of residence, the rooms are always rowdy, more than enough occupants per room (and most students would say: “it is cubicle not room”.

Liz was able to make her way out in the baking of the cake for her roommate in the room with four bunk-beds in a small capacity room meant for just three persons.  She placed the kerosene stove behind the door with a big sized pot placed atop to house the baking pan. Forty minutes later the cake baked.

Munachi: “Wow! This is amazing, so, you could bake like this and you’ve been shielding your talent all along?”  Munachi teased.  Liz second roommate (a 400 level law student).

Munachi: “You can make money from this, you know”, (she advised).


Liz left the cake to cool before decorating it to the desired taste of the owner. And the whole atmosphere in her block was overwhelmed with the aroma of vanilla flavour, attracting both friends and fiends to her room. This somewhat brought her to limelight as she had always been a geek since she came on campus.

At about 6p.m, Liz was decorating the cake when her only friend and roommate entered the room. Feyi was elated when she sighted the almost dressed cake on the only reading table that managed to have its way at the centre of the room.

Feyi: “Wow! I am short of words, Liz. This is so beautiful, Thanks so much, God bless you for this. You’re such a darling! If not for you, would have spent a whole lot to get me a cake. And I love the way the cake is frosted. I love butter frosting!” (Feyi exclaimed tilting her head backwards rolling her bulgy eye balls).

Liz was just nodding in affirmation to all her friend said, grinning and focusing on her dressing.

Shortly afterwards, Liz was done with the cake.

Liz: “Ow”, (sighed Liz supporting her waist with her two hands).

Liz: “I am freaking worn-out, my back aches badly. Been up since 5a.m”, she said to Feyi.

Feyi: “Pele, I understand how you feel” (Feyi said this to make her feel good)

“I made some concoction rice, if you don’t mind you can take some in the pot, Feyi suggested, pointing at the pot atop the kerosene stove behind the door.

Liz: “I don’t even have appetite sef”.( Liz said faintly).

Feyi: “But, eat for me. For my sakes”.  (Feyi persuaded blinking like a spanked kid fighting tears to drop off her eyes).

*                      *                         *

The girls were agog when a call came through to Liz.

Caller:  “hello miss!”

Liz: “hi!”

Caller: “How are you doing today?”

Liz: “I aaaaam goooood” (Liz stretched her words, with a puzzled look on her face. She’s wondering who the caller was).

Liz: “I am sorry, I doubt whom the caller is”.

Jason: “It’s Jason, the guy whom you met on your way to market yesterday”.

Liz: “ow forgive me. I am sorry. Can you call back later? I am busy at the moment”.  (Liz requested apologetically)

Jason: “No probs. Talk to you later”.

Liz: “thanks. Later”.

They both hung the call..

 Question: What does Jason really want? Does he truly want to help or something else? **winks**

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