(Episode 4) A Brush With The Past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 4) A Brush With The Past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Kate stared at the darkness drowsily as the drug took over. Her brain was still trying to process how things had moved from the laughter at the dinner table to tears and pleas on the sitting room floor. Her skin was flushed with heat; fear had her in its clutches. She hoped the men would leave when her father had given them money but her hopes had been in vain. The leader of the robbers was up to something sinister. She prayed she made it out of the nightmare alive as she passed out on the floor.

Ese stared at the darkness behind her eyelids. She was scared but she was clearheaded. The clarity she felt was scary. It was as if the adrenaline pumping through her body had heightened her senses. She could perceive the stink of drugs and hospitals on the leader of the robbers. “He is sick; probably dying. He has nothing to lose. He will do anything, attempt anything. I hope papa knows this and does not worsen the situation. I wonder why he had Fidelia’s eyes opened?” she thought to herself. She tried to move her hands to allow blood flow. The ropes had been tied tightly. “What is he injecting me with? Jesus, I hope it’s not an anaesthetic. Wha…” her thoughts fled as she passed out.

Mrs Anigboro was scared. She heard her daughters tumble to the floor. Then she heard the footsteps of the man close to her. She wanted to plead for her children, for her husband, for the strange boy lying on the ground trussed like a goat. She moved her head from side to side, trying to escape what was coming.

Friday: “Monica, it is alright. You will sleep and you will dream.” He whispered beside her ears.

Mrs Anigboro’s head snapped as the needle pierced her skin. As she slipped into unconsciousness, something bothered her. She tried to stay awake, and examine what bothered her but could not. As she slumped, it came to her; “Monica. He could me Monica.” She slept.

Dr Fejiro looked at his wife and two daughters lying on the floor in drug induced sleep. He could not understand what the robber was after but it was not going to end up well. He looked at the other men, they stood unsure. “They had not expected this. They had thought it was just a robbery.” He sighed

Dr Fejiro: “please, take the money and go. If you have any issues with me, feel free to do whatever you like to me but please, let my family and that innocent young man go.” He said, his eyes pleading.

Friday: “innocent. No one is innocent. Not even this young man. He will be as guilty as I by the time I am done. But first, I will tell you a tale. Young lady, you will be the recorder of this night’s events. You will hold the story and with it you will have to make a choice.” He said turning to Fidelia. “I am dying. I do not have long to leave. I am trying to settle my issues before I pass on and Dr Fejiro, you are an issue in my life.” He added.

Dr Fejiro: “what! I don’t understand. I have never met you in my life. Are you a student I lectured in the past?” he asked: his eyes wide with fear.

Friday: “your singular failing is in this; you have never met me in your life. Twenty-seven years ago, you were in Britain studying at Oxford, I believe?” he asked, staring at the syringe still in his hands.

Dr Fejiro: “yes I was. What has that got to do with anything?” he asked, frowning.

Friday: “do you remember Mercy? The daughter of a palm oil trader, dark beautiful Mercy?” he asked, turning to look at Dr Fejiro with fire in his eyes.

Dr Fejiro jerked back in shock. “Mercy! What has Mercy got to do with this?” he thought to himself then he looked closely at Friday. His eyes widened as he recognised his features.

Dr Fejiro: “you are her son.” He said softly. It was not a question, he just knew and he knew now why the boy was in his house with guns. “You are my son. Please do not let the devil use you. Let’s talk about.” He added, sadly.

Fidelia’s eyes widened. She looked from Friday to her father. Friday smiled sadly then he walked to Brukeme, squatted and injected him with the drug then stood up. He found a chair and sat down, breathing hard.

Friday: “Devil? This is man, Dr Fejiro. This is the work of man. Take her clothes off.” He said quietly to Orezi.

Orezi looked at him in surprise then he smiled. He quickly brought out a knife and started cutting the clothes off Fidela’s body. She struggled but her hands and feet were tied. Dr Fejiro pleaded and his voice grew loud. Obaro marched to where he knelt and hit him with the handle of his gun. He fell to the floor, passed out, with blood streaming from a cut on his head. Friday sighed and looked at Fidelia

Friday: “our father is easily agitated it seems. Are you a virgin?” he asked, staring at her well-formed breasts.

Fidelia nodded her head, tears blurring her eyes as shame overwhelmed her. Orezi was soon done and she knelt with no clothes on.

Friday: “what will you do to save your family?” he asked; his eyes staring at the ashtray by his side. He picked up the novel, Dr Fejiro had been reading earlier on, and stared at the title. “Remove the rag from her mouth, let the lady speak.” He added.

Orezi removed the rag covering Fidelia’s mouth. She looked at her siblings and her parents lying on the ground passed out.

Fidelia: “I will do anything within my power.” She replied, her voice shaking with suppressed emotion.

Friday: “anything within your power…” he repeated. Then he looked at her and smiled; “young lady, you are going to fuck that young man lying on the ground over there. I guess that is within your power?” he asked.

Fidelia felt blood leave her face and she could hear her heart thumping against her rib. She swallowed saliva to free her clogged throat.

Fidelia: “please sir, I have vowed to keep myself until I am married.” She replied

Friday: “a laudable dream. I applaud it, I truly do but this is the thing; if you don’t you will become an orphaned virgin. The lives of your sisters, your mother and your father are in your hands now. You need to hurry up too, because the story is not over.” He replied, smiling.

Fidelia swallowed again and looked at Brukeme then at her family. She nodded her head as tears fell. Friday motioned at Orezi to remove the ropes binding her hands and legs.

Obaro: “guy wetin you dey do so? Time dey go o. make we dey go na.” he said, a worried fan on his face. Friday waved his worries away, his eyes on Fidelia as she stared at Brukeme’s flaccid member.

Fidelia: “please sir, don’t make me do this.” She muttered, tears falling on the body of Brukeme. She turned as she heard a gun cock. Friday had a gun pointed at her younger sister, Kate.

Her body shook with sobs as she held Brukeme’s manhood and tugged at it. Catarrh and tears dropped down unto the sleeping boy’s laps.

Friday: “my dear, start with a blowjob. It will go on wonderfully from there.” He said rashly, irritated by the girl’s antics.

Fidelia sniffled and looked at her family again. “I am dead. I am dead. It was never supposed to be like this. God please come to my aid. Please.” She thought to herself as she bent her head and took Brukeme’s member into her mouth.

Slowly, the sleeping boy grew in arousal and then, Orezi lifted her and placed her over him. She held the penis and broke her hymen, herself. She gasped in pain as Brukeme’s member passed into her vagina. A boy she did not know, a deed she never thought to do with anyone but the man she loved, was being done by her. She stared at herself as if she was watching the action from a great distance. She watched as she rose up and down. She heard a gasp but she did not turn around. She knew it was her father and she didn’t want to see what will be in his eyes now. She rode on; her soul broken into different parts as Brukeme surged into her, unknowing, and released his seed into her.

Fidelia got up from Brukeme and gathered her torn clothes about her and knelt, bending her head to the ground. She was numb. She felt nothing and saw nothing. Blood and semen trickled down from her vagina to her laps to stain the floor.

Dr Fejiro stared at the sight from where he laid, tears streaming from his eyes. “God what have I done? Oh…Fidelia, I am sorry. God!” he thought to himself.

Friday: “you impregnated my mother and left her stranded in Europe. You took her money, you and this whore, whom she considered a friend. You come here living like saints, bringing up children and teaching them morals and values while I was left to struggle through hell. She became a whore to survive! A whore! Her family had rejected her because of you. She had nowhere to go! She had to sell herself to feed me and her. Do you know what it feels like to have no value for yourself that you will open your legs for a plate of rice. You will know. Remove their clothes, all of them!” He shouted; veins standing on his head.

Dr Fejiro: “please. You don’t understand. Please.” He cried.

Friday: “I understand that I am sick because of you fool. She is AS and you are AS. You doomed me then dumped me. I am dying today because of you bastard. I am going to leave you with a memory that will make you cringe for the rest of your life!” He shouted. He turned to Orezi and Obaro, “I offer you a feast of women. Indulge.” He said, like a priest giving benediction.

Orezi smiled and walked to Ese. Obaro shrugged and picked Mrs Anigboro and took her upstairs. Dr Fejiro fell back to the floor in tears, his body shaking. Fidelia did not move from her stupor.

Question: There is so much history and secrets here. Friday seems to know a lot and he is definitely seeking revenge over a perceived slight. Do you think it will end well for him? What do you think Brukeme’s reaction will be when he opens his eyes? How many of you know the blood group and genotype of your partner?

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  1. Its likely it ends well 4 friday cus he is burning too bt shouldn’t v gone far by including d two daughters n brukeme. Brukeme will be fierce,shocked,and angry. I know my patner genotype n we r very much perfect,as in perfect. Goodnight to all

  2. Friday will end up regretting his action. No matter what, he should have sought to listen to the reasons from both sides

  3. hmmm! Friday is heartless n wicked he could ve jst leave vengeance for God to take…. it can’t go well in d end for him… dis is too much… sins of d fathers being melted on d children. GOD have mercy…. poor children

  4. It is easier say than done, if any of you experienced what Friday and his mother went through, you will do worse than Friday. Don’t forget that Friday is not a born again Christian, it takes a person that knows or have fear of God to forgive. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not supporting Friday, but we should remember, what we sow we shall reap. Dr and his wife have sowed a seed that affected them and generations both born and unborn. It is a pity, I pray God should have Mercy upon them and rescue them from the anger of Friday.

  5. Revenge is not the best option.. I wonder how he will end up,but I don’t see him dying in d next two months.It’s really sad!That family will be broken for ever,that’s if they survive this.

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