(Episode 12) A Brush With The Past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 12) A Brush With The Past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Ashley entered the orphanage home’s director’s office and sat down. The woman looked up and smiled sadly on seeing her.

Director: “madam, I am very sorry for the stress you are going through; coming here every day. You see we are short staffed and twenty-two years is a long time. If we had more hands doing the job, it would have been done faster. I am very sorry but you will…” she stopped short as a bundle of money fell on the table. She licked her lips and looked at Ashley. Her eyes shone with greed.

Ashley: “I don’t have time to waste. Let me have the address now. You can employ new staff later.” She said, gruffly.

The woman smiled and excused herself. Some few minutes later, she returned smiling, holding a dusty folder in her hand.

Director: “you are lucky woman. My secretary found it last week but the stupid woman forgot to tell me. You know as we are short staffed, she has to do several jobs that are not part of her…” she paused, as Ashley raised her hand.

Ashley: “the address please.” She said, calmly.

The director wore her reading glasses and opened the folder. She peered into the documents stacked inside then she picked a pen and a writing pad and wrote the address quickly on it. She handed the paper to Ashley, smiling. Ashley looked at the paper and stood up immediately.

Director: “we welcome donations for the children’s welfare. We have needs that our sponsors cannot all cover, so don’t judge me too harshly.” She said, meekly.

Ashley looked at her then she sighed, she turned and walked out of the office. As soon as she got out of the orphanage home premises, she called Stella and gave her the update. Stella was excited and wished her the best. She rushed to the hotel, packed her bag and dropped off her room key at the reception. By 3 pm, she was on her way to Lagos.


Fidelia sobbed on even after the doctor had left. Kate came to her and hugged her close, both of them sobbing.

Fidelia: “please Kate, can you keep this a secret between you and i?” she asked, in between tears.

Kate: “your secret is my secret but you cannot hide this forever, you know. Wait a minute; was it one of the robbers? i thought you said you were not touched by them?” she asked, her eyes curious.

Fidelia: “it is complicated. God! I hate my life!” she yelled, fresh tears rushing out of her eyes.

Kate: “please don’t do what Ese did o. I can’t stand to live in that house if any of you does something crazy like that o. Please promise me. i will keep whatever secrets you want me to keep.” She replied, her eyes darting all over Fidelia’s face in fear.

Fidelia stared at the ceiling then she quickly wiped her face as she heard footsteps coming to her door. Kate quickly went back to her chair and closed her eyes. Mrs. Anigboro entered the room with Ese, her eyes bright with unshed tears. She sat on the bed and sighed.

Fidelia: “how is papa?” she asked.

Mrs Anigboro: “he will survive.” She said, everybody breathed a sigh of relief. “But they had to cut one of his legs.” She added, her voice quivering with barely controlled pain.

Fidelia sighed and looked at her sisters. “Too many problems and too many secrets and I have to carry all these on my shoulders. I am too young for this. Why did he choose me to witness his depravity? Why?” she asked herself.

Fidelia: “what about the boy that he was with him in the car?”She asked, suddenly.

Mrs. Anigboro: “he is still in coma. They have no information about him besides the fact that your father kept repeating the words ‘my son, my daughters, my son, my wife…’ as he was removed from the car before he passed out.

Fidelia looked at Kate, who looked back at her, questions in her eyes. “That means the boy is daddy’s son too. I noticed the resemblance. God! What a mess.” She thought to herself.

Ese: “too many faces everywhere these days.” She whispered then she climbed into the bed with Fidelia and promptly went to sleep.


Brukeme got home, to the room he shared with his friends. He was excited and happy with life. Lisa looked awesome. A pretty girl with her own car, wealthy parents and she seem to like him. “Oh boy, soft living don start o. God, i thank you for bringing this girl into my life o. I know say my level don change.”  He thought as he laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

His roommates Kevwe and Jerry entered the room, one by one. Both of them seemed excited too.

Kevwe: “how far? I no see you after the interview o. how the level go?” he asked, as he removed his clothes.

Jerry: “Abeg leave job matter first. Brukeme we get one line for another hustle o. you dey interested?” he asked.

Brukeme: “Omo if you see the babe wey I meet today for mall?” he replied, ignoring Jerry’s question.

Kevwe: “serious? You never get work, you don dey see babe? Bad guy! I fear who no fear you. In fact the person wey be no fear you don die.” He said, shaking hands with Brukeme.

Jerry: “e good for you. i dey talk money matter for here, una dey talk about woman. If you no get bread, how you go take flex this babe now?” he asked, annoyed that his news was taking the backseat.

Brukeme: “omo the babe get bread. She dey drive her own car. One soft FJ 4 wheel Drive na she dey take see front o. Her mama even get shop for the mall. If you see the food wey I chow for food court? Oh…boy, as I dey here so, shit dey catch me but I wan still hold the shit small, so that my worms dem go dey used to good life, shuo!” he replied, excitedly.

Kevwe: “poverty don do you something o. Abeg go shit before you go destroy your intestine.” He replied, shaking his head.

Jerry: “wait o. so nobody dey interested in wetin I get to talk abi?” he asked, his face fixed in a frown.

Brukeme: “bros no vex. You say level dey ground wey go bring better block?” he asked, sobering up.

Jerry: “na now you wan hear my own abi?” he asked; obviously hurt.

Brukeme:”sorry…see Kevwe, she even say her mumsy go help me talk to the manager of the shop wey I for do interview.” He said.

Jerry slammed the door in anger, as he walked out of the room. Kevwe and Brukeme looked at each other then they burst into laughter. Brukeme sobered up

Brukeme: “oya wetin be the level?” he asked.

Kevwe: “one of Jerry oga dey find driver for him friend. The pay na twenty-five thousand naira a month.” He replied.

Brukeme: “how long e go take? You know say I need to dey available, if the mall job pure o.” he replied.

Kevwe: “No be full day o. the person just want driver for him children. Once them return from school, you fit go run your own matters.”

Brukeme placed his hands on his chin and stared to the torn carpet that covered the cracked concrete floor from view. “25,000k na better bread o. I no get any assurance say the job wey I submit cv for go come o. dem say half a loaf of bread is better than puff-puff o. make I no go loose two things o. I confuse.” He thought to himself, sighing.


Dr Fejiro had a dream. In his dream, he was on his matrimonial bed with his wife. He hears a sound and he saw a woman, walk into the room, holding a knife, stained with blood. He could not move and he could not speak. He just stared helplessly as the woman got to the bed and stared at him.

Woman: “no deed goes unpunished. Every man must pay for his sins. This knife has tasted the blood of your children. I will make you suffer until you beg for mercy. This is just the beginning. The world will hear your story.” The woman said then she burst into laughter.

Dr Fejiro opened his eyes screaming. The doctor and nurses ran into his room and held him as he struggled. He kept on repeating the words; ‘my daughters, my sons, avalanche, dream…”

Question: Will Brukeme take the job? What does Dr Fejiro’s dream signify? Will Fidelia be able to hide the pregnancy from her parents?

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  1. How can she hide the pregnancy from her parents? She can only do that if she decides to abort it or leave the house.

    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      He may @ Brukeme.

      The dream could imply the imminent danger of the return of a hurting Ashley.

      I doubt Fidelia could…..but I thought it was general knowledge already.


  2. Dr. Fejiro dream big o. Fidelia cannot hide the pregnancy except she wants to abort it, and that is dangerous

  3. He Will Accept d job…fidelia shud better let out d cat and seek 4 a way out becos brukeme did not even knw wot happen dat night..as 4 dr fejiro, alot of trouble is ahead of him bcos past mistake, “we all need 2 be careful in anything we do”

  4. Dr Fejiro’s world is crumbling before his very eye. He has to confess to his family before things get worse.

  5. Hummmmmmmm.. Na wa o No peace for the wicked that is the case of Dr.so he should call his family together & confess his crime,then asks for forgiveness from them,they should also go for test.Fidelia,can’t hide pregnancy it is a matter of time,but she should not abort the baby o.
    Brukeme should take the job,but I hope the job is not from Dr.Fejiro..hummmmmmmm just thinking, because he won’t be able to drive again because of the amputated leg..

    • Full of suspense and I think we should try to learn a lesson not just for reading sake. Adelove and crew, hmmmm use le n se.well done,bikko.

  6. Many questions from Adelove to fans but the funniest thing is that, they are the one that will answer all the questions in right direction. Anyway how can somebody hide pregnancy for 9months unless she abort it. Brukeme will take the right thing that sooth him.
    Well for Dr Fejiro he is already in a pool of shit.

  7. He’ll take the job, and i’m guessing it’s Stella that’s in need of a driver for her daughter.
    There’s no way Ashley can hide such a secret for long

  8. Pregnancy is not a thing to be hidden unless she wants to sentence herself to house-arrest for Nine months.


  9. Brukeme will take d job, Dr Ejiro’s dream signigy revenge frm his first wife. Fidelia will hide d pregnancy bt it can’t b foreva.

  10. brukeme needs that job, how can fidelia his the pregnancy when she did not abort it? it’s not possible.

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