(Episode 15) A Brush With The past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 15) A Brush With The past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Brukeme got home very angry. He slammed the door and fell on the bed without taking his clothes off. He stared at the ceiling deep in thought. “So I too poor, to friend your pikin abi? No be your fault sha. Like say my papa na Governor or even commissioner, or even local government chairman sef, you no go talk to me like that. Na the wey life be. No be me create myself o. Who dey cry dey see road o; who dey bellefull, dey hungry. No be money? We go make am. Make una no worry. Brukeme go shock una.”

He turned as he heard his phone began to ring. He brought it out of his pocket and looked at it. It was Lisa. He debated on whether to ignore the call or not. At the end, he picked the call;

Lisa:”hello dear, I am so sorry. I am so very sorry about my mother. I did not expect that from her. Please ignore her. She is just being a mother. I still got your stuff o.” she said quickly.

Brukeme: “tell your mama say no be how far, na how well o. Everybody get e race wey e dey run and my time go come. Make she no worry. Shey na money she take dey judge who good and who bad, no yawa. Everything go soon sengemenge. Make she no worry.” He replied and ended the call.

Lisa called back immediately. He picked the call expecting her to insult him for his rude behavior.

Lisa: “guy calm down. Okay where is your place? Let me come and meet you there. I will bring your stuff over.” She said.

Brukeme: “do you know where I live? I live in Alaka o. These guys here will eat you for breakfast o.” he replied, chuckling.

Lisa: “Alaka…I have friends there now. What do you take me for? Am a Warri brought up o, forget all this phoneh wey I dey drop o. I be ormotor o” she replied, switching to pidgin.

Brukeme: “see you pidgin. Abeg don’t do that again. Don’t ever speak pidgin in your life again. My ears nearly fell.” He replied laughing, his anger forgotten.

He gave her directions and ended the call. He laid on the bed staring then he jumped up; the room was a mess and needed to be fixed before Lisa arrived. He found a broom and set about cleaning.


Ashley tried Stella’s number at the hotel but it was switched off. She tried it again and again to no avail. She went to the bar and sat down. She ordered a small bottle of dry gin and cigarettes then she settled down to drink and smoke away her pain. As she finished the third stick of cigarette, her phone rang. She looked at it, it was Tega. She sighed.

Tega: “you fit show my side this weekend?” he asked, going straight to the point.

Ashley was silent for a while. “Now that I can’t find my child, will Stella still be willing to assist me? I have nothing, no one to turn to. If I do this job, I will be set for life.” She thought to herself.

Ashley: “one million naira. Five hundred thousand naira now, the balance after the job is completed.” She replied.

Tega: “no wahala. Come meet me for hotel.” He replied and ended the call.

Ashley dialed a number and after greeting, she spoke with the person on the other hand for several minutes

Ashley: “this na one in a life time opportunity. Na small thing, no worry. When the level don set, you go no say, I don tey for d game.” She replied, to the person’s disbelief.

The call ended and she smiled happily. She ordered for a bottle of medium Guinness Stout. “Things are looking up. It’s my time to shine.” She thought happily as she lit another cigarette.


Mrs Anigboro: “there is something that has been bothering me since the robbery.” She said to her two daughters as they prepared lunch.

Kate: “what is that? She asked throwing a piece of meat into her mouth.

Ese turned and walked out of the kitchen. She could not stand to hear them talk about that night. Every time they brought it up, it was like a knife driving into her ribs, piercing her heart and chopping it into pieces. She would become short of breath and her hands would become clammy with sweat. She would feel like throwing up and sometimes, she peed on herself. So she walked away every time that night was brought up.

Kate watched her go sadly. It had been a surprise for her that it was her eldest sister who had been greatly affected by that night. Meanwhile the sister that had been considered fragile because she always isolated herself with her novels and books was the one that now held the family together. She turned back to her mother

Kate: “what is that ma?” she asked.

Mrs Anigboro: “the leader of the robbers; he knew my name. He called me Monica.” She said, slowly.

Kate gulped. “I knew this secret that Fidelia thinks she is keeping will reveal itself soon. That man had an ulterior motive for doing what he did. Father and Fidelia know and they are been secretive about it.” She thought to herself.

Kate: “you said what ma?” she had missed what her mother had added.

Mrs Anigboro: “your father knows something. I see it in his eyes when he thinks I am not looking. Why he has said nothing, is what scares me. Fejiro has never kept a secret from me. Never.” She said vehemently.

Kate: ‘maybe you should ask him.” she replied.

Mrs Anigboro:” maybe I should.” She replied, looking at her youngest daughter with a determined look on her face.


Brukeme stood at the junction and watch Lisa’s car slowly maneuver through the tiny road that served the Alaka area. When she got close, he entered the car and he directed her until she was parked in a place, he felt was secure. They got out and walked into his house.

Brukeme: “welcome to my humble abode. What can I get you?” he asked.

Lisa: “you have everything I need right here.” She replied, throwing the poly-bags containing his purchase on the bed and walking into his arms.

She kissed him and he kissed her back; their lips and tongues twisting and tangling in a duel as old as man. They sucked on each other’s lips and Lisa bit his Brukeme’s lower lips as she moaned, her warm breath, tickling his shaved jaw.

Brukeme opened the buttons of her top slowly the unhooked her white half cup bra and let it slide to the floor in slow motion. He stared at her well formed breasts with its fat nipples for a minute then he placed his lips on one and sucked it in like his life depended on it. Lisa moaned and pushed him on the bed. She opened the button of her jeans and slipped out of it, her lacy pant following it in quick succession. Brukeme wasted no time getting out of his own clothes.

Lisa climbed over Brukeme and leaned him, allowing him to take one nipple into his mouth and suckle. When he was done with one, he switched to the next one. As he suckled, Lisa grabbed his penis and tugged. The organ grew harder and bigger and was soon leaking precum into her hands. She put the transparent liquid on her tongue and smiled, then she moaned as Brukeme bit her nipple softly.

Lisa: “god…you are evil.” She said, throatily.

She moved her breast out Brukeme’s hungry lips and stared at him, her eyes clouded with lust, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

Lisa:”Have you ever giving head before?” she asked, her nail tracing a sweet path on the underside of Brukeme’s throbbing organ.

Brukeme:”like put my tongue on a girl’s vagina?” he asked, jerking away from Lisa dangerous touch. She nodded. “Yes I have.” He replied, smiling.

She turned her head between his laps and she knelt astride him, placing her vagina directly above Brukeme’s face.

Lisa: “let’s eat, bad boy.” She said as she dropped her waist down and her wet sex touched Brukeme’s face

Before Brukeme could arrange his thoughts, Lisa captured his organ in her warm mouth and gave him a blow-job that made him go insane. He jerked in pleasure and did not know when Lisa’s vagina was stuck to his mouth. He licked carefully, praying that he was not ingesting something that will cause him problems.

After several minutes of moans, slobbering saliva all over their pubic region, spreading pre-cum and sweat all over the bed sheet, Lisa got up and turned. She kissed Brukeme then grabbed his cock. He opened his eyes wide as she proceeded to impale herself on it. He quickly pushed her off.

Brukeme: “condoms…we need condoms. Do not move from that position.” He said, breathing hard.

He grabbed his trouser and hurriedly put it on then grabbing a shirt, he ran out of the room, leaving Lisa naked on the bed.

Question: Do you think Brukeme will come back to finish what he and Lisa had started? Ashley seems to be a very greedy person, isn’t she? It seems secrets are about to be revealed in the Anigboro family, so don’t go know where. Sit still, me darlings.

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      Well we’ll see about that @ Brukeme.
      Bad habits die hard they say…Ashley is desperate and not thinking straight.
      Okay waiting.


  2. Hmmmm, Brukeme will come back but I don’t think he will finished what he started cus he might get a delay where he went to or 1 of his friend back to carry on. Ashley is a greedy person, and I think Anigboro families is abt to untold their top secrets.

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