Warning: You May Never Eat Grounduts Again After Reading This

Peanuts and groundnuts are good for our health and also beneficial to the skin  and our hair because they contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Despite the benefits attached to them, moderation is advised because of its side effects.

Here are some:

1 Nuts contain lectin which has side effects on the human body.

2 The excess oil in groundnuts causes pimples and sometimes skin irritation.

3 Nuts are known to cause serious allergies to people who are allergic to them.

4 They lack Omega 3 fatty Acid and this deficiency can cause inflammation, heart diseases etc.

5 Peanuts are considered to be prone to salmonella contamination and as such care should be taken when eating them.

6 Contains high level of saturated fat which is linked to stroke, digestive problems etc.

7 Because of their method of cultivation, groundnuts are highly loaded with pesticides which is not good for human consumption.


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