(Episode 17) A Brush With The Past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 17) A Brush With The Past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Voke opened his eyes to see a pillow descending on his face. He tried to scream but it felt like his voice did not follow him back to consciousness. The pillow got to his face, and then it moved away to reveal the tear filled eyes of a girl he had never met in his life. He looked at her curiously as she threw away the pillow and fell to the ground crying. He stared at the ceiling wondering at the good fortune that made him wake up when he did. The girl soon got up from the ground and stood before him. She removed her glasses, wiped her eyes with her handkerchief then she blew into it. After she was done, cleaning her face, she looked at him.

Fidelia: “your brother has destroyed my family. Why should i let you live?” she asked, staring at him with hostility.

Voke: “I am not my brother…” he replied, his voice raspy. He started coughing.

Fidelia’s eyes widened in alarm; she quickly rushed out of the room, and grabbed a passing nurse. The nurse entered the room and on seeing Voke awake, ran out again. Some few minutes later, she came back with a doctor. Fidelia had managed to get water, from a water dispenser placed on the walkway, for him. The coughing had stopped. The doctor entered and started checking his vital signs and asking him questions about how he was feeling. Voke answered the slowly as Fidelia watched on.

When the doctor was done, he turned to Fidelia.

Doctor: “are you a relative?” he asked.

Fidelia: “close enough.” She replied, looking at Voke.

Doctor: “he needs to rest. You can come back later.” He said, moving her out of the room.


Mrs Anigboro entered her husband’s hospital room determined to get to the bottom of her worries. Her two daughters accompanied her. She saw that her husband was alone; Fidelia was nowhere to be found.

Mrs Anigboro: “where is Fidelia?” she asked abruptly.

Kate placed the cooler of food on the table close to the bed and sat down on the chair. She was eager to hear the secrets, her father and her sister was trying to keep hidden. Ese went to the window and stood staring at the bright day.

Dr Fejiro: “I don’t know o. she stepped out some minutes ago.” He replied slowly.

Mrs Anigboro: “well never mind. Fejiro you have been hiding things from me and your daughters.” she said.

Dr Fejiro: “how do you mean?” he asked; his heart beating fast.

Mrs Anigboro: “on the night of the robbery, the leader of the criminals called my name. He spoke as if he knew me. He did not come to our house by mistake. He spoke of being the son of Mercy. Is this true?” she asked.

Dr Fejiro: “you were there as I was. You tell me.” He replied.

Mrs Anigboro: “was Mercy pregnant for you back then?” she asked, her voice shaking with strong emotion.

Dr Fejiro: “I don’t know. That is what I am trying to find out.” He replied, loudly.

Mrs Anigboro: “another thing, why did he insist that Fidelia be allowed to see and speak while the rest of us were tied down?” she asked.

Dr Fejiro: “I don’t know. That is a question for Fidelia to answer. Monica, please stop this interrogation. You are as guilty as I am. I left Mercy because of you and when I took her money, you did not stop. After all she is from a wealthy family. That was what you said.” He replied angrily.

Mrs Anigboro’s eyes widened and she looked at the shocked faces of her daughters.

Mrs Anigboro: “but I didn’t know she was pregnant for you! You left her with a pregnancy, now see what you have caused. Look at us!” she replied in a loud voice.

Fidelia: “finally people are trying to tell the truth. Do you mind if I join in.” she asked, from the doorway.

Everybody turned to look at her.


Brukeme: “where I go go for d job wey you be dey tell me?” he said to Kevwe.

Both of them sat outside their room as Kevwe washed the mud off his trousers. Jerry was inside sleeping.

Kevwe: “na Jerry know the address o. When he wake up, he go tell you.” he replied.

Brukeme kept quiet. He was still hurting from the way Lisa had acted towards him.

Kevwe: “guy no reason that girl matter. Some girls dey behave like say something dey tortori their brain sometimes. When she don realise herself, she go call you.” he said.

Brukeme: “make she no call me abeg. I no get strength for girl wey I go dey fight with every minute.” He replied, irritated.

Jerry: “you no know say na so all this rich girls be?” he said from inside the room.

He opened the door and came out just wearing boxer shorts. Kevwe looked at him and shook his head.

Kevwe: “no listen to am o. Weda d girl na rich man pikin or not, if she wan change am for you, e go do am. Oga abeg carry your big dick comot from near my head.” He said to Jerry.

Brukeme’s phone started ringing. He looked at the caller ID and showed it to Kevwe. Kevwe smiled; it was Lisa calling.

Kevwe: “I no tell you.

Jerry: “free that babe. No say I no tell you o.” he said.

Brukeme shook his head and picked the call.

Lisa: “Hello.” She said

Brukeme: “hi.” He replied.

Lisa: “how are you?” she asked.

Brukeme: “I am fine. You?” he asked.

Lisa: “I am not fine. I have not been able to do anything and you are the cause.” She complained.

Brukeme: “ha! What did I do?” he asked, smiling.

Lisa: “Is it not you that spoil everything. We were having a good time, you now spoil it. Why did you have to go and buy condoms?” she asked.

Brukeme: “I am not ready to be a father yet o.” he replied.

Lisa: “I miss you. I wish you were here with me.” She said.

Brukeme: “are we still going to the party?” he asked.

Lisa: “yeah sure.” She replied.

Brukeme: “we will meet there then.” He replied.

Lisa: “okay. Please tell your friends that I am sorry for what I did in the car.” She said.

Brukeme: “tell them yourself.” He replied, giving his phone to Kevwe.


Ashley arrived at Stella’s place to find the gate locked. She knocked hard until the gateman came to the gate. He peered through the peephole at her and informed her Madam Stella and her daughter had travelled to Dubai. The house was locked and she did not leave any message for her. He refused to open the gate for her; telling her that the door was locked and the key was not with him. Ashley stood confused. “Why didn’t she tell me she was travelling? What do I do now?” she thought to herself.

She boarded a keke and headed back to the brothel she had been thrown out of. She went to Ehis and begged her to allow her squat in her room for the night. After Ehis agreed, she went to the bar and sat down. She ordered a bottle of Medium Guinness Stout and cigarettes. She settled down to smoke. After some minutes, she saw Tega walk out of his office upstairs. She watched him enter his car and drive away then she smiled wickedly.


Fidelia: “there are bigger things to be worried about than the rubbish stunt both of you pulled in your younger days.” She said, walking into the room.

Dr Fejiro: “Fidelia! Think of the implications of what you are doing.” He shouted.

Fidelia: “papa I am tired of keeping secrets. It is killing me inside. Do you know what I nearly did just now? I went into that boy’s room and I nearly committed murder. I am not built for this. I long for my books and the peace and quiet of my room but I can’t have that anymore, thanks to you and mother. Congratulations, you passed the consequences of your sins on the head of your children.” She said, bitterly.

Mrs Anigboro: “what secrets are you talking about?” She asked, looking from her husband to her daughter.

Fidelia: “I am three weeks pregnant. I was forced to have sex with the boy I came to the house with that day.” she said quietly.

Mrs Anigboro: “Haaa!” She said, putting her hands on her head.

Fidelia: “that’s not all. Either you or Kate might have HIV. One of the men who raped you was HIV positive.” She said.

Kate fainted as her mother screamed in pain. She grabbed her chest and staggered against the bed, then she slid slowly to the floor. Fidelia opened her mouth wide in horror. She stared from her mother to her father.

Dr Fejiro: “congratulations. You have killed your mother.” He said quietly, as tears rolled down his eyes to wet his pillow.

Question: Do you think Brukeme should go to the party? The Anigboro family is on the verge of disintegrating. Was Fidelia right in her actions? Ashley is up to something, stick around to find out.

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    • Hi ALCREW&FANs,

      Yes he can, so far he keeps a level-headed disposition while there.

      Couldn’t blame Fidelia, maybe she needed a bit of mildness in approach.



  1. this Brukeme self he shouldn’t go,yes Fidelia is right for pouring her mind out cos there is no way the truth will not come out one day,I know Ashley is up to something

  2. Brukeme should beta stay in his level,n hustle 2mk money. Ashley is trying 2gt revenge on Tega. N fidelia did d ryt tin,cos it’s weighing her dwn.

  3. Is Lisa high on something,brukeme shud just chill at home, fidelia did d ryt tin, one way or d oda d truth will come out

  4. Brukeme should not go to the party, I think Lisa is up-to something that is dangerous. As for Fidelia, what she did is right. No matter how the trust will surely prevail.

  5. She shouldn’t have put it that way,it is shocking,she should have encouraged them to undergo test. Though the truth will be revealed as time goes on is better than ruining her family&get blamed for it..
    Brukeme,the choice is yours I pity you.
    Ashley is up to something, so I stick around..lols.

  6. Brukeme shouldn’t go..in short, he should leave Lisa.She did right, d earlier the secret is in d open d better.

  7. I’d advice he doesn’t, but, greed won’t permit him.
    Fidelia was wrong in the way she did it.
    She should have been more subtle in her revelations

  8. He shouldn’t go to d party bt I know he will. She is right,since her father have spoken first. More also,dey r in d hospital..dey should admit them too n look after dem. Hmmmm Ashley….

  9. Am I the only one that can’t open Adelove directly? I always have to go back to my history chat to open it, even though its on my bookmark. When I tried opening it through bookmark, it is always blank. I just noticed it recently. Adelove crew, please help. Thank you

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