(Episode 20) A Brush With The Past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 20) A Brush With The Past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Tega studied Ashley. He placed his two hands together at their tips and studied her silently. Ashley looked back at him with one eyebrow raised.

Ashley: “which one you dey look me like you be don for one of all these American movies? You say make I come, I don come.” She said.

Tega: “can I trust you?” he asked.

Ashley: “which kain stupid question be dat? After all these years, you dey ask me dat kain question? No be your fault sha. Na because say I come here.” She replied, angrily getting up and picking her bag.

Tega: “sit the fuck down!” he shouted, a gun suddenly in his hand.

Ashley: “which one be dis na? I do something wey you hear?” she asked, her eyes flicking from the gun to Tega’s face in fear. She knew Tega was a ruthless enemy to have.

Tega; “did you go anywhere near my office last night?” he asked, his eyes cold.

Ashley: “no. I might have moved about the hotel a lot. I was restless but I got nowhere near your office.” She replied, her palms wet with clammy sweat.

Tega: “we have done many shit together, you and I. if you fuck with me, I am gonna mess up your life, you feel me?” he said, his eyes glittering in the semi darkness of his office.

Ashley: “see Tega no dey threaten me. No be today o. wetin dey inside ur office wey I dey come find?” she asked, getting her composure back.

Tega: “you have no idea. Now be a good girl and come and show daddy some love.” He said, dropping the gun on the table. He pulled his zipper down and brought out his penis.

Ashley smiled and went to his chair, got on her knees and began sucking, even as he explained the plan for the kidnap.


On Monday, Brukeme arrived at Madam Stella’s house very early in the morning. He was neatly dressed and groomed. The car had been washed by the gateman, before he came, so he just quickly warmed the car. Some few minutes after, Madam Stella and her daughter came out holding hands. The woman kissed the girl and told Brukeme to drive carefully then they drove out of the compound.

After dropping the girl at school, having nothing to do, he decided to go to the mall, so he could drop the car key at madam Stella’s shop as well as speak with Kevwe briefly. As he got close to where Kevwe was stationed, he saw Madam Stella talking with someone along the walkway. He decided to go and greet her, so it won’t seem like he came to the mall, saw her and ignored her.

Brukeme:”good morning ma.” He said.

Stella turned and at the same time, the lady she was with also turned to look at him. It was Lisa’s mother. The woman looked at him with obvious distaste.

Lisa’s mother: “you know him?” she asked.

Stella:”he is my new driver. Brukeme, how are you?” She asked, smiling.

Brukeme’s smile had frozen on his face on seeing Lisa’s mother but he could not turn and walk away; that will be rude. So he greeted her too but she ignored it.

Stella: “what brings you to the mall?” she asked.

Brukeme: “I wanted to drop the keys with you, then hang around with a friend until the school closes.” He replied.

Stella nodded. She pointed at her shop and told him to give the key to her manager. She turned back to Lisa’s mother, as Brukeme walked away.

Stella: “do you know him? I noticed you were cold to him.” she asked.

Lisa’s Mother: “all these gold diggers. He used to nose around my daughter now. She was buying him gifts and stuff. I had to warn him off. Rubbish. You have to be careful with these youths of nowadays. They don’t want to hustle but they want to enjoy the benefits of other people’s sweat. If I were you, I will not allow him near my child for any reason.” She replied.

Stella looked at Lisa’s mother then she turned to watch Brukeme as he walked into her shop. She was worried.


Brukeme entered the shop and sighed. He wondered what sort of stories Lisa’s mother will be telling his new boss now. “Well na God get power. If he want make I work with the woman, I go work with am.” He thought to himself.

Lisa: “what are you doing here?” she asked.

Brukeme looked up to see Lisa standing with another girl at a desk. He walked to the girl and asked for the manager and she said she was the one. He handed over the key and introduced himself to her. Throughout, Lisa looked at him with irritation. After he was done, he turned about and started walking away. Lisa grabbed his arm and turned him back to her.

Lisa: “look at you. So it is driving that you ended up doing? I was going to clean you up, make a man out of you but you are satisfied with your poverty.” She said, in derision.

Brukeme: “thank you Lisa. Can I go now?” he asked.

She let go of his arm and he walked out of the shop. As he entered the walkway, he heard an announcement on the public address system of the mall; “Please, a lady here is looking for a guy that was caught in a robbery at the Serene Estates several weeks ago. She wants to talk and she wants to apologise. If you are that man, please come to the security office, thank you.” the announcement was repeated again and again. Brukeme stood rooted to the spot. He walked to the security office and saw Fidelia standing there, her glasses reflecting the light from the light bulbs on the ceiling.

Fidelia: “hi.” She said shyly.

Brukeme: “you want to talk?” he replied rudely.

Fidelia: “I am sorry for my behaviour in the past. I was confused and angry. Not with you o, with myself. You see a lot has been happening since that night, and i…” she was cut short as Brukeme turned and started walking away. “Please you have to listen to me. It is important.” She said, as she rushed after him.

Brukeme: “you know the problem with you rich kids; you think the world should stop because you say so. Suddenly, you are in a good mood and now you want to be friendly, then tomorrow you will start screaming at me like am a moron. Listen eh, I may be a broke ass guy but I have pride and self respect. Thank you for your apology. Leave me the hell alone.” He said, angrily and turned to walk away.

Fidelia: “but I can’t. I have tried. Believe me, I have tired but you have refused to get out of my head.” She screamed, crying.

Brukeme stopped and looked at her. Several persons passing stopped and stared at her like she was mentally insane. Brukeme quickly walked to her and grabbed her arm, smiling reassuringly at people passing. He took her to one of the shops at the food court and sat down. Fidelia was sobbing quietly. He gave her his handkerchief and she wiped her eyes and sniffed into it.

Brukeme: “what happened that night? I had this weird dream that you and I had sex. I cannot make head or tail of it.” He said, staring at the table.

Fidelia:”it was no dream. We had sex. Or properly put, the robber forced me to rape you.” she sighed. “It is complicated. Let me explain.” she added then she went on to tell Brukeme the whole story.

Brukeme’s eyes opened wide as he heard the story. “I waka enter that one o. so I even yansh dis babe and I no remember. Which kain yeye drug be dat sef?”  He thought to himself angrily.

Brukeme: “so the robber is like your step brother?” he asked.

Lisa: “I can see why you have been weird towards me all this while. It was because of this scarecrow. The way you were looking at her that day, I should have known. You are so useless.” She said, standing in front of Brukeme.

Fidelia looked at the girl in surprise, then she looked at Brukeme. Brukeme’s face was black with anger.

Brukeme: “you have made your opinion of me known, why don’t you leave me alone?” he asked, coldly.

Lisa hissed and walked away. Brukeme turned back to Fidelia still angry.

Fidelia: “are you okay?” she asked, softly.

Brukeme: “no I am not okay. I have to go. Give me your number.” He said as he got up.

She gave him her number and he quickly dialed her back. After they had saved each other’s phone numbers, Brukeme started leaving but Fidelia grabbed his arm;

Fidelia: “I have not told you why I came to find you?” she said standing up with him.

Brukeme: “why did you come to find me then?” he asked.

Fidelia: “I am pregnant. For you.” she said.

Brukeme looked at her silently then he turned and walked away. He found Kevwe and chatted with him for a bit then he went outside the mall for some sun, his mind deep in thought.


When Brukeme returned back to Stella’s shop, she called him to her table

Stella: “I have heard some not so good things about you but I consider myself a good judge of character, so I am going to ignore what I have heard and work with my instincts. But if by any chance, you prove me wrong, I hope you have a ticket to Mars because I will make sure this earth is too hot for us to live together in. Go and get my daughter.” She said, tossing the car key to him.

Brukeme thanked her and left. He wasted no time in picking the child from her school. They greeted using the sign language and she got in and wore her seatbelt.

Brukeme drove out and headed for the mall. At Enerhen road before a traffic light, a bus burst out from a street on high speed and screeched to a stop in front of Brukeme. Some guys wearing masks jumped out and started shooting in the air and walking towards him. People started running. Some persons abandoned their car and ran away. Brukeme removed his seatbelt and dove to the girl in the back of the car. He opened the door on her side and told her with the sign language to creep out and go under the car. The girl obeyed, calmly and she crawled under the car.

Brukeme laid on the backseat, his heart beating loudly in his ears. One of the masked men came to where he was and stood looking at him.

First Kidnapper: “where is the child?” a gun pointed at his face.

Brukeme gasped. It was a woman. He got up and his shirt pulled up. The hand holding the gun fell down.

First Kidnapper: “You? How did you get that birth mark?” she asked suddenly, her eyes widening in fear.

Question: Will Brukeme be able to save Stella’s child? What does that birth mark signify? Dear Fans, due to time factor, Episode 21 will come up by 8:30 am. Do stick around.

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