(Episode 23) A Brush With The Past… A Tale of Redemption and Love

(Episode 23) A Brush With The Past... A Tale of Redemption and Love

Jerry came back rubbing his arm and frowning, a nurse walking behind him.

Nurse: “somebody else has to give blood. His own is not the right one.” She said, pointing at Jerry.

Fidelia: “we can’t give blood; we are yet to receive the results for the tests that were carried out on us.” She replied, pointing to herself and her sister, Kate.

Voke: “I will give my blood.” He suddenly said.

Fidelia turned to him, gratitude in her eyes.

Kate: “are you sure? You are yet to recover from the accident o.” she said, a worried frown on her face.

Voke: “do you know what it means to be in an accident and come out with no scratch, no internal bleeding, just concussion? I am grateful to God for giving me a second chance at life, and I intend to use it well. If my blood is good enough, I will give it.” He said, as the nurse rolled his wheelchair away.


Ashley: “our son? i don’t remember giving birth to any son with you.” she replied.

Tega: “of course. You were high most of the time, in those days. So you will not remember. It was one of your supposed still births. It was not a still birth. i sold the child to a woman, whose baby had died in the hospital. She was scared to tell her husband that she had lost the third baby. She paid good money too.” He replied, smirking.

Ashley: “you bastard!” she said as she dove at him, scratching his face with her nails as she tried to strangle him.

Detective Hamza moved her away from Tega. As Ashley got her breath back, she burst into tears.

Ashley: “I gave you everything I had, everything a woman could give. Why will you sell our child? How can you be that heartless?” she asked, in between sobs.

Tega: “you are not fit to be a mother. You were too high on drugs to take care of a child. Besides I needed your undivided attention. A child will be a distraction. You don’t even know everything sef.” He said, smiling.

Ashley: “I will be back for you Tega. Pray that the boy doesn’t die. If he does, I will haunt you for the rest of your miserable life.” she said. With that she left the interrogation room.

Tega sighed and bowed his head. He knew it was over for him but he took comfort in the fact that he still had a hold over Ashley. “She thinks she knows everything? She is in for a shock.” He thought to himself.


The nurse rolled Voke back, informing them that his blood had been suitable. Fdelia was glad and she thanked Voke profusely. The nurse called Stella aside

Nurse: “do you know the boy that was shot?” she asked.

Stella: “not really. He was just my driver. Why do you ask?”She asked.

Nurse: “nothing really. Never mind.” She looked at the group of people standing around talking, then she turned and walked away.

Stella watched her leave, very worried. She felt that the nurse wanted to say something important but had changed her mind. She sighed and went back to her seat. Her daughter was already asleep. It was turning into a long day. She sighed.

At that moment, Ese came to join them and she informed Fidelia and Kate that their mother had woken up and she was asking for them. Fidelia debated on whether or not she should leave her position.

Voke: “don’t worry, go and see your mother. If there’s any news, I will come and inform you.” he said.

Fidelia nodded and thanked him then she joined her sisters as they went back to their parents.

As soon as they left, Stella called Voke to her.

Stella: “those girls are they Brukeme’s relatives or something?” she asked.

Voke: “no. it’s complicated. You see Fidelia is pregnant for him but it was not his fault. You see my brother robbed them and he was caught in the middle.” he said, trying to explain.

Jerry stared at him with surprise. “Brukeme no tell me say dem rob am o. na wa o. and that babe get belle for am on top. Na wa for my guy o; e sabi keep secret o. So na so we go for dey house, dem for carry pikin come dump for our doormot.” He thought to himself, frowning.

Stella stared at the young man in confusion. His quick explanation had not made any sense to her. She turned as she heard her name then she turned and saw Ashley running towards, tears in her eyes. She looked rough, like she had been in a fight.

Stella: “what is it?” she asked, afraid.

Ashley: “he is my son. Stella he is my son.” She said crying into her friends shoulder.

Stella: “who is your son?” she asked, staring in surprise, as she held her sobbing friend.

Ashley: “Brukeme is my son. How is he? Is he alive? Did he make it?” she asked suddenly, turning her head around.

Stella: “he is fine. This young man here just gave him blood.” She said pointing to Voke.

Ashley looked at Voke speculatively. Then she went and hugged Voke hard.

Ashley: “thank you. God will bless you.” she said.

Voke smiled shyly; not knowing what to do. Ashley turned and went back to Stella and sat with her. Stella stared at her with curiosity.

Stella: “how did you find out he is your son?” she asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

Ashley: “it was Tega. The beast sold him and told me it was a still birth. That man, when I am done with him, he is gonna wish he had left me the fuck alone in Spain.” She said angrily.

Voke stared at her speculatively when he heard the word ‘Spain’. He had been hearing that country’s name a lot the past few days. Was it coincidence? He wondered but it left his mind as Brukeme was rolled out and moved to a private room. Stella had settled the bill as soon as she came in. Voke quickly pushed his wheelchair along, followed by Jerry, Stella, her daughter and Ashley.


The stretcher is rolled passed the room which the Anigboro occupy. So as the stretcher rolled by, Voke stops and turned to Ashley.

Voke: “if truly, the boy is indeed your son, then you need to meet the girl that is carrying your grandchild.” He said.

Ashley: “his girlfriend is expecting a baby for him?” She asked excited.

Voke: “it is more complicated than that. Please come in. let the nurse arrange him into the bed properly before we go crowding his room.” he said to them as he turned his wheel chair and entered the Anigboro’s room.

Fidelia: “what has happened? Is he fine?” she asked in worry.

Voke: ‘he is fine. And guess what; we have found his mother or she seems to think that he is her son.” He said, as he rolled his wheelchair to the side and Ashley entered the room.

Ashley: “so you are my son’s girlfriend?” she said.

Someone screamed ‘Jesus!’ in the room and then Ashley turned to the rest occupants of the room, her eyes widening in surprise then it widened further in shock, then anger blossomed.

Ashley: “you!”

Question: who had Ashley seen? What did Tega mean by ‘he still has some secrets hidden’?

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    • Hi ALCREW&FANs,

      Dr Fejiro has just crossed Ashley’s aka Mercy’s path. Step siblings @ Brukky & Fidelia…haa! Friday.

      He Ashley had more kids & still fertile.


  1. Karma is a bitch..whatever goes around comes around..truly it is a tale of Redemption & Love…just a small world,human being needs to be careful with their decision because it can boomerang any day any time..see life..
    Voke is also Ashley son..Ashley is mercy,she saw Dr.&Monica..
    Tega!!!No matter what you have in stock&in shock,you are still a looser,because in quick succession you lost everything you have got..Shame.

  2. She saw Mr Anigboro and Voke is the son he’s looking for., the one she personally gave to motherless home., but then Brukeme is also her son which she was not aware of..

  3. Ashley saw Mrs Anigboro,cos she is Mercy…..Tega’s secret is that she had many more children she was unaware of…..Though this is not logical…how can one be high to the extent of carrying children till the time they were born without knowing..?

  4. I think Ashley is Voke’s mum she is searching for cus his blood match Brukeme. I think he saw Dr Ejiro n wife. Tega knows about Ashley second birth n about Friday real identity bt can stella’s b Friday mum? Can’t wait 4 d Final epi, walahi.

  5. i am thinking voke is stella’s son with tage
    ……dont blame me oh……
    its just a thought #adelovegokillpersonoh

  6. I am really enjoying this story full of suspense and twist. I can’t wait for the final episode. And Ashley must have seen Dr. and his wife Monica.

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