Reps to buy cars worth N6.1 billion for members

Reps to buy cars worth N6.1 billion for members

According to reports, the House of Representatives is spending N6.1 billion on procurement of 360 Peugeot 508 for its members, it was learnt at the weekend.

At a unit price of about N17 million, the leadership of the House said no members would get more than a car, including the principal officers.

It debunked allegation of favoritism in the distribution of about 200 units that were supplied so far, saying members would take possession of their vehicles by the end of the year.

Another batch of supply is expected this week.

According to its leadership, favoritism was not employed in the distribution of the already procured vehicles.

Speaking with reporters at the weekend, House spokesman Abdulrazaq Namdas explained that installment supply of the vehicles was due to the financial challenges facing the House leadership.

“About 200 vehicles have been supplied so far and members would take possession of theirs by the end of the year.

“We never promised to supply the 360 vehicles at once because of the financial constraints.

“The budget implementation hasn’t commenced and that is the reason for the installment supply of the vehicles. But, since it was provided for in the budget, every member will get theirs before the year runs out.

“Complaints by some members is normal because the House is huge and it is normal for some to complain. But, since we are getting the cars in batches, it will be impossible for everyone to get at once.

“Allegation that women lawmakers and committee chairmen were given first was also not true.

“As a matter of fact, it was the decision of the leadership to provide for the new members first. So, you may have a new member having while a committee chairman like myself don’t have yet.

“The distribution was not meant to marginalise anyone; the leadership wasn’t choosy about the distribution. Everyone will be adequately taken care of before the year runs out.”

On why the House had to procure the cars for its members, Namdas pleaded for the understanding of Nigerians, saying there was a level that Nigerians would not want their lawmakers to descend to.

According to him, Nigerians would want their representatives to be deserving of their status.

“Definitely, chief executive and directors in government institutions and agencies have official vehicles attached to them. Why would lawmakers not enjoy same privilege?

“Meanwhile, not even our principal officers will have more than one of the same vehicle and these vehicles are to last for four years and not yearly as we have in other arms of government.

“Our job here is to make laws for good governance and that is what we are doing and we need peace of mind and the goodwill of Nigerians to accomplish this,” he added.



  1. This is part of the tragedy of the outlandish democracy that is being practice in this part of the world
    Another discreet method of stealing public fund
    These law makers are already racking in profligate amount of public fund in way of salary and other benefits
    In light of this, why can’t they purchase their cars from their personal pay packet, like every other public servant
    This money about to be lavished on this absurd project could have been better spent on providing essential infrastructure and amenities for the generality of Nigerians
    In a nation where electricity supply is crass, where pot holes abound of all the roads, where educational, transportation system and social service are luxury, where little children as young as 7years are seen daily running back and forth hawking goods that worth peanuts, this planned wastage of public fund in buying cars for law makers who are already stickingly rich is quite provocative

  2. Cry, the beloved country!! Bukola Saraki justifies shamefully paltry budgetary allocation to Health Services (for which reason our Teaching and Public Hospitals render shoddy services to citizens while at the same time subjecting them to extortion in the name of cost recovery) and the National Assembly callously allocates more than 6 billion naira to buy luxury jeeps for themselves. Which country are we copying? Does the United States, Britain, France, India, Russia or Chinaext provide such immoral luzury for their legislators from tax payers’ money? The legislators in Nigeria are long overdue for the guilotine. What we have is not democracy. It is Kleptocracy and brigandocracy, A blight on all of them for ruining our country.

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