Edwin Clark is a slave fighting for 13 percent resource control – Nnamdi Kanu‎

Edwin Clark is a slave fighting for 13 percent resource control – Nnamdi Kanu‎

According to reports, the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has reacted to the call for his re-arrest made by Convener of Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) Edwin Clark.

Clark had told newsmen that Kanu ought to be rearrested and detained for inspiring a move by Anambrarians to boycott the forthcoming governorship election in the state.

However, addressing members of IPOB in his Afara-ukwu, Umuahia country home yesterday, Kanu said he does not play the politics of militancy like Clark who he alleged was fighting for 13 percent resource control.

He stressed that he was interested in the freedom from slavery of indigenes from the bight of Biafra, including Edwin Clark so that they could take total control of their resources.

The IPOB leader said: “I don’t play the politics of militancy, I don’t, I also don’t play the politics of Amnesty payment, it’s of no use, I don’t play the politics of settlement; I play the politics of freedom.

“Edwin Clerk never asked me why I am stopping Anambra state election, because if he had asked me, I will tell him that as old as he is, I want to set him free.

“The reason why the so called elders and the Igwes want the election to hold is because of the oil allocation, and because of the monthly payment. They don’t care about the masses and their suffering, because if they do, they will go to Osibanjo to negotiate the date for referendum instead of election.

“Edwin Clerk is fighting for resource control of 13 percent, may be moved to 15 percent, Nnamdi Kanu is fighting for freedom of Ijaw people, so that they can control their resources 100% through our freedom.”




  1. Edwin Clark is a well known double faced sychophant
    One moment he was dogmatically fighting for Jonathan and when Jonathan lost the election Clark swiftly switched over to Buhari’s side, just for what he could gain
    He continues fawning over any government power
    Such an old man is never to be relied upon

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