(Episode 6) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Fatimah with her charming smile won the heart of Mustapha who approved of his father taking her for a fourth wife. When she saw that the commotion among the women was getting out of hand, she excused herself and asked that the driver take her back home. Alhaji Abdul came to see her off to the car.

Alhaji Abdul: “I hope you are not bothered by the show that my wives are putting up in the room” he asked her.

Fatimah: “if I say I am not bothered then I am a liar walahi. You have not even married me and they are behaving like this, I am afraid they will eat me up when we get married” she confided in him.

Alhaji Abdul: “oh common, you should know women by now. They were just trying to scare you with that act, don’t fall for it. When you came in, didn’t you notice that everywhere was peaceful until I introduced you as my fiancée? I am sure they are doing all these for you to change your mind about marrying me” he said.

“Are you sure, alhaji?” she asked for emphasis.

Alhaji Abdul: “I am very sure. Just trust me. The most important thing is that my first wife welcomed you and others do not have a choice but to accept you as well. And you are lucky, my first son who was skeptical about me taking another wife whispered into my ears few minutes ago that I can go ahead with the marriage because you are decent so you have nothing to worry about”

Fatimah left the house with mixed feelings. Her mother was waiting for her in the sitting room as soon as she got home.

Mama Fatimah: “so, tell me, how did everything go?” she asked her daughter who sat down in one of the chairs.

Fatimah: “oh, it went well mother. You need to see how big Alhaji Abdul’s house is, do you know that he has three big flats in the compound and all are well furnished. In fact, I lack the words with which to describe the state of the art furniture and electronics that he has in his house” she said.

Mama Fatimah: “alhamdullilahi that you are marrying into a good home” she said to her.

Her father who was about to go out stopped as soon as he saw his daughter.

Baba Fatimah: “how did your visit go” he asked with fatherly concern written all over his face.

Fatimah: “it went well, father. His wives were so nice and they welcomed me very well. They even told me they cannot wait to have me join them so that we can start living as sisters” she lied.

Baba Fatimah: “is that true?”

Mama Fatimah: “yes o, it is very true, maigida” she answered as if she had gone to the house with her daughter.

Baba Fatimah: “I hope they are not pretending and waiting for you to get into the house before they show their true colour” he said and left the house.

“if they had even pretended to love me, at least it would be better” Fatimah said under her breath.

Mama Fatimah: “what did you say, my daughter?”

Fatimah: “oh, I said they are so nice that they couldn’t have been pretending” she lied and plastered on a fake smile.

Mama Fatimah: “don’t mind your father, he can be so old fashioned sometimes”


As soon as Mustapha and his wife got to their apartment, she stopped him.

Amina: “and what was that you went to whisper into your father’s ears before he went out with his bride? Are you hiding anything from me?”

Mustapha: “oh, it was nothing. I went to tell him that he can go ahead and marry the girl since it appears that she is humble and cool headed” he said innocently.

Amina: “I said it! I said it that there was a sparkle in your eyes as soon as you saw that girl walk in. I saw the way you followed her with your eyes when she was greeting everyone”

Mustapha: “what are you insinuating?” he asked impatiently.

Amina: “Mustpha, heeen, don’t try me o. Don’t even think you will have anything to do with that girl or her younger sisters after your father marries her. Better banish such thoughts from your heart now o”

Mustapha smiled. His wife was troublesome but they gave the impression of a perfect couple to outsiders. She was from a wealthy home and so she spoke to him however she wanted. Many times she had pushed him into contemplating divorce but his father had advised him against doing anything that would jeopardize the friendship that the two families enjoyed.

Mustapha: “Your jealousy and insecurity will push me into the arms of another woman one of these days” he said to her.

Amina: “what do you mean by that? Come back here”, she called after his retreating figure.


Jemila whose turn it was to have their husband that night tried to get him to touch her all to no avail. She tried to touch him in places she knew always set him on fire for her but he remained adamant. Frustrated she got up from the bed.

Jemila: “what is it now? Have you suddenly lost your manhood or what? I have been trying to make you touch me all these while and you are pretending not to notice”

Alhaji Abdul: “you want me to touch you after the embarrassing show you put up in the presence of my fiancée yesterday? You must think I am a fool” he said.

Jemila: “which embarrassment? So because we told you the truth about the small girl you want to take for a wife, you are angry and want to deny me my wifely privileges? Are you not my husband? Where do you want me to get satisfaction from if you don’t give me?”

Alhaji Abdul: “you should have thought of that before challenging your husband’s decision. For embarrassing me that way, I will not touch you this month, mark my words” he threatened.

Jemila: “this is unfair o, alhaji. Is it because of that cheap whore that wants to sneak her way into your wealth that you are behaving like this? You have to touch me, me I want to feel you today”

Alhaji Abdul: “you still have the guts to call her names right? I can see that you are yet to learn your lessons. Now leave my chambers” he pointed at the door.

Jemila: “and why should I leave? Today is my turn and it is my right to be with you” she challenged him.

“get out before I push you out of my room and out of this house forever” he barked.

Seeing how serious he sounded, she ran out, cursing Fatimah for making her husband to treat her with disdain.


The next months were the busiest for Fatimah as she travelled from one part of the world to the other shopping for her wedding things. Alhaji Abdul would have gone with her but for his busy schedule so he got visas for her mother who travelled with her daughter everywhere for the wedding shopping.

The wedding came with all the glamour and celebrations attached to it. It was one of the most glamorous weddings ever witnessed in Kaduna and nobody among the top shoots were left out.

On the evening, an entourage sent by Alhaji Abdul came and took the bride away alongside her relations and all her wedding things. Fatimah cried as she was led from her parents’ house into the Limousine that Alhaji Abdul had sent. She was like a sheep being led to its slaughter and she knew that.

Question: Wow! The marriage took place despite all the warning signals. Do you think Mustapha is already developing feelings for her?

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  1. Fatimah you saw the hand writing on the wall and you ignored it..why shedding tears..even lied to your parents that the wives welcomed well..Hmmmm!! Mustapha and Fatimah…fingers crossed..

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