(Episode 7) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

There was a large company of friends, relations and well wishers waiting at the Alhaji Abdul’s mansion to welcome his new bride. The press and bloggers were not also left out and Fatimah, felt shy when she was led into Alhaji Abdul’s chamber.

Some of the friends and well wishers left after they had their fill of the sumptuous meals and assorted drinks that the caterers were serving in his house. There was more than enough to eat and drink with people taking food and drinks back home to their families.

At midnight, there was no single guest left in the Alhaji Abdul’s mansion because he had booked down all the hotels in town for his guests.

Fatimah when she was alone in the room went to the bathroom and had a thorough bath with her specially made bath scrub and lavender oil. She took her time to pamper her skin and when she stepped out of the bathtub, her skin was as fresh as a new baby’s, thanks to the weeks of beauty routine with expensive cosmetics that she had before her marriage.

She was taken aback when she stepped into the living room of her suite and saw Alhaji Abdul there. When she had gone to shower, he was not in the room and she didn’t hear when he came in. besides, the door was Locked.

“So how did he gain entrance?” she thought.

Fatimah: “You are here, I didn’t hear you come in and how did you do it? The door was locked before I went into the bathroom”

Alhaji Abdul: “I have the master key to all the rooms in this house. I guess you were busy pampering your skin that you didn’t hear me come in” he said sitting on the bed with his white flowing gown.

Fatimah: “ehen, alhaji. My relations said you got all the guest hotel accommodation in town. I mean you have enough room in this compound, why did you do that?” she asked.

“because I don’t want any guests lurking around and disturbing our honeymoon since you said you don’t want us to travel outside the country for it”

Fatimah: “yes, I don’t want us to travel now. I will like to travel when I get pregnant, I don’t want to have my baby in Nigeria”

Alhaji Abdul: “it’s a deal. As soon as you get pregnant, you will travel to any country of your choice and have the child there” he said smiling slyly.

Alhaji drew close and took her in his arms, suddenly, she became overcome with shame and eased her way out of his embrace, she felt odd being in such close proximity with a man old enough to be her father.

Alhaji Abdul: “the night that we have been waiting for is finally here. Come to daddy” he said opening his arms.

Fatimah: “can’t we just rest tonight, I am very tired. This week has been more than hectic for me” she complained.

Alhaji Abdul: “it cannot wait o. Ever since I met you, I have waited for this day because I don’t sleep with women before marrying them”

Fatimah: “I know but today has been very stressful for us. We should be resting” she said.

Alhaji Abdul: “common, dear. Every couple make love on their wedding day. How else do you want us to remember this day if we don’t do anything?” He asked and removed his gown.

Fatimah began to sulk, it was typical of all virgin brides. She wanted him to cuddle her, to whisper sweet nonsense that will put her in the mood into her ears. She wanted them t engage in foreplay like she had seen in movies. She wanted Alhaji Abdul to take her slowly until they both climaxed. That was her wish but then, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Alhaji Abdul was not a man for foreplay. In the real sense of it, foreplay was a waste of time to him and time for a very business man meant money.

Against her protest, he lay her on the bed and climbed her, weighing her down with his weight which was 3 times her own. He brought his mouth surrounded by moustache to her lips and she shrilled at the effect of his hair on her. She had expected him to kiss her slowly and then increase the tempo with her response but the reverse was the case. When Alhaji Abdul noticed that she was not responding to his kiss, he forced her lips apart with his tongue and kissed her hungrily.

She had no option than to respond and few minutes later, her lips began to hurt from too aggressive licking by her husband.

Alhaji Abdul worked his way down her night wear and located her pants. He jerked it off her and pulled it down with such aggression that one would mistake them for a victim and rapist rather than a couple. He did the same thing to her bra and began to squeeze her breasts and nipples so hard she had to scream. Alhaji nodded his head in approval; he loved it when he made his women scream in bed, that was the only way to prove to them that he was not as old as they thought.

In less than few minutes, he removed his trousers, removed his boxers and Fatimah’s eyes popped out at his extra long and think manhood.

“no, that thing is not going into me” she said aloud unconsciously.

Alhaji Abdul: “what did you say?” he asked removing his mouth from her nipples.

Fatimah: “I am afraid of having sex, I have never done it before” she said in a voice she could hardly recognize as her own.

Alhaji Abdul: “you are a married woman now and married woman have sex” he said and inserted his finger into her.

She screamed aloud, startling him a little but that didn’t deter him as he went ahead inserting two fingers to open her up a little since he was big.

Their first sex was characterized by excruciating pain for her as her husband had to literally force his way into her small hole after trying to slide in to no avail. He was a conservative man and could not bring himself to use Vaseline or other lubricants. As soon as he entered her, Fatimah felt like she was been sliced with a sharp blade. Alhaji Abdul was more than satisfied with how tight she was and this propelled him into pounding and thrusting her irrespective of the fact that she was screaming and asking for mercy underneath him.

After the first round that saw Alhaji Abdul depositing his seeds deeply into her, she attempted to get up to clean up in the bathroom but the fire in between her legs forced her to lay still.

Few minutes later, without even waiting for her to catch her breath, Alhaji Abdul was on top her again, pounding and thrusting with such virility that one could only associate with young men on Viagra.

They made love all night, against Fatimah’s wish but she had no option but to succumb because it was her duty as a wife to give in to her husband whenever and however he wanted it, that was the tenets of her culture and religion.

All through the night, Jemila, Alhaji Abdul’s second wife could not sleep because she was jealous and couldn’t get her mind off the fact that Alhaji Abdul was doing to another woman what he did to her on their wedding night. Overcome by jealousy and envy, she sat up and went downstairs towards Alhaji Abdul’s chamber and ran back when she heard Fatimah moaning and groaning aloud.

“the old fool never gets tired of banging life out of his wives” she thought and went back to her room vowing to make the house too hot for the new bride.

Question: LMAO…who said old age is an excuse for not performing well in bed? Do you think Alhaji Abdul is on drugs to have handled his young bride in bed like that? Should Fatimah talk to her husband about taking it easy with her?

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    • Evening ALCREW&FANs,

      Regrettable. That’s hardly giving pleasure to your bride nor is it anything near performing well.

      She ought to caution the husband kindly since he’s too off to realise or gradually lead herself to an avoidable health sutuation.


  1. Alhaji is performing naturally.
    Fatima should talk to him or if possible get sex movies for him to watch and learn

  2. alhaji is not romantic at all o ..shwo ..gud for Fatima sf instead of her to go for a young man na old she dey follow bcos of money… lets see she will get tired of eating d money…nd am guessing DAT mustapha will sleep with her…av said my own oya nxt episode

  3. hmmm! she shld tell her husband to take it easy with her, then get some sex movies for him…… na money levels nau

  4. Who say a gal shuldnt marry a man who is younger or older dan her wen d man has money after all who like suffer, d only problem is dat d man isn’t romantic

  5. Wait oooo. She had her bath and wore pant and bra? To sleep? That thing is not going into you, na my papa own wan enter?

  6. She 4 talk 2 am b4d marriage na,y b sey na nau she wan talk(person wey no well).Shebi her papa been warn her against marrying Alhaji,DIZ IS JUST D BEGINNING OF HER END.

  7. I think it’s natural of alhaji, but fatimah can talk to him after their wedding night to take it easy with her henceforth.

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