(Episode 8) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

The same incidence repeated itself for the next 7 days which was the days that Abdul had set apart for his honeymoon. After the 7th day, he gave his wife a cash gift of N500, 000 as an appreciation for her virginity that she had given to him. Fatimah could not help but wonder why a husband would give his wife cash gift simply because he met her a virgin.

Alhaji Abdul rushed through a bath and dressed up.

Alhaji Abdul: “work has begun, Fatimah. I have a lot of things waiting for my attention in the office. I will be back in the evening, you are to prepare my meals for the next one month” he said.

Fatimah: “Okay, what would you like to eat?”

Abdul: “meals for each day are on the menu list in the main kitchen. You can ask my first wife to show it to you” he said and walked into his car where his driver was already waiting.

Few minutes after he left, Fatimah got up and went  to stand before the mirror that was part of a one piece set with her matrimonial bed. The reflection she saw in the mirror shocked her. She was looking pale with her cheek bones sticking out. There was only one explanation for the emaciated look and that was too much sex because even though she was not cooking all through the honeymoon period, alhaji Abdul’s first wife at his orders made sure they had delicious well balanced three course meals 3 times a day.

“I thought sex was meant to be enjoyed and not endured” she thought.

She went back, cleaned up, applied a little makeup and wore a new cloth. Then she picked up her phone to call her mother, how she missed her and wanted to talk to her.

Her mother was glad when she saw her daughter calling.

Mama Fatimah: “hello, how are you my daughter? I have been trying to call you all these days but your number has been switched off. I was not worried since I know that you are in good hands” she said.

Fatimah: “I am fine, mama. Alhaji Abdul asked me to switch off my phone so that I could rest after the marriage stress” she said.

“it is okay, my dear. Hope you are enjoying your new home?” she asked with motherly concern in her voice.

Fatimah: “yes mum, you women are trying” she heard herself say.

Mama Fatimah: “what do you mean?” she asked her heart beating wild.

Fatimah thought of telling her mother how her husband had been handling her in bed but she thought against it because she felt embarrassed talking to her mother about things like that.

Mama Fatimah: “talk to me, my daughter” her mother said.

Fatimah: “oh, I mean that it is not easy for a woman to leave her family and go to start living with another people all in the name of marriage” she lied.

Mama Fatimah: “Oh, I see what you mean. Don’t worry, you will get used to it” she encouraged her daughter.

After talking for more minutes, Fatimah ended the call and went back to bed to take a nap.

She over slept and woke up around four, the heavy sleep was as a result of the sleepless nights that she had been having during the course of her honeymoon. She woke up with a splitting headache and looked at the wall clock.

“4pm! Wayo, how did I oversleep like this?” she said and got up. Then she remembered that Abdul had asked her to make his dinner. She quickly wore her hijab and went out to locate the first wife’s lodge so she could show her the menu for what she was to make for Abdul that night. When she got to the sitting room downstairs, she saw Mustapha and his wife who had come to inquire if alhaji had returned from the office. they stopped when they saw her. Fatimah greeted him and his wife respectfully.

Mustapha: “how are you, our wife? I am sure that my father is not around and that is why you came out. I actually wanted him to sign this document for me and you know he has so many cars that one cannot tell if he is in or out” he said observing how pale she was looking compared to the first time she had come visiting.

His wife Amina, mistook the analytical look for lustful look and held his hand.

“since alhaji is not around, can we leave?” she said casting Fatimah a suspicious glance.

Mustapha: “yeah, we can leave. I will be back later” he said to Fatimah.

Amina: “we will be back later” she said and walked out, holding her husband in her hand.


Fatimah knocked on the door of the room of alhaji’s first wife but there was no response. Hajiya’s personal maid came out.

Maid: “hajiya is not around” she said politely after greeting Fatimah.

Fatimah: “oh, I think you can help me then. Where is the main kitchen? I need to make alhaji’s dinner and I have to consult the menu before doing that”

Maid: “I have never been to the kitchen, ma. As a matter of fact, no domestic staff is allowed anywhere close to where alhaji’s meals are cooked for security purposes. Maybe you should ask his other wives, they will show you”

She directed Fatimah to Jemila’s lodge and returned to her duty post.


Jemila laughed out loud and long when Fatimah asked if she could take her to where the menu for alhaji’s meal was.

Jemila: “look at this one o, so I am now your personal maid or what?” she asked standing at the entrance to her room.

Fatimah: “not at all. You know I am new here and I am yet to get acquainted with the way things are done here”

Jemila: “just shut up your mouth. I am new here, I am this and that…is that the new national anthem or what? Who doesn’t know that you are new in this house?” she remarked sarcastically.

Fatimah: “I am sorry…”

“so tell me, how have you been enjoying our husband this past days that he has been locked up in your room?” she asked the surprised Fatimah.

Fatimah: “excuse me?”

Jemila: “don’t claim ignorance jare. You think I didn’t hear you while you were shouting and screaming like a Christmas goat while alhaji pounded you? Oh, she is shy. Don’t be, we all were in that shoes and we know that alhaji is a stallion when it comes to bed affairs. So, tell me, how many times did you make him cum and how many times did he give you orgasm?”

Fatimah: “subahannalahi!”

Jemila: “see this mad woman, that is how they will be pretending as if they weren’t doing it before they married her. Awon pretenders! It is going to be you and I in this house since you have the guts to come and share my husband” she said as if she was alhaji’s only wife.

Fatimah: “thank you, can you show me the way to the main kitchen now?”

Jemila hissed and returned to her room, locking the door behind her.

Fatimah went to knock on the door of the second wife’s room but that one told her she was having her siesta and could not tell her anything.

Frustrated, Fatimah went back to her room and called her husband several times, but there was no response. He sent her a text informing her that he was in the middle of an important meeting and was anxious to return home and cook the delicious meal she had prepared for him.

She fell on her bed and began to weep wondering how alhaji would feel about her for failing in her first assignment to prepare his meals.

Question: Do you think alhaji will understand with her? if you were in Fatimah’s shoes, what will you do?

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  1. Hello ALCREW&FANs,

    Well she needs to sustain prayers and kind appeal.

    Let’s hope big daddy will come to bear with her if for nothing but for his professed love.


  2. Hmmmmmmmm, he might understand initially, but she should try searching the house to locate the main kitchen.
    But, I wonder where the first wife went to

  3. I think alhaji will understand the situation on ground but she would have search for the kitchen since no one want to show her

  4. I will advice her to just look around there house and find out were d kitchen is or she should go and look for first wife jare!!!!! ur father no tel u?

  5. Lolz….. Money shld nt b d fore front to a marriage bt true love and understanding…. I bet Fatima will regret dis marraige at d long run. Adelove, tnks 4 keeping we ur fans entertained with ur lovely stories. We are greatful. Keep it up.

  6. Alhaji won’t take it calmly with her,Fatima shud beta search 4 kitchen or beta still ask mustapha’s wife 4 help

  7. believe me, alhaji love for her has wean after the end of the seven day marathon sex. she can now be treated as old school like the rest. of course alhaji will not take it easy by the time he comes back.

  8. Hmmmmm, I don’t think alhaji will understand her failure o and that begins trouble for her in d house. She should try n locate it herself o.

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