(Episode 11) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Jemila opened the dishes and looked into it.

“what concoction did she even cook for our husband?” she asked rhetorically while opening the dishes.

After she had seen everything, she took her time to remove them all from the dining table.

Jemila: “I guess the idiot doesn’t know that today is my turn to cook for our husband” she said and laid her own dishes on the table.

Fatimah was applying her makeup when she heard her husband’s voice returning the greetings of the security. She rushed through her makeup and went to greet him in his chamber which is what all the wives did anytime their husband returned. She went back to her room and waited for him to come downstairs after his shower. As soon as she heard his voice downstairs, she went down and was shocked to see Jemila seated on the dining table. A close look at the table showed that the dishes on it were not her own. She looked around and saw her own on the floor.

Alhjaji sat on the table and Jemila began to dish out his food out of the one she had cooked.

Fatimah: “excuse me, what is going on here?”

Jemila: “what does it look like?” she asked without turning to look at who was talking.

Fatimah: “I mean, what are you doing by serving our husband this evening?”

Alhaji smiled.

“Fatimah, how can you ask your senior wife what she is doing beside me? That is rude” he said gently, not wanting to scold her in the presence of Jemila.

Fatimah: “I am supposed to be the one serving you. I cooked for you and laid the table and the next thing, my dishes are on the floor and she is here serving you” she tried to explain.

Alhaji Abdul: “well, I met her here when I came downstairs. If you wanted to serve me what you had cooked, you should have stayed behind” he chided.

Fatimah: “but I already told you that I will cook for you before you return today. How can she just remove my dishes from the dining table like that? It is not done that way”

Jemila: “when did you come into this house that you will tell us how things are done and how they are not done? And, I don’t know what you are ranting about my removing your dishes from the dining table. Everyone knows that today is my turn to cook for our husband and sleep in his chamber. So, just go to your room and allow him eat in peace, as you can see, he has been out all day” she said.

Fatimah: “what! Your turn to cook for our husband? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jemila: “If you are waiting for me to answer that question, then you must be very childish” she spewed.

Alhaji Abdul: “Fatimah, you have been in this house for almost two weeks now. You don’t have to wait for them to tell you anything, you have to ask questions and yes, she is correct, it is her turn to cook for me today so you have no basis for the argument”

Fatimah: “but alhaji, you should have told me when I told you that I will cook for you today before you left for work this morning because I failed to cook for you yesterday”

Alhaji Abdul: “I will pretend that you didn’t say that. In my house, we don’t carry over anything” he said taking a spoonful of his fruit salad.

Fatimah: “alhaji, I spent hours in the kitchen getting this ready. Don’t allow my energy go in vain, please eat mine too. Even if I take them away, I won’t be able to finish everything today”

Alhaji Abdul: “I remember you reminding me sometimes ago that the prophet said we should treat all our wives equally. Today is Jemila’s day and I cannot eat another woman’s food except hers. Nobody said you must finish all you cooked. You can give it to the domestic staff, they will be more than glad to eat it”

Fatimah: “I didn’t go through all the stress to cook for you only to give it to the domestic staff, I didn’t!”

Alhaji Abdul: “let me enjoy my dinner in peace please, I think I deserve it” he said with a voice that sent warning signals to Fatimah.

She left the dining area and went into her room. There she laid on her bed and cried for hours. She thought alhaji would come to her room in the night but all through that night and till he left for the office the next day, there was no sign of him.


Jemila grinned from ear to ear when she saw the way alhaji had scolded his last wife. Triumphant, she took the dishes away after he finished eating. She rushed through a bath, sprayed on her favourite perfume and went into his room. Alhaji was already dozing when she came into the room. She took her space on the bed quietly beside him and waited for him to touch her. When it became obvious that the touch was not going to come, she decided to initiate it herself.

Alhaji Abdul: “what is it, woman?”

Jemila: “alhaji, this is the second time I am sleeping in your room and yet you will not touch me. What is the problem?”

Alhaji Abdul: “I told you that I have taken a vow not to touch you for one month” he said casually, his eyes still closed.

Jemila: “and why is that? What is my crime?” she asked feigning ignorance.

Alhaji Abdul: “of course you know”

Jemila: “so you still haven’t forgotten all that happened the day you brought your fiancé home for the first time? This is unlike you, alhaji”

Alhaji Abdul: “I can never forget the embarrassment you and Shafa gave me in the presence of a guest that day. If not that Fatimah loved me dearly, that show you people put up was more than enough to make her change her mind about marrying me”

Jemila: “that would have been better seff. What is her use in this house if not to cause trouble? Mtcheww”

Alhaji Abdul: “that is it, you still habour bitterness against her” he turned around and resumed his sleeping , refusing all entreaties to get him to touch her.


The next morning, Fatimah woke up and walked to the window and there she watched as alhaji walked into his car and the driver drove off.

Fatimah: “alhaji didn’t even come to check on me last night and he didn’t do it this morning. Is this what polygamy is all about?” she asked rhetorically.

She was still standing at the window when she saw Mustapha and his wife come out of their apartment. He was taking his wife for her weekly ante-natal. Fatimah was full of admiration as she saw him holding his wife’s handbag and opening the car for her. She saw him touch his wife’s protruded stomach and she giggled. Fatimah felt goose pimples all over her.

Fatimah: “he is so cute and romantic, his wife must be the luckiest woman in the world, she has her husband all to herself. What more can a woman ask for?” she thought.

She saw him flex his muscles and she couldn’t help but acknowledge how fit and handsome he was. She saw them drive off and saw the security man closing the gate. Suddenly she felt like she was in prison. She suddenly remembered that she had not stepped out of the compound since her marriage and she felt bad seeing people going out. Alhaji who had promised to take her out always after marriage was yet to do that.

“I think it’s time to go out, this place is becoming boring” she said.

Just then, her phone began to ring and she turned around to pick it…

Question: Hmmn…are you people thinking what we are thinking? Why is she admiring her step son like that? I hope all is well o.

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  1. If care is not taken she might ended up falling in love with mustapha and dat will be another round of commotion in the house

  2. Alhaji isn’t trying, he was the same person that said, she’ll be cooking for him through the period.
    And when she text him, he would have informed her.
    Are admiring Mustafa is to be expected

  3. *She thought alhaji would come to her room in the night but all through that night and till he left for the office the next day, there was no sign of him* That means she enjoys it with Alhaji

  4. Alhaji isn’t trying, he was the same person that said, she’ll be cooking for him through the period.
    And when she text him, he would have informed her.
    Are admiring Mustafa is to be expected

  5. hmmmmm but Alahji no do well at all!! fatimoh u said u want plan to go out were u won go? u better stay bcos u put ur self in dis mess in first place now u will no dat money is not everthing hmmmmm mustapha and fatimoh I dey fear oooo!!

  6. Help me tell Fatimah that she can’t eat her cake & have it o. She voted for money & she won she should sit down quietly in her room & enjoy her money continuously.

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