Charly Boy only slumped for the camera during protest – Police

The Nigerian Police has tagged Charly Boy’s slump during his Resume or Resign protest, as being over dramatic, as he only did that for the camera.

Recall Charly Boy was captured on video, falling on the chair he was sitting on after police officers teargassed him and 9 other protesters demanding that President Buhari, who has been away from the country for almost 100 days for medical vacation, resumes or resigns.

Reacting to the development, the Force’s PRO Jimoh Moshood, when he appeared on Channels TV’s Sunrise Daily said miscreants took over the protest and police had to get involved to prevent disorder.

“We can see over-dramatisation by the leader of the protest (Charly Boy) who was sitting on a chair and decided to fall down because the camera was coming to his side,” Jimoh said.




  1. There is nothing like deceiving himself
    why did they shot the tear gas at the first place???
    But When probuhari protesters are protesting the Nigeria police force gave them adequate security ,why didn’t they give the anti buhari protesters the same security too??
    Naija say una mumu never do??

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