(Episode 13) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Fatimah was still engrossed reading the content of the file when her phone rang, it startled her a little causing her to pick it up immediately.

Fatimah: “hello mum” she said wondering why her mother was calling her again after they had spoken that morning.

Mama Fatimah: “my daughter, I am at your gate” she said.

Fatimah: “what! You are where? No, you are joking right?”

Mama Fatimah: “joking as how? I am here standing by the gate and waiting for you”

Fatimah: “which gate ma?” she asked suddenly confused.

Mama Fatimah: “the gate to alhaji Abdul’s mansion. Is that not where you live?”

Fatimah: “Okay, I am coming”

She ran back into her room, closing alhaji’s door gently behind her and picked her veil. When she got to the compound, she saw the security man locking the gate.

Fatimah: “did you see anyone standing beside the gate outside?”

Security man: “yes. One woman knocked and said she is here to visit but I ignored her”

Fatimah: “you what! Why did you have to ignore her outside there?” she asked.

Security man: “because she does not have an invitation” he said plainly.

Fatimah: “which invitation does my mother need to visit me?” she asked suddenly bewildered.

Security man: “that is the rule of this house. We don’t allow guests in except they have invitations. I wonder how she was able to scale through the first gate security”

Fatimah: “what is wrong with you people in this house? My mother is here to visit me and you say she cannot come in? What sort of a house is this?” she screamed at the top of her house.

Security man: “don’t be angry madam. I am only doing my job, the firm who employed me for alhaji will not hesitate to sack me if alhaji complains that I have flaunted any of his orders. If it is necessary for your mother to come in and see you, call alhaji and then he will call me on phone and instruct me to open the door for her” she said.

Fatimah: “don’t tell me that. I am tired of listening to that phrase. That was what you said earlier when I wanted to go out”

Fatimah’s mother was dumbstruck about the security man’s refusal to allow her into the compound. She called out to her daughter from outside where she was standing.

Mama Fatima: “what is going on there Fatimah? Won’t you instruct him to open the door for me? I am tired of standing here”

Fatimah: “mama, he has refused to open the gate until alhaji approves” she said shamefully.

Mama Fatimah: “then go and call alhaji. I am sure he will not deny his mother in law entrance to his house”

Fatimah: “alhaji travelled and his number is switched off” she said.

Mama Fatimah: “so you mean you cannot instruct the security man as the amarya of the house to allow your mother in? Fatimah what sort of a wife are you that the security man cannot obey you” she asked surprised and sad.

Fatimah: “it is not as easy as you think. Everything in this house is just somehow”

She was still in the compound thinking of what to do when Mustapha came out and entered his car. When he got close to her, he stopped.

Mustapha: “amarya, I heard your voice from my apartment. Who were you talking to?”

Fatimah felt her heart skip a beat when Mustapha spoke to her.

Fatimah: “it is my mother. Can you believe that my mother who came to visit me all the way from Zaria is out there and the security man has refused to allow her in simply because she doesn’t have an invite?” she said.

“what! That is too bad”

He turned to the security man and ordered him to open the gate.

Security: “oga, the woman doesn’t have an invitation card or any pass” he said for emphasis.

Mustapha: “open the gate for her, my friend. How can you ask the mother of your boss’ wife for an invite? Don’t you know that to every rule there is always an exception?”

Security: “but oga…”

Mustapha: “will you open the door as I said or do you want to argue with me?”

Security: “I will open, sir” he said, saluted Mustapha and opened the gate and helped Mama Fatimah carry her things in.

Mustapha greeted the woman respectfully, apologized for the driver’s over zealousness and drove out of the compound.


Mama Fatimah: “so you mean this is what you have been going through in this house?” she asked her daughter after she had taken a seat in her daughter’s room.

Fatimah: “that is it o, mama. In fact, it has been one issue or the other ever since I got here but what can I do? Most times alhaji doesn’t even support me seff. Me I am tired o”

Mama Fatimah: “ah, tired ke? You have this big well furnished room to yourself and alhaji gives you money all the time and then you say you are tired? Please don’t be”

Fatimah: “but mama, I don’t have my piece of mind and freedom here. The other wives are always scheming to cause confusion between alhaji and I and I am like the prisoner who can’t go out from here. Sometimes I just feel like leaving”

“leaving for where? Do you think another place is better than here? Stay here and enjoy all the money and goodies that alhaji has to offer? What is your business with the other wives? They are in their room, you are in yours, you don’t share anything not even kitchen so just ignore them. As for freedom, which married woman is free? You threw away your freedom the day you got married” her mother advised her.

The mother stayed with her daughter for some hours before she left. Fatimah made sure that she gave her mother enough money, foodstuffs and provisions for her father and siblings.


Fatimah had just finished bathing for the night and was creaming her body when she heard a knock on the door. She quickly got up and tired her towel well, she was excited because she thought it was alhaji knocking.

Fatimah: “so alhaji is back from his trip? Wow!” she said as she opened the door.

She was shocked to see Mustapha at the door.

Fatimah: “you? What are you doing here?”

Mustapha: “shhh” he said and pushed her in.

Fatimah: “what are you doing here? You have never stepped into this room before, how can I help you”

Mustapha grabbed her and began to kiss her. She tried to resist but his lips were soft and soon enough, she found herself returning his kiss as his hands began to run through her fresh wet skin.

Question: hey, wahala ti de. How can Mustapha do this to his father’s wife? Will alhaji ever forgive them when he finds out?

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha she needs young blood before wetin una think when Mustapha approved that his father should marry her after seeing her the day she was bought home
    getting interesting

  2. Ah wahala dry. Alhaji won’t forgive them at all, mostly fatimah bcus d others will accused her of seducing mustapha since they dislike her before.

  3. What is inside the white envelope o?.I hope you did not forget o say Continuity dey important..
    Whether or not dream,She needs it with that she will get pregnant, because Alhaji can’t father any child again..Alhaji,won’t see them o.lt is a game of the future.

  4. This is serious ooooh. Hmmmmmm I love this story most people think that wealth and material is all it takes to be happy not knowing that it is not all it takes.


  5. Oya Fatimah wake up from your dream Alhaji is back.
    When you went and Marry a man that is older than your father, you don’t know that are already in prison.
    I Hope this is Dream oo.

  6. Mustapha does not love his wife in the first place, they got married for the sake of the relationship between their families, Fatimah married Alhaji for fame and money. So lets expect something unthinkable from both Mustapha and Fatimah

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