(Episode 16) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Jemila went off to Amina’s room and knocked. Before Amina could ask who it was, she already entered.

Amina: “ah ah, this one  that you entered our apartment today” she said.

Jemila: “hmmn, so you are here? If you know what my eyes have seen today…”

Amina: “what have you seen? Talk now, do you want to kill me with curiosity?” she asked.

Jemila: “you are here and your husband is with another woman right under your nose. God forbid!”

At the mention of her husband, Amina flared up.

Amina: “my husband Mustapha with another woman? How? Where? Where is the other woman?” she asked in on breadth.

Jemila: “the other woman is Fatimah, alhaji’s youngest wife. She is the one who is not contented with her husband and so she has decided to add yours. All this ladies of nowadays, they don’t know what the meaning of incest is”

Amina: “I said it that my husband is becoming too fond of that woman. Anytime I accuse him of having eyes for her, he would deny and tell me that I have insecurity issues” she said.

Jemila: “and you believed him? Okay o. That is how his father started and ended up with four wives. I just pity you because you are your husband’s first wife”

Amina dashed out of the room even before Jemila finished talking and made for the main house.

As soon as she got into Fatimah’s room, she saw he husband trying to console Fatimah who was in tears. Amina, the daring wife that she was yanked her husband from the chair that he was sitting on.

Mustapha: “what is this supposed to mean?” he asked, taken aback by her boldness.

Amina: “you should be ashamed of yourself for asking that question. How dare you ask me that after I caught you with another woman? Your father’s wife for that matter. Ha, Mustapha, you have no shame”

Mustapha: “what did you catch me doing with another man? Since when have you begun to listen to gossips?” he asked when he saw Jemila coming behind her.

Amina: “you must kill me today o, Mustapha you have to kill me today. What is it that you want from another woman? I have given you three beautiful and handsome children, I dress well for you and I carry out all my wifely duties. If you must have another woman, must it be your father’s wife? Why do you want to bring curses upon me and my children?” she said weeping.

Mustapha: “let go of me, woman! There must be something wrong with all of you women in this house” he said as pushed her off and left the room.

Amina turned to Fatimah: “you see what you have caused? You she devil. For years that I have been married to my husband, he has never walked out on me, but because of you today, he pushed me out of the way and walked out on me. Are you happy now? Just know that you will pay dearly for this. I am coming for you” she said and stormed out after her husband.

She met him in their room watching television, without saying a word, she went to the wall and switched off the socket.

Mustapha: “I have had enough of your jealousy, envy and irrational behavior. Allow me watch television in my house in peace” he said.

Mustapha: “you are such a shameless and wicked man. Imagine what you are saying after being caught with your father’s wife, only God knows the kind of despicable adjectives I would have used to describe you if not that you are my husband” she said.

Mustapha: “go ahead and insult me, it is your way. Haven’t you been doing that already? A woman comes to inform you that she caught your husband with another woman and instead of you to ask me exactly what happened, you are barking up and down like a mad dog. Continue please” he said.

Amina: “you will not call me names because of that shameless stupid sloth, did you hear me?”

He raised his hands to hit her but remembering his principles of a man never hitting a woman and the fact that her father was a very rich and influential man who would not hesitate to deal with any man who raised his hands against his daughter, he dropped his hands”

Amina: “why did you stop? Go ahead and hit me now. Hit me and tell the world that you are beating your wife because she caught you with your father’s wife. Go ahead and hit me and see if your father can save you from my father’s wrath” she bragged pushing her head towards him.

He ignored her, went inside the bedroom, picked his car keys and drove away while she was still ranting.


Fatimah knew automatically that there was fire on the mountain when one of the domestic workers came to inform her that evening that alhaji had sent for her to see him in his room. She knew because alhaji sent for people in his room when they had done something wrong, otherwise he would have come to her room himself.

She was therefore not surprised when she saw Jemila and Amina seated in the parlour of his room when she entered. She greeted him respectfully; avoiding the other women stares and took a seat beside them.

Alhaji Abdul: “I will go straight to the point; you have been accused of having an affair with my son Mustapha by Jemila and Amina. What do you have to say to that?” he asked quickly.

Fatimah: “it is not true, alhaji. I will rather die than do such a thing” she responded.

Alhaji Abdul: “there is always no smoke without fire, therefore I would want you to explain the genesis of this accusation to me. Remember what I told you about trusting love ones some time ago?”

She nodded.

Alhaji Abdul: “good, I am all ears”

Fatimah: “I was in my room watching a movie when Mustapha came in to check on me…” she started to say before Mustapha’s wife interrupted her.

Amina: “can you imagine what she is saying, alhaji. How can another woman’s husband come to check on you who is another man’s wife? Is that permitted in our culture?”

Alhaji Abdul: “keep quiet and allow her talk” he said.

Jemila: “alhaji, this woman is lying. Why does Mustapha have to come into her room alone to check on her when he knows that she would be alone inside? Is he a medical doctor or something? And did you see the way she called his name? We all call him ‘Ya Mustapha’ as a mark of respect because he is our husband’s first son. She just called him by his name without any form of respect”

Alhaji Abdul: “women, keep shut and allow me handle this, will you?”

When everywhere was quiet, Fatimah continued to talk.

Fatimah: “I..we…I was in the room when Jemila came in to taunt me that I will never give birth for you. I asked her to leave my room and the next thing, she started pushing me, it was during the quarrel that Mustapha came in to settle us” she said.

Jemila: “You are a terrible liar. Do you have to lie to cover up your sins?”

Alhaji Abdul: “so Mustapha has the guts to come into my wife’s room to see her while I am away? He will see the kind of father he has today” he got up.

Fatimah’s heart began to beat faster, wondering what kind of problem she had brought upon the innocent Mustapha.

Question: Hmmm…it is getting hotter. What does alhaji Alhaji Abdul intend to do to his son?

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  1. fatimah caused it all while must she confide in her husband son. why not the mother upon the first wife ask her to come to her when ever she is no difficulties rather she choose the son.

  2. Alhaji needs to be careful in his judgment, otherwise, he will be misled into destroying himself by listening to his jealous wife.

  3. Alhaji, u beta b careful with these Jemila and Shafa. Dey fit ruin ur life ooooooooo.
    Next episode please.

  4. Let him disown him now, woman rapper. A spineless man, he knows how to pack women like livestock but he doesn’t kn how to handle issues of women, he will soon die of heart attack.

  5. Alhaji is being irrational here did he not hear that Jemila went to Fatima’s room to cause trouble but he choose to ignore thats part and is only focusing on his son going to his Wife’s room hope he is n , woman wrapper

  6. Hmmmmmmmm, this Alhaji isn’t wise at all.
    I’m waiting to see what he’ll do.
    After claiming that only he and his first wife were truly loyal to him

  7. Alhaji and Fatima brought trouble problem upon themselves. One marrying more wives simply bcos he has money now while another married for money. I pity no one jare.

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