(Episode 17) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Alhaji was just about stepping out of the house when he saw Mustapha drive in. he stood at the door way as the boy drove in and pulled over at his usual parking space.

Mustapha got down from the car, got close to his father and greeted him respectfully.

The sigh t of him and how much he reminded him of his younger years melted alhaji’s heart. Mustapha was every inch like his father in physical appearance. He was his only child and the source of his father’s pride.

Mustapha: “this is unlike you, father. Why are you standing here when you should be in your room resting?” he asked his father.

Alhaji Abdul: “I was going to your apartment to see you”

Mustapha: “okay, let us go then” he said turning around.

Alhaji Abdul: “we can have the discussion here. Have I in any way treated you in a despicable manner in this house?”

“No” Mustapha answered wondering why his father was asking.

Alhaji Abdul: “have I ever denied you anything you have asked for as my first and only son?” he asked again.

Mustapha: “not at all father. As a matter of fact, you are the best father that anyone can ask for”

Alhaji Abdul: “why then do you have eyes for my younger wife? Don’t you know that it is unheard of in our religion and culture for a man and his son to have one woman?”

Mustapha: “father, I can never have eyes for your wife. I am not too young to know that it is an abomination”

Alhaji Abdul: “there is an accusation against you that you flirt with my wife behind my back” he started to say but trailed of because the words were heavy in his mouth.

Mustapha: “don’t tell me that you listen to the rants of women who are envious of Fatimah. Don’t bother your head, baba. I will never do such a thing” he assured his distressed father.

Alhaji Abdul: “I believe you and I give you the benefit of doubt” he patted his son on the back and turned into the house.

Jemila and Amina were eagerly waiting in the same room that alhaji had left them with Fatimah, they expected alhaji to return all angry and divorce Fatimah but when he came back, his face wore no expression, not even to the keenest observer.

Alhaji Abdul: “you all may leave now” he dismissed them.

Jemila: “what!” she exclaimed turning to look at Amina who was too shocked for words.

Amina: “alhaji, you mean we should go back to our apartments?” she asked for emphasis.

Alhaji Abdul: “yes, I wasn’t carrying water in my mouth when I said that”

Jemila: “but alhaji, what about this your adulterous wife? We have not finished…”

“get out!” he sparked and all the women ran out of the room.


Fatimah called her mother and narrated all that had happened to her. The woman listened with apt attention and then encouraged her daughter to try and make peace with the other women so that such a thing would not occur again. In her heart, the woman made up her mind to visit her the next day but she did not tell her since she could understand that her daughter was not happy with the way she was talking on phone. After the ended the call, mama Fatimah went back to her domestic chores while she waited anxiously for her husband to return so that she could inform him of her decision to visit their daughter.


Fatimah knocked on the door of Jemila’s room and entered. Jemila stood up from the bed as soon as she saw that it was Fatimah.

Jemila: “what are you looking for here?”

Fatimah: “I come in peace. I have come to apologize to you to forgive me in whatever way I may have offended you. Please can we just put an end to the animosity?”

Jemila: “you must be stupid. So long as you remain married to my husband, we will never be at peace” she said.

Fatimah: “trust me if I knew that things were going to turn out this way, I wouldn’t have married alhaji. But now that it has happened, please forgive me and accept me”

Jemila: “yes, it has happened but it can be undone. You can divorce him and then you and I will become best of friends” she advised.

Fatimah: “but alhaji has done nothing wrong and besides, I love him. That was why I agreed to marry him in the first place…”

“then keep your stupid apology to yourself and prepare for war because it is coming” she spewed.

Fatimah: “what?” she asked unable to believe her ears.

Jemila: “you heard me right. I said prepare for war because I will never allow you rest in this house. It is either you leave of your own accord or they take you out, mark my words. Now, get out of my room, bitch!”

Fatimah shook her head and left the room, wondering what Jemila meant by asking her to prepare for war. Suddenly, she had goose pimples all over her body and for the first time since she entered that house, she began to fear for her life.


Mama Fatimah got to the house and the security man allowed her in without questions. She walked into the main apartment and navigated her way to her daughter’s room. She knocked but there was no response. She waited for some minutes and knocked again but there was no response. She brought out her phone from her handbag and called her daughter’s number, she could hear it ring from inside the house.

“is Fatimah sleeping or something? Why is she not picking up?” she asked rhetorically.

After waiting a while, she pushed the door and it opened. She stepped in and saw that Fatimah’s television was on.

“where did this girl go that she left her door opened like this?” she thought.

Then she heard water running in the bathroom.

“oh, she is even in the bathroom bathing” she said and settled down on the soft sofa.

After a while, she called out to her daughter but there was no response. She tried to knock on the bathroom door but there was no response.

Mama Fatimah: “what kind of bath are you having like that? Can’t you at least answer me? I don’t know why you will not lock the door to your room when you are going to bath even though you know that there are enemies around you. I have always told you to be security conscious, this is a polygamous home” she went on with her rants.

When her daughter did not respond, she pushed the bathroom door opened and almost fell down because of the gory image that greeted her sight. There in the bath tub was her daughter in the pool of her own blood with a knife buried deeply into her stomach.

Mama Fatimah: “Wayo! Fatimah, who did this to you?” she screamed aloud.

Question: What is happening here? Who killed Fatimah? Could it be a case of suicide?

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  1. Alahaji is not a wise
    why can’t he put his family in order as the head of the family, he can’t say he doesn’t have an idea of what his wives are doing

  2. Chai,am beginning 2 feel 4 Fatima,I hope she doesn’t die.
    Itz really time 4 Fatima 2 wisen up nd deal wit dose fools dat call demselves wives of Alhaji.

  3. I still suspect HAJIY(the first wife) or Amina mustapha wife. She can’t commit a suicide. HAJIYA might be a green snake under a green Grass
    JAMILA is too troublesome yes, but I don’t think she can go to the length of killing FATIMAH. I just suspect HAJIYA OR AMINA.
    AMINA is a spoilt child from a rich family so there is every tendencies that she might be capable of such act.
    I suspect AMINA 90percent and HAJIYA 10percent.
    As for JAMILA dogs that barks don’t bite.
    BUT I hope and believe that FATIMAH is not yet dead.


  4. I hope it’s a dream o pls adelove, fatimah shouldn’t die just like that. Not her. I don’t think is jemila or suicide case

  5. Or more over this Is just a dream from FATIMAH’s MOTHER ADELOVE can be laga this laga that sometimes….(winks)


  6. this story is becoming disjointed, what happened tithe good she left unatttended to…..you guys just skipped to a year afterwards. Now there is a suicide or murder scene which doesn’t relate to the former activities

  7. Hummmmmmmm!!!!. It is a dream o…
    But this Alhaji suppose to put his house in order everything is not money o..I believe he knew what Fatimah is passing through with her co-wife’s..Hummmmmmmm!!! O ga o.serious Fuji house of commotion.

  8. I also suspect Hajiya n Alhaji too… Alhaji might heard what Mustapha said bt didnt bliv him! Out of anger, fatima was made the sacrificial lamb… Or just a dream on her mother’s side! Bt whatever it is, we wud see in d nxt episode

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