(Episode 18) A House Of Commotion… The Favourite Wife’s Lot!

Mama Fatimah screamed and jumped up with fright.

“oh, it was a dream” Allah be praised, she said getting up from the bed. She grabbed her plastic kettle, went for ablution and then prayed, asking Allah to protect her daughter from all household enemies.

When she finished praying, she went to her husband’s room and found him there.

“he must have returned while I was sleeping” She thought.

Mama Fatimah: “good afternoon, maigida” She said to him.

Her husband answered and she took her seat beside him.

Mama Fatimah: “I want to seek your permission to go and see my daughter” She said to him.

Baba Fatimah: “permission denied” He said plainly and went back to the Islamic literature he was reading.

Mama Fatimah: “maigida, please allow me go and see her, I have my reasons” She pleaded with him.

Baba Fatimah: “women always have their reasons for any irrational thing they do. Your daughter is in her husband’s house, allow her stay there in peace after all that is what she has always wanted”

Mama Fatimah: “peace? Did I hear you say peace? How can she live in peace when she is in the midst of wolves? Earlier she called me and was crying on phone because of all that her co-wives have been doing to her. Where is the peace in that kind of a situation?”

Baba Fatimah: “I warned her, didn’t I? But she told me that the other wives were very nice and accommodating. She brought this upon herself” He said.

“that is not enough reason why we should abandon her to die there o. She is my daughter and I know what I went through to bring her into this world” the woman said.

Baba Fatimah: “death?  Who is talking about death?”

Mama Fatimah: “I am the one o, I am the one”.

“Now, what has death got to do with the matter we are discussing? Women would never seize to amaze me”

Mama Fatimah: “Why won’t I talk about death when I dreamt of my daughter stabbed to death in a pool of her own blood?”

Baba Fatimah shook his head and smiled.

Baba Fatimah: “ha, women! So, because you want to do and visit your daughter, that is enough reason for you to cook up stories? Anyway, I insist that you are not going anywhere. I may be poor but I am not foolish. Your daughter’s husband had the guts to tell your daughter to tell us to inform him before coming to his house and yet you still want to go there.  I have already promised myself that I will never step my feet in that house, not for anything in the world. If Fatimah wants to see me, she knows the road to this place”

Mama Fatimah: “Don’t do this maigida, please”

Baba Fatimah: “Woman, go and get me my food, this discussion is over” He said.

Mama Fatimah knew that there was nothing she could do to get him to change his mind and so she resolved to speak with get daughter on the phone.


Fatimah convinced Alhaji to go with her for medical checkups and after a while, he gave in.  They went to different hospitals that Alhaji knew and the couple were certified medically fit to have children. The doctors advised them to be more patient and make love more frequently, taking note of her ovulation period.

In the car, Fatimah decided to engage Alhaji in a discussion.

Fatimah: “Alhaji, the doctors said we are medically fit to have children, is been more than one year since we got married and yet I am still not pregnant. Apart from that, the other women who have been with you longer than I are also not pregnant. Don’t you think something is wrong somewhere?” She asked.

Alhaji Abdul: “something like what?”

Fatimah: “probably someone has spiritually tied the wombs of your wives. You know that human beings can be very wicked”

Alhaji Abdul: “If it is so, how comes my first wife has a child for me”

Fatimah paused for a while, taken aback by his question.

Fatimah: “Maybe the person did it after she had Mustapha and that is why she has not been able to have another child after him”

Alhaji Abdul: “Listen, you worry yourself over nothing. Didn’t you hear what the doctor said? You need to relax if you want to get pregnant”

Fatimah: “But Alhaji, can’t we go and see an Imam or Mallam so that he can pray for us and find out if there is any supernatural reason why you can’t have children?  I mean since you are medically fit, why haven’t you been able to impregnate us?”

Alhaji Abdul: “Now you are beginning get on my nerves. I said we will have children when Allah wants and that is final.  If you think you will drag me to any man of God in search of solutions then you don’t know the husband you married. I am the man here and I am not worried about your inability to conceive, I see no reason why you should be”

Fatimah: “But…”

“Hold it” He said.

She swallowed hard and remained quiet all through the drive home.


The next day was her turn to spend the night with her husband and she was excited as she awaited the night.

After dinner, she had her bath and went into his room where he was already in bed.

Alhaji couldn’t help but notice the glow in her countenance.

Alhaji: “You are cheerful and that is impressive”

Fatimah: “Yes, Alhaji. I found the solution to our problem”.

Alhaji: “Which problem?”

“I mean your, no, our childlessness”

Alhaji turned away but she went to him.

“I am not asking you to follow me to any hospital or to see any spiritualist. All I want us to do is to go to an orphanage far away and adopt a few weeks old baby. That way we can raise him or her as our own. In fact, outsiders will not know that he or she is not our biological child”

Alhaji Abdul: “I will never do such a thing.  Fatimah, what is this obsession with having babies? Of all my wives, you are the only one who wouldn’t allow me rest with this baby thing.  Don’t go and bring another man’s child and give me o, you have been warned”

He turned around and fell asleep but woke up in the middle of the night and made fierce love to her. That night, he gave her the pounding of her life. She enjoyed every bit of it because she was already used to his poundings.

Question:  Alhaji is behaving in a suspicious manner….could it be that he Is hiding something from his wives?

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  1. As we dig deeper we will discover the kind of person Alhaji is. Maybe there is a part of him we have not yet seen.


  2. Either alhaji, his ist wife or both, knew d root behind his wealth n childlessness. ‘The favourite wife’s lot’, still thinking……

  3. Fatimah will have 2enjoy evry bit of it,cos she refuse 2listen 2d wise elder…. I’m sure Alhaji is aware of his disabilities. Well-done Adelove

  4. Alhaji is a ritualist and his first wife is aware…I said this in the beginning of this story….He choose wealth over children..He joined the cult after the birth of Mustapha..

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