(Episode 14) Deaths In The Cathedral: A Tale Of Evil And Its Price!

As Sergeant Rufus and his colleague, unearthed the body from the shallow grave, the whole environment was engulfed in a foul smell. They placed a call to the station for notification and an ambulance service was reached to convey the body to the morgue for an autopsy.

Sergeant Kuku: “this is disastrous. Who could have done this?” He asked rhetorically, shaking his head with arms akimbo.

Sergeant Rufus: “I smell a rat. Who knows those guys are the ones behind this diabolical act?” He guessed, looking sad.

Sergeant Kuku: “Did you mean the last operation we went for, those cultists?’ he asked looking at his colleague. Sergeant Rufus nodded in agreement to what he had said. Shortly, thereafter, an ambulance arrived at the place of incident with another group of police officers. The body was conveyed to the morgue, while the neighbours were asked few questions.


The Dean of the Cathedral conducted the reading of the Nicene’s creed after the lay reader had read the day’s bible passage. Few announcements were made afterwards. The People’s warden addressed the congregation over topical issues in the diocese, and other things that matter.

Mr Bodunde: “I greet us all in name of our Lord Christ Jesus. And I wish us all a blissful week ahead”. He said as he adjusted his robe, flipping the book before him with one hand. “We all know what we have been encountering in the Cathedral for some time now: Deaths of members almost every week.” The congregation murmured at the mention of this. “As a result of that, the Dean met with the Bishop, and he said we all should pray in our various homes for the church of God. Also, there will be devotion every morning at six o’clock every week day. We shall be praying for the church and other concerned people. I would like to remind us all that Christmas is around the corner, and we all know what we do during the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus, therefore, let us all prepare ahead of time, as we shall celebrate this year’s Christmas in peace and not in pieces”. The congregation chorused: “AMEN!”  Other announcements shall be made before the end of service today”. He rounded up the announcements.

Half an hour later, the service was rounded up and congregation dismissed. Mrs Mate, went to meet the Dean’s wife to have a chat with her, outside the church as she spoke with one of the members of the women’s guild.

Mrs Mate: “Happy Sunday, Mama Yard” she greeted the Dean’s wife, as it is customary of the Orthodox Churches among the Yorubas to call the vicar’s wife by that name.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “oh, Mama. Good afternoon Ma! Happy Sunday to you too”. She replied her greeting. “How is the family?” She asked, bowing her head.

Mrs Mate: “We thank God ma!” She replied, smiling.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “oh, Glory!” she replied, waving her hands in the air.

Mrs Mate: “I would like to tell you that my son, Kunle will be in Nigeria for Christmas, alongside his fiancée”. She said, grinning.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “oh, that is nice. I pray for his safe arrival in Jesus name”. She prayed. “I have a meeting with someone to attend now. We shall talk later ma! Greetings to family”. She said, and they both parted ways.


It was yet another Saturday, and Christmas was knocking, the fraternity rescheduled their meeting to December 11, 1999, two weeks to Christmas to discuss crucial matters in the fraternity. They all maintained a standing position after their procession into the room. The atmosphere was somewhat calm, no tension, every member was at ease as the Chief Priest addressed the fraternity members.

Chief Priest: “you are welcome to the meeting today. I decided to reschedule the meeting to today, as we all know there is festivity in the air. And I want every one of us to spend enough time with families and friends during the festive periods. Therefore, I implore us all to redeem our necessary pledges at the due time. And this has to be done before two weeks’ time”. He said calmly.

Member One: “okay, I believe we all heard what Alapini said. And I believe the gods shall help us to always redeem our pledges, and we shall not default”. He prayed, clapping his palms. And the other members chorused: “Aaaaseeee!”. They discussed other important topics, and called the day’s meeting a day.


The Vice Chancellor was in his office on bright Monday afternoon, he tuned his television set to watch the midday news.

Dr Ijimere: “agh!” He exclaimed as the news caster read the headlines, and he heard the news of Inspector Mustaph’s death. “agh, shangba fo! Awon omode yii, ti gungi re’koja ewe. Wón ti já’lé agbón (Alas! These kids have kicked the hornet’s nest). What next? What next?” He soliloquised, pacing his office. He was at crossroads, and completely disturbed by the consequences that would follow the guys’ criminal deeds. He left his office almost immediately, entered his car and zoomed off to go see Don at their usual venue. The driver and secretary in the office wondered what could be wrong with the Vice Chancellor that made him zoom out of the office unannounced. They looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

Few minutes, Don and the Vice Chancellor met at their usual spot to avoid prying eyes.

Dr Ijimere: “have you guys gone insane or what demon has taken over you, that you think you can do anything and anyhow?” he asked him with fury.

Don: “sir, I am sorry. You are yet to tell me what I did. All I see is fury from you, which I cannot even understand”. He asked looking a bit confused.

Dr Ijimere: ‘I beg your pardon. Do not play dumb with me, boy”. He said looking angry.

Don: ‘sir, I am being honest with you. I have no idea of what your fury is about”. He said, touching his chest.

Dr Ijimere: ‘what did you do to the Inspector?” he asked looking at him irritatingly with the corner of his eyes.

Don: “oh, the Inspector?” he asked casually

Dr Ijimere: “yes, the inspector!” he snapped at him.

Don: “I asked the boys to teach him an unforgettable lesson he himself will not live to tell the tales”. He said, looking away from the VC.

Dr Ijimere: “how dare you!” he yelled at him, landing a hot slap on his cheek. “How dare you did that? Who gave you the audacity to do that?” he asked him, squinting under his round shaped framed spectacles.

Don: “you people are just blaming me for taking this decision. He wasted one of my boys. None of you said anything about it, and now I passed my verdict, you are here ranting”. He said, as he rubbed his cheek.

Dr Ijimere: “you seem to have gone insane. And you know what? I will not stand here and exchange words with a lunatic like you. But I want you to know that you and your boys shall pay for what you did. None of you will go unpunished for what you have done. And be ready for the police hunt. Peace is far from you henceforth”. He said, pointing his index finger at him as he stood up to leave.

Don: ‘we are all in this together. I have no peace, you shall have no peace either. You cannot threaten me and my boys”. He replied as the VC left him at the venue.

Question: Will the Commissioner act just as he had threatened?

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  1. The Commisioner & the VC are going to bring themselves down with their blind fury, I doubt if truly Inspector Mustaph is dead

  2. why will the Inspector not die, like some of the comments I am seeing above? whose remains was found behind the Inspector’s compound?The inspector is dead.

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