(Episode 23) Deaths In The Cathedral: A Tale Of Evil And Its Price!

Few weeks after Comfort’s demise, the Church was thrown into total confusion. There was no headway in the police investigation of the dean’s case. The leaders in church met with the dean’s wife over the case.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “good afternoon, you can come in”. She returned the visitors’ greeting calmly, looking so emaciated and downcast. Her eyes were sunken in their sockets as though they would drown into her skull.

Mr Bodunde: “E pele ma!” he greeted, nodding his head in a pitiful manner.

Mrs Bamgbose: “hmmmm, mama. You have to take heart and be strong. This is our trying time and the race and battle is not for us. We will continue to pray to God to save our father. And I believe very soon, the truth shall be known. Truth shall definitely prevail.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “hmmmm, thank you ma. How are the children?” she replied faintly. Looking downward.

Mrs Bamgbose: “they are all fine. We give Glory to God. And the diocesan vicars’ wives extend their greetings to you. They said you should be strong that things will work out well for your family”.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “yes, send my thanks to them. Mrs Popoola called me few days ago. I appreciate all your moral supports and prayers so far. The Lord shall not throw your family into trials like this o, hihih”. She replied, weeping.

Mrs Bamgbose: “haba, you shouldn’t be doing this. Be strong Ma!” She pacified her, holding her shoulders.

Canon Bamgbose: “I was at the station yesterday, thank God they allowed me to see the dean. So, we will be getting a lawyer to defend him as you know ma. And he said I should tell you to be strong that all is well. He said, he did not like the way you showed some emotions during your last visit to him. He also asked of Esther” he relayed the message looking in Mrs Ikukoyi’s direction.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “hmmm, Esther is fine. Thank you! I am even thinking of going to see him, but I am not feeling too okay. That is why I have not gone to visit him”. She replied.

Mr Bodunde: ‘okay, we just said we should come and check on you and see how you are faring” he said, sitting at the edge of the chair.

Canon Bamgbose: “okay, let us pray!” he said, as he stood and they all stood up.


The Vice Chancellor was with Dragon, the head of the notorious gang on campus.

Dr Ijimere: “hello! I called you for an assignment”. He said, looking serious.

Dragon: “what assignment is that?” he asked indifferently.

Dr Ijimere: “are you not willing to talk to me?  Because I can see you are looking somehow”.  He asked Dragon, smiling back at him.

Dragon: “I thought you have forgotten us and that you are no longer with us, since Don died”. He asked, looking away to avoid eye contact with the Vice Chancellor.

Dr Ijimere: “aghn, aghn, it is not what you think. You guys know how much you mean to us. We cannot forget you people just like that now”. He said.

Dragon: “hahahhaha. I see. A way of cajoling me, I guess? I know if you don’t have any assignment for us you won’t call me. You only remember us when you need us”

Dr Ijimere: “not what you think boy. You and your boys are always remembered. It is just that you distance yourself away from us”. He said, patting Dragon at his back and smiling.

Dragon: “okay, can we go straight to business now sir?’

Dr Ijimere: “yes, now you are talking. The Commissioner needs…” he paused, looking around suspiciously. “Okay, come closer”. He said, whispering into Dragon’s ear. However, Dragon revolted to what the Vice Chancellor said.

Dragon: “hmm, no no no. how do I get that?” he said, nodding in disagreement to what the Vice Chancellor said.

Dr Ijimere: “it is not a difficult thing boy. This is why I like Don. He would never say no.”

Dragon: ‘that was Don. This is Dragon. He said, gesticulating. “How do you expect me to get two young female virgins?’ he asked, looking confused.

Dr Ijimere: “that is not difficult to get. You guys are smart and bold now. So, you should know the tactics to use”. He said, waving his fingers at Dragon. “I believe you can. It is not a difficult task”. He said.

Dragon: “okay, that means the charge will be higher”. He replied, smiling.

Dr Ijimere: ‘that is my boy! That is what I want to hear from you. You don’t worry about the charge, just get us what we want and you will see how we will surprise you”. He said, patting his back and grinning.

Dragon: “when do you need them?” he asked looking up.

Dr Ijimere: “tomorrow! Unfailingly tomorrow. It is very urgent”. He replied, pointing his fingers downwards.

Dragon: “okay, consider it done”. He replied, standing up to leave.


The following day the guys were set to work, hunting young female virgins.

John: “this is becoming harder and tiresome. We have been standing here since morning and we have not been able to get any. All our efforts are just wasting. I am becoming tired jare”. He said, stamping his feet on the ground.

Dragon: “cool down, we will soon see”. He said, to encourage John.

John: “agh, It is getting late now, and it is only one we have seen”. He complained as he checked the time on the watch on his wrist. Shortly, afterwards, they succeeded with their diabolical acts.

Dragon: ‘you see. I told you to be patient that we will always find someone. This is where I and Don used to come during his lifetime to hunt”. He said as John packed the corpse of a teenage girl who was stranded into a sack on a bush path.

John: “you know you people have been doing this for long. I am new in the game”. He replied, panting after dropping the body in the car boot.

Dragon: “o ya, let’s go. Enter the car”. John entered the vehicle and Dragon drove off.  They had driven few metres when they were stopped by the police at the check point.

John: “wait, are those not police?” he asked Dragon, as he spotted the police afar from the car.

Dragon: “hmmm calm down jor. No be dem boss send us, message and me and Don dey settle dem before so no cause for alarm. You don change o guy. You no dey fear before o. What happened to you now? Why are you fidgeting? Má gbón. No shaking!” he said to calm John’s nerves. The Police officer on the road asked them to pull over.

Police Officer: “o ya, park”. He ordered Dragon waving his torch at the car”.

Dragon: “oga, na us your guys. Good evening!” he greeted waving his hand from the car.

Police Officer: “who you be? I no know you o. come down”.  He said, standing by the car.

John: “hmmm, are you sure these people will not arrest us” he asked Dragon, looking around suspiciously.

Dragon: “the way you are fidgeting sef, will make them suspect us”. He spoke quietly.

Police Officer: “you people deaf? I say make you come down” he shouted at them, as he was already getting impatient.

Dragon: “oga I dey come. You sit in the car and let me handle the situation” he said, to John whose heart was in his mouth.

John: “okay” he replied, looking back and forth in the car.

Police Officer: “where are your documents?”

Dragon: “see, oga, we rush commot for house this morning when we dey travel. So we no remember carry the documents”. He replied, tucking his right hand in his back pocket.

Police Officer: “what are you trying to do?” he asked Dragon, nodding his head. “Stop there, you wan gimme money? I ask for money from you?’ he asked, feeling irritated.

Dragon: “oga, no be like that o. I just wan appreciate una effort”. He said.

Police Officer: “thank you. That will be after my duty. Come and open your boot for me to see”. He ordered him, pointing his torch to the direction of the car boot.

Dragon: “nothing dey inside. We dey come from somewhere”. He said, feeling restless.

Police officer: ‘see I no get time to waste. Come open your boot for me to check”. He said, flashing the torchlight at the boot.

John: “agh, we are done for today”. He said while in the car, putting his two hands on his head. His reaction, however, caught the attention of the second police officer who had been observing them from afar.

Second Officer: “hello!” he said to John, peeping into the car through the rear door.

John: “yes, good evening sir!” he replied as the second officer moved close to the boot as well.

First Officer: “open this thing, young man!” he spoke angrily.

Dragon: ‘oga I go open am nah. I don dey open the boot”. He replied as he fumbled with the bootjack. He slid the boot opened and John ran of the vehicle into the bush. However, the second officer was as fast as the speed of light. He shoved his colleague from his way and ran after John.  He took a pistol and pulled the trigger. In the twinkle of an eye, John was down.

At the sound of the gunshot another car was stopped by the police officers after the bodies had been discovered in the car boot.

Second Officer: ‘hey, officer stop that car!” he ordered angrily. Pointing his hands to the direction of the moving car.

First Officer: “okay. o ya stop there, park” he directed the driver of the car. The driver of the car pulled over and without wasting time the Police officer checked the boot. He called on his colleague. “hmmm, agh!” he exclaimed.

Question: “Dragon has been caught and John has been shot, what happens to the commissioner and the Vice Chancellor? And what did the officer see again, in whose car?

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  1. Commissioner and VC will try to buy their way! And the other car… Can’t guess ooo, this is becoming more interesting!

  2. God have mercy upon, this is how people are being slaughtered for evil purposes. A wiked souls shall never go unpunished.

  3. Commissioner nd Vice chancellor will bribe dem way out,nd I tink its anoda dead body dat was found in d vicar’s car.

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