(Episode 3) Heart Of Gold… A Tale Of Love And Betrayal

Declan ran after his wife into the bedroom, pleading with her.

Declan: “please understand with me. I already told you that my father has done more than enough for me. This is the little I can do to appreciate him”

Stacey: “oh don’t tell me that. There is nothing strange about what he did to you. He is your father and it is his responsibility to train you. These are the things that fathers do for their children so don’t even use it as an excuse” she said.

Declan: “I know but I already agreed and it would break his heart for me to go and say that I would not give him again”

Stacey: “well, at this juncture you have to chose between you wife, whom you swore to love and cherish on the altar and you father who has enjoyed his own life and who doesn’t want you to enjoy your own because there is no way I would sit and watch you make me a widow before my time” she said.

Declan: “But we didn’t leave you out of the whole thing. Remember that my father helped you to secure an Indian visa some months ago…” he started to say before his wife interrupted him.

Stacey: “yes, he got an Indian visa for me because you said we would travel to India after our wedding for sightseeing, not to give out your kidney” she interjected.

Declan: “well, he got you the visa because you would need to go with us and take care of me after the transplant because the hospital said I would have to remain on bed rest for 3 months before I return to Nigeria”

Stacey: “no, this is so unimaginable, I can’t believe that you connived with your people to deceive me. This is not marriage, it is a sham!” she said and began to weep loudly.

Declan: “I am sorry, baby. I promise that we would go through this together, the doctors have certified that my kidneys are in perfect condition and giving my father one would not affect me in any way. Believe me” he assured her.

“oh don’t tell me that. This is a medical procedure that you have never undergone before and there could be complications along the way, that is why you need to remain on the hospital bed for three months for close examination” she said wiping her tears.

Declan: “but…”

Stacey: “no buts, I don’t want to hear any more explanation from you. Do you love me?” she asked looking into his eyes.

Declan: “are you asking me that? You know that I love you even more than my life. You are my everything and I love you dearly” he said tenderly.

Stacey: “I…” she started to say but Declan grabbed and began to kiss her.

“shhh..don’t say a word” he said and began to kiss her passionately.

If there was one thing she could not resist, it was the feeling of his hot lips over her own. He took all of her lips in his own and began to kiss her passionately, using his tongue to devour the interior of her tongue.

It was an ecstatic feeling and soon her legs began to quiver as he intensified the intensity of the kiss, extending it to her nose, her cheek and her ears.

Carefully, he lay her on the bed and continued kissing her, she had her hands all over him, brushing through his neat and well trimmed hair sending sensational feelings down his spine.

His hands moved down to her chest and in one swift move, her bra flew to the ground and he took her firm breast in his arms, caressing and rubbing his palms against her hard nipples. A gentle moan escaped her mouth as he brought his lips to her nipples. The room was cold and her nipples were hard, his favourite situation. He rolled his wet tongue over her nipples and played with her belly button simultaneously. She was in cloud nine as he sucked one nipple after the other, and caressed her soft body with his hands. She urged him closer by wrapping her arms around him and drawing imaginary lines on his back. Soon, she reached for his belt and undid the buckle. He helped her remove his trousers and she dipped her hand in his boxers and took her manhood in her palms. Charged with adreanaline that surged through his manhood, he inserted one of his fingers into her honey pot and began to finger her. on reflex, she opened her legs wider and he inserted another finger, sending her wild with bliss.

“come in” she said and pushed his fully erected manhood into her already wet and slippery honey pot.

He accepted the offer and eased his way into her gently and then gathering momentum as his urge dictated.

That night he made love to her, caressing and worshiping her body with his tongue and fingers and pounding her gently and then furiously as she desired.

It was a fusion of their souls together while they made passionate love for what they had transcended mere sex. Soon he emptied his seeds deeply into her and they fell asleep almost immediately forgetting the troublesome times that was lurking around the corner and waiting for the right time to strike.


The university clinic did their best to stabilize Frank who had suffered from severe shock as a result of the sudden contact his head had with the wall. When his condition was a bit stable, the medical transfer transferred him to the state capital to another hospital for further treatment and scanning to determine if there was any internal injury and bleeding in his head.

His childhood friend and roommate went through it all with him wondering what had happened to his friend while he was away.

He had tried to call Liza whom everyone knew on campus as Franks’ girlfriend to inform her that Frank was in a critical condition in the hospital. Liza had thanked him for taking care of her boyfriend but she had informed them that she couldn’t visit the hospital because she was busy preparing for a presentation that weekend. For the two weeks that Frank stayed in the hospital, he had expected to see Liza visit him all to no avail. On the day he was discharged, he asked his friend if he had informed Liza of what had happened to him.

Frank: “Sas, did you call Liza to inform her that I was on admission?” he asked sitting up on the bed, careful not to move his head for he was still feeling some pains.

Sas: “I called her as soon as we got to the university’s clinic. I had expected her to come immediately but she informed me that she could not visit you because she had some seminars and presentations to prepare for” he said.

Frank: “seminars and presentations are enough reason why she didn’t visit me all these two weeks?” he asked rhetorically as his mind went back to how she had pushed him to the wall before he passed out.

Sas: “that girl is something else. In fact, I don’t understand her at all. I will advise that you take your mind off her for now since the doctor said you shouldn’t think too much. But tell me, what exactly happened to you? The doctor said you had a collision with a hard surface and that was why you passed out. Did you fight with someone or something?” he asked searching his friend’s eyes.

Frank: “honestly, I cannot remember anything that happened” he lied, all in a bid to protect Liza whom he loved so much.

Sas: “hmmn”, he sighed and began to help his friend pack up the things they had used in the hospital.


Stacey woke her husband up at the middle of the night with a gentle tap.

Stacey: “Declan, do you really love me?” she asked when he was fully awake.

Declan: “of course love, I love you more than anything in the world” he assured her.

Stacey: “then prove it by going to your family house and informing them that you can no longer give your father one of your kidneys” she said.

Declan: “what!” he said sitting up as if he had been sitting on a pin all the while.

Question: The stage is set for some family confrontations. If you were Declan, would you do as your wife said to prove your love for her? Will Frank forgive Liza and continue the relationship?

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    • which unreasonable, it is Declan dat is getting it wrong.His Father is old n should nt be afraid of death.His father suppose prepare for his death by arranging his family nt to cut his Son life jst bicos of his selfishness

  1. Stacey is not a wife material if she still insist that her husband should not donate his kidney to his father. and for Frank, he should better forget about Liza.

  2. I even tot declan has already donated d kidney b4 d wedding. As for me, I won’t agree that easily o, is too risky nah. Frank will forgive Liza n move on wit her cus he loves her dearly which is not worth it.

  3. Declan should go ahead and do the needful. Forgiving Liza may be difficult for Frank but he will because he truly loves her

  4. But honestly, people can be daft. What else is a 60 years old man looking for. He is rich and his children are all grown up. Why does he want to distort the future of the young ones? If it me, I won’t allow my husband to do that.

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