(Episode 8) Heart Of Gold… A Tale Of Love And Betrayal

Declan: “you are here for what? You were about saying something, father” he said.

Mr Ogar: “get me water first, I am running out of breadth” he said.

His wife ran in and brought bottled water for him. After drinking and resting for few minutes, he resumed his talk.

Mr Ogar: “I am here to stay for some weeks. I needed a change of environment from my house and I do not want to travel abroad now since you don’t want to give me the kidney anymore”

Declan chuckled and resisted the temptation to tell his father that he was sounding very childish.

Declan: “oh really, you are welcome to stay for as long as you want. My house is your house, dad” he said.

Stacey looked at him but regained her charm immediately.

“Let me get your room ready, dad” she said and took the bag containing his clothes upstairs.


Liz and her friend tried to scream but the guys held them tight and covered their lips with their hands, stifling the scream down their throat. The guys had bright torch lights in their hands and they had it fixed on the faces of the girls. The place was dark and with the reflection of the bright torches on their faces coupled with the masks the guys had on, they could not even make out the physique of their assaulters.

To ensure that their voices did not give them away, the guys had contacted another guy from another institution to join them. He was the one to do the talking since his voice was neutral and unfamiliar so as not to raise any suspicion.

Guy: “see, we do not intend to harm you girls but if you push us, we will. Now lie on your backs quietly and open your legs for us. We will be done in few minutes and allow you go but if you push us, we will take it violently and hurt you in the process. Do you understand?”

Liz: “please don’t do this, I am a virgin please don’t hurt me” she cried, shivering from fear.

Franks’ conscience began to prick him when he heard her voice and he thought of retreating but for what his friends would think.

Guy: “shhh…” shut up and lie down now!” he said flashing the toy gun at the girls.

They remained adamant and he pulled them down.

Frank as planned moved closer to Liz and parted her legs but she grabbed his shirt and pushed him away and got up and took to her heels.

The other guys ran after her and caught her and brought her back. This time around, they forced her legs apart and held her hands as Frank made his way into her.

She was tight and so he had to force his way into her.

She let out a loud shrill as his manhood pieced through her hymen. Frank shrank and almost withdrew but the pleasures of her insides held him in. After thrusting for few minutes, he poured his seeds inside her and withdrew. His friends released her and they ran away, leaving the two girls in pain.

Liz’ friend who had watched in horror as her friend was raped heaved a sigh of relief when the other guys whom she had thought would rape her ran away without touching her. She ran to her friend who was crying on the floor, with her virginity blood all around her.

Ann: “Are you okay? Oh my God look at what these guys did to you. I am so sorry” she said helping her up.

Liz: “what did I do to deserve this? I was preserving my virginity for my husband, look what has happened to me now. What do I tell Frank, he asked me for sex several times and I denied him, now see”

Ann: “Common girl, stop thinking about Frank. You have to think of yourself now because you are the one who was raped. We have to go to the university clinic and then make a police report” she said.

“No, take me home. I don’t want to go to the hospital or the police station” Liz said.

“Why?” her friend asked in shock.

Liz: “I cannot stand the shame and stigmatization associated with rape victims. Besides, I have to talk to my boyfriend first before taking any step” she said.

Ann: “Are you sure about this? I mean what can your boyfriend…” she started to say before her friend interrupted.

Liz: “just take me home before they come back her for another round” she scream, phlegm finding its way from her nose into her mouth.

Feeling lost and alone

Her friend obeyed and helped her walk slowly home. When they got home, she helped her boil water and Liz had a thorough bath. She came out, picked her phone and dialed Franks’ number.


After the incidence, Frank and his friends returned to his house after they had discarded the mask they wore for the rape.

At home, his friends shook him and congratulated him.

Sas: “my friend, you are the main man guy” he said giving him a thumb up.

Tam: “which kind yeye main ma, if not that we held her tight, she would have removed his mask and only God knows where we all would have been by now. Did you see the way his hands were shaking when he was removing her pants? As if he is afraid of touching his own girlfriend” he chuckled.

Frank: “mehn, it was not easy guys. If not for you all, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. I have only one regret though” he said sadly.

Sas: “what is that again?”

Frank: “she was a virgin after all. I was the one who deflowered her. There was no need for me to do it because she was telling me the truth about her virginity” he said.

Tam: “Abegi, allow us hear word. As if you didn’t enjoy it while you were doing it.  Don’t you know that I saw the way you were doing it and having fun? Anyway, now that we are done with this, I need to go back home. I got some actions tonight with my girlfriend” he said rubbing his palms together.

Frank: “no, not yet. I have some alcoholic drinks in the fridge. Let us drink, I need to get drunk to get what I have just done off my mind” he said and they sat down while he opened the fridge.

Liz wondered why he was not picking her calls on a night when she needed him most and so she decided to go to his house irrespective of the pain she was feeling in between her legs. Her friend tried to stop her but she refused.

Liz: “I have to see him now. It is either you come with me to his house or you stay back here and wait for me to return” she said and stormed out of the house.

Her friend, seeing how serious she was decided to follow her since it was late, for she was afraid of Liz falling into bad hands again.

Question: Ghen-ghen! This one a serious gobe. What will Liz do when she meets Frank and the guys? Will she recognize them as the people that assaulted her?

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  1. I think she will get a glimpse of their Convo, and its likely she recognize den. I pray she did, d earlier d best.

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