(Episode 2) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 2) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

The sky was cloudy with unshed tears and unloosed thunder as she drove to her family house. People cast her admiring looks laden with both jealousy and envy but she didn’t care. She greeted those who greeted her and ignored the haughty ones. She was not in their level and she had no intention of stooping to their level. Her Lexus Jeep; the one her husband had gifted her on the night of their wedding went through a rigorous time trying to avoid the numerous potholes on the untared road. She was worried something would have gotten spoilt judging from how much such potholes she winded up in as she moved on. Little children ran after her car as soon as she turned into the road leading to their own community. They sang after her car, somersaulting along and making Merry as if they had all won a jackpot at once.

Her mother ran out, followed by her younger sister, Amaka who was already in ss2 and preparing for her O’level exams already.

Pamela’s Mum: “My daughter is here o, come and see my dazzling doctor daughter o. My pride and my life” she went to driver’s side and embraced her daughter immediately she had managed to open the door amidst the children who hovered around her like vultures waiting for their dying prey to take its last breath.

Amaka: “Welcome aunty Odinaka. I have missed you” she hugged her big sister proudly. Eyeing some of her friends who had gathered around too.

Odinaka: “It has not even been up to a month I left. So what is there to miss? Come let’s go inside” she led her mum and younger one inside with their hands on one another’s shoulders.

Pamela’s Mum: “Amaka go and prepare something for her to eat immediately. You look so hungry my daughter, have you not been eating well in that house?” She asked scrutinizing her daughter from head to toe.

Odinaka: “I who is watching weight? No o, this is the way I want to be. I must look healthy otherwise how do I advise my patients to live a healthy life too?”

Pamela’s Mum: “Okay o, doctor. So what brought ypu here so fast? Don’t tell me ypu miss home already?”

Odinaka: “mum you know I promised to get you out of this village?”. She went straight to the point and narrated to her mum what transpired between she and her husband the previous day without leaving anything unsaid. Her mum was stunned beyond words.

Pamela’s Mum: ” Odinaka! I can’t believe you are the one saying all these right now. Have you forgotten everything this man did for you? He was the one who trained you to become what you are today so how can you choose me over him? I am not going to any city. Don’t forget I never really wanted to leave my husband’s house behind. And your house is just a stone throw from here so what is the quarels about city all about? Get it out of your head, I will stay here in the village. Nothing can make me do otherwise. Go home now and make peace with your husband, tell him you I’ll do whatever he wants aftrall he is your god here on earth.

I don’t want to hear any complaints from you ever again. Don’t put me through shame the way your elder sister did. I will not take it. Do you understand?” she stood hand akimbo, jeering at her daughter.

Odinaka: “He must have consulted his fetish father to turn you against me mum. I shall not have any man do to me what Ikenna did to my sister, if he tries it, I will destroy him first. What crude cruelty is that?”

Pamela’s mum: “Hei! This girl has been bewitched. But you were not like this before Odi, what has happened to you? My daughter didn’t you hear all I just said?” Her voice went from angry to pleading.

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Odinaka: “I shall run no village hospital with him. I want out of here and I shall get out if that is what you all want. I will leave whether you come with me or not” her defiance shook her mum to the core of her being. She slumped back to the cushion and with her hands on head began to cry.

Pamela’s Mum: “Hei I am done for! This is how Pamela started too o, the craze to leave the village. God what offence have I committed that you have refused to forgive me for? Don’t let me go through this shame yet again” she lamented loudly.

She looked at her mum whose lamentations were doing nothing but getting on her nerves and let out a long hiss of annoyance.


Ndubuisi went about this daily routines in the hospital, expecting that his wife would come to and later change her mind but of course she remained adamantly at home, doing nothing but sleeping and waking up without even cooking his meals. She was trying to put up some fight he didn’t seem to understand its purpose. She wouldn’t let him touch her either. If not for the love he had for her, he would have raped her over and over again in the last few weeks. She was expected to be called for housemanship soon but he knew better than letting her go. That would be the end of her going back to the village- he could see the resolution in her, the unspoken words behind her actions and the determinations in her gait. He was worried for his marriage.


Shielded by darkness, she crawled out of her hut bearing a black calabash in her hand with its content spilling to her toes as she tip-toed to back of her hut where she knew no one was going to stray to not even while under the influence of sleep. She dropped the calabash on the floor, retied her wrapper loosely around her and began to walk round about the calabash. She did these seven times and then stopped, looked squarely into the calabash with eyes spitting fire and heart spilling hatred…

Woman: “Because these people have decided to make me languish in my old age while they laugh and make merry, I have come to repay them in their own coin. I shall no longer wait and fold my arms while everyday takes me closer to my grave, something must be done to ensure they pay for stealing away my joy and hope” she paused, looked around like a lion trying to guide its hard earned dinner from other predators and then continued.

“It is I; the wailing and forlorn mother of the dead. I have come to take my pound of flesh from those who have cause me this pain. I am sending you forth today to turn their joy into sadness, make their mother go through ten times what I am going through right now. Whatever it is that gives her joy, take it away. Her grace should be turned to disgrace. You spirit of destruction, you who reap where you did not sow and sow where you did not reap; you who take that which you did not make and make that which you cannot take, go and do your deed in that family, wreck as much havoc as you want and don’t ever come back to me without getting the deed done. So have I commanded you and so shall it be”

she lifted the calabash high in the air and sent it crashing on the ground noiselessly. Broken eggs littered the ground with a jar of honey which had been left open in the water also spilling its content to the ground. The water flowed to her feet while she used her legs to trample on the stuffs on the ground to be sure none was left undestroyed. When she was satisfied with her handwork, she heaved a sigh of contentment and stepped back into her hut without looking back.

Question: Who is the woman in question and which family is this great evil directed to?

Please make sure you read the curse of Ndishi part one so you can understand better. go to story archives and search for ‘the Curse of Ndishi’

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  1. Ikenna’s mother against Pamela’s family. Hmmmmm. I pray they open thier eyes. I thought pamela has found God. Let her stand in the gap or else, they are in for more dark days than before.

  2. She should be Ikenna’s mother….or dis other woman dat ikenna impregnated….and she’s directing it to Pamela’s family…God help dem.

  3. Did you show respect in your relationship you
    motherfucker So this amaka bitch girl is bak
    to her fuck business, have you even treated
    your self of the virus you contacted or you
    mean adelove staff now want to keep fucking
    you with condoms amaka you are

  4. Well which ever family she is referring to am not really interested but all I know is that diabolic thing is not meant for everyone and everybody , they are people that no matter what u do they won’t get hurt by someone’s juju abeg, someone must not be affected with juju all the time

  5. The woman in question is the mother of Pamela’s first husband and the curse is directed to Pamela’s mother.

    The Lord who saw them through the first phase will see them through this phase.

  6. In His infinite mercy, He will increase you, He will make you the Apple of His eye. You are mathching into the realm of Glory which no man can stop, Happy new month.
    Ayanfe Oluwa cares.

  7. Looking back to part 1. Its either Ikenna’s mum or Nkechi’s mum taking revenge on pamela’s family. Due to d past conflict n releasing it back on Odinaka.

  8. Infact, the part 1 is very interesting. Nah wah for these callous mother of ikenna or whatever,what she is doing we soon boomerang her let watch and see, “WITH ADELOVE,LONELINESS IS STORY” NEXT…

  9. no other than Ikenna’s mum planning evil against Pamela family. what a wicked woman. God will purnish her so much. pls Odinaka be very prayerful o

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