(Episode 4) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 4) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Aunty Martha: “So what brought you here if I may ask?” she knew from the look of things that she wasn’t there just to apologize.

Pamela’s Mum: “It is about your child Odinaka o” she said shifting from one side of her butt to the other.

Aunty Martha: “What about her?”

I said it! I knew something was up with this impromptu visit of hers. Well I shall listen to it well.

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Pamela’s Mum: “She is acting very strange. I need your help please. I need to tackle this problem before it erupts into something else. I don’t know who else to go to except you”  she explained, wringing her hands sadly.

Aunty Martha: “Ah! She just got married and she is already behaving strange? These daughters of yours will never fail to drag our family name in the mud. What did she say is the problem with her now o. besides what of that pastor you were following up and down that time? Why don’t you go to him for more prayers and deliverance if you feel your daughter is not acting like someone in her right mind despite being a doctor?”

She recognised the sarcasm in her words but decided to ignore it. It was she who knew where it pinched her the most. She was not going to allow a negative comment set off her ego.

Pamela’s Mum: “You know he left this village a long time ago and no other pastor has replaced him since then. I pray on my own but I feel it is not enough. Please if there is anything you can do to help, please do not hesitate. You are the only one close to family I can run to without dragging our family name in the mud”

Aunty Martha: “It is okay. I will see what I can do about it. Give me some days and beside do you have any money with you? I am seriously in need of money and as it is, I don’t even have any food in this miserable house of mine” she said soberly.

She brought out a one thousand naira note from her handbag and handed it over to her apologizing for it being little and begging her to manage it until further notice.


His dad took her from one herbalist to another seeking for solution to whatever was hailing her but solution was found nowhere because every witch doctor they took her to rejected her as soon as they had set eyes on her. None of them even agreed to look into her case. Ndubuisi’s dad got tired of it all too and decided it was time to call it quit.

Chief Ojobo: “My son have your seat here by my side”  he said gesturing towards the seat he was referring to which was the only other one in the obi besides the long bench his visitors sat on.

Ndubuisi: “I cannot sit down dad. Something is happening to my wife again and I cannot even say what it is. You know she had been miraculously healed of one mysterious sickness once when she was younger. I pray she will be healed thus very soon once again. I cannot stand seeing her disgraced like this, she has become the talk of the town” he lamented.

Chief Ojobo: “Just have your seat first. There is something I need to discuss with you and it is about your wife. So sit down” he paused as his son walked on unsure legs towards him and sat down. “You know I have never lied to you before neither have I ever denied you of anything before…” he began.

Ndubuisi: “Yes dad”

Chief Ojobo: “even when you decided that you were going to sponsor the young girl and wait for her to finish her education, did I object to it?”

Ndubuisi: “No sir” he was getting apprehensive as to where all the questions were leading to.

Chief Ojobo: “So you know I always want the best for you, I want anything which would bring you happiness. I want you to reconsider your marriage. We will return her to her mother so she can find solution to whatever is ailing her whichever way she can. I cannot let some girl from nowhere soil my well ironed garment. Please send her back home” he brought out a Kolanut from his pocket and began to chew it gently, waiting for his reaction to what he had said.

Ndubuisi: “Hmmmmm… a proverb says ‘if you refuse the advice of an elder, you will walk until sunset’. You must have given this a lot of thoughts before opening up to me but dad, I cannot abandon my wife. I cannot leave her, I have waited for her this long because I have loved her this much. I cannot imagine a life without her so dad, helpp us do all you can, do not let me act like a disobedient son” he pleaded, knowing any parent will say the same thing his dad just did.

Chief Ojobo: “Hmmmmm you are a good man son but…”


With a bowed head, she walked through the hostile crowd who kept casting her disapproving and angry looks every now and then. She held on tightly to her shopping bag praying she would survive that particular day without being lynched to death. However, every trader she went to refused to sell anything to her, she had walked away from the first two market women who had bluntly refused to sell a pack of maggi knorr to her. She walked over to the next store she could find and the same thing happened, she lost her cool at last.

Odinaka: “Excuse me? Is that not the maggi knorr chicken you said you don’t have? Why are you all refusing to sell something to me? Did I per adventure do something wrong to you all?” she raged not minding that people were listening to them.

Market woman: “Ah ah… see me see trouble o. I said I don’t have what you ask for. Why is that getting you angry or are you about to summon the people in your coven? You should know I am a very powerful woman too, try anything funny and see the kind of thunder that would descend on you from above. What rubbish! You think you can just talk to anyone anyhow after showing us all your true colour in this place” she hissed and stared back at her defiantly.

Odinaka: “God knows I have done nothing wrong to deserve all these insults from you all. Whatever is happening to me is not my fault so I wonder why I am being ostracised in this…”

Market woman: “Ostra ginni? O na su kwa oyibo na ebaa o (she is speaking English here o) she said and laughed, whirling around in the process while the people around also laughed. “Please pack your filthy, possessed self away from my shop before you inflict my customers with your bad luck. You call yourself a doctor yet you don’t even know what is wrong with you. Please leave this place now before I call my dogs on you” she stepped closer to her and began to shove her roughly away from the front of her shop.


She was in hot tears when she reached home that day. She hadn’t succeeded in buying anything at all as they all only treated her scornfully. She could hardly drive home as she wept all through. As soon as her husband got back home, she jumped into his arm and began to cry.

Ndubuisi: “What is going on dear?” He held her at arm’s-length to scrutinize her face properly.

Odinaka: “I think it is time for me to die. I cannot bear this shame any longer, I cannot. Please what is happening to me? Have you found solution to it yet? I might commit suicide soon if nothing is done about it” she wailed into his arms.

Ndubuisi: “Come let’s sit down first”

Odinaka: “Honey, are you sure you love me at all?” she asked as soon as they had sat down. She seemed like she was out of her mind at that moment and he was afraid the sickness was setting in yet again.

Ndubuisi: “Of course I love you, I love you very very much” he replied reaching out to cup her face in her hands.

Odinaka: “Then let’s leave this village. There is a great evil in this village. Everything happening to me is because I am in this village. Once I leave, it will all stop; I am sure of it. Please honey”

Ndubuisi: “I have my hospital here dear, I cannot just leave like that…”

Question: Do you think she is right? Should he abandon his hospital and patients for the sake of his wife or listen to his father’s advice?

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  1. Hmmmmn this is serious ohh, just like how her sister started but her own in different dimension. They should just turn to God in prayer, leaving d town will not save her & her husband should stay by if truely he loves her.

  2. Did you show respect in your relationship you
    motherfucker So this amaka bitch girl is bak
    to her fuck business, have you even treated
    your self of the virus you contacted or you
    mean adelove staff now want to keep fucking
    you with condoms amaka you are possesef and cursed with indishi

  3. leaving the village will not solve anything, they only need serious fasting and prayers even though they leave the village, the evil Spirit will still be following her every where she go like MTN.

  4. I agree with the father let him send her home then the mother will go and look for the man of God that once help them out because running from house to house seeking for whom to help her will never solve the issue rather it will make it more complicated because you don’t know who is who

  5. Leaving the village or taking her back to her parents will not solve the problem but turning to God in prayers and following his leadings will do.

    Regardless of what the man choose to do everything will definitely fall in place.

    Goodnight AdL n F’s

  6. I think its not time they should liv d village n go in search of a miracle from a man of God since none is present in d village. The earlier d best, b4 it went out of control on her


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