(Episode 6) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 6) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Babatunde: “shhhhh… its fine dear. I understand what you are talking about and no matter what, we shall conquer it together…”

Pamela: “he is talking to me like he used to do. Please hurry up, let’s go to church now!” she made to stand up but he held her down, clasped her two hands In his and began to pray.

Babatunde: “we are now a new creation. Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new, for what communion hath darkness with light? We have become children of the light so whatever you are, you no longer have any business with my family. I stand on the authority In the name of Jesus Christ and I command you to get out right now I Jesus name. There is no space for you here anymore ad whoever sent you, go back and tell the person you have failed woefully you filthy thing. We reject and denounce you this moment In Jesus name” he prayed on and on.

She felt a wave of calm wash over her as she continued to say amen to his prayers ad mumble some prayers of her own too. After the entire incidence that happened In the past which made them give their lives to Christ, they ever lagged behind In prayer or In rendering their service to god.

Babatunde: “how are you feeling now?” he asked after he had rounded up the prayers.

Pamela: “I feel peaceful honey”

Babatunde: “oh! Good to know. That is the power of prayer. I doubt he will ever come back again. Next time, just pray okay? You have that power too”

Pamela: “okay dear. I have this lingering feeling that something is not right at home. I need to contact them one of this days” she said as he covered her up again with the duvet which had fallen to the floor as she kicked frantically about.


Chief Ojobo: “do you really think you are taking the right step? Is this really the right thing for you to do? Give up your sweat to another man whose character you said, was questionable back then?” he asked chewing on his bitter kola worriedly.

Ndubuisi: “it is the closest to the best I can do to keep my wife’s sanity In place. I cannot sit y and watch her commit suicide. We have to live and I believe john is now a changed person. I will e fine dad. Do not worry at all” he reassured his dad, knowing quite well that it was he who needed the reassurance more.

Chief Ojobo: “hmmmmm…if you say so. What can I do or say? You said you have gotten a job In Abuja right? I wish you never get to regret this later on my son. I still have my reservations about all these. I wish you can still change your mind ad decide not to leave, to take her back to her mum for the time being. I feel this problem is from her family”

Ndubuisi: “I have made my decision sir and there is no going back anymore. As we speak, she is already packing her things and getting ready for our flight. I will e working at the ministry of health for the time being. I have secured a place for her at kubwa  general hospital for her housemanship. It is very compulsory she do it before she can officially start working or proceeding with her studies. Whichever one she decides on” he explained to his ever attentive father who nodded his head, looking up to the clear morning sky as birds flew about in flocks.


They settled well at army estate, kubwa. A estate which was very expensive as most of the apartments there ranged from a million to two million naira per year. They rented a room self contain at nsi eke crescent just to manage for the time being. Apartments were that expensive at the estate but it was a decent place to stay at.

Ndubuisi: “how do you see this place? Hope you can manage it for the main time?” he sat on the bed, watching as she unpacked her bags. He had had a fried help them uy the necessary home appliances ad help make the place comfortable enough y repainting and getting new zincs for the kitchen and another wc for the toilet. It indeed was sparkling, everything was In place and the room was spacious enough.

Odinaka: “it is good here. I like the estate the most, it is so beautiful. I will surely enjoy my stay here no doubt. Thanks dear for agreeing to do this with me” she paused, looked at him and continued. “I know you love big spaces like the one In the village, you love to move about In the house cos it helps you think better but this apartment is temporary until we get a bigger one so please hang In there for me okay? I am really sorry” she said apologetically.

Ndubuisi: “it is okay dear. I can manage as long as you are happy. Just be happy for me okay? Make sure you do your est at the hospital”


John was more than excited to resume his work at the hospital. He was alarmed at the rate at which people patronized the hospital and all he had were nurses. He was the only doctor there to tend to the patients who were always trouping in. one thing he could not understand was whether many of them were just there to see the hospital since none of them had any serious ailment to complain of just very few of them. In the village, one will see a woman screaming into the hospital with her child dangling from her back like one who was suffering from kwashiorkor but most times after checkups, he will find out it was only a slight headache worrying the child or malaria which could e treated with over the counter medications. The zeal at keeping themselves healthy, to him was commendable. He made his money well too, he was unlike Ndubuisi who charged them mildly based on the fact that they were his village people. He made sure he squeezed out their last dimes.

One other thing he liked so well about the village of umuachakpa was the beauty of the young lasses. The way they smiled coyly at him each time they passed him y, the way some of them tried their chances at seduction with him, the way they wore their pencil skirts and multicolored tops; their hairdos which they mostly did with thread. Only few of them used attachments. He knew there were fresh bloods to explore In that village unlike the likes of angelica he had been dealing with back In the city.

The one that caught his attention the most was Amaka, she was unlike any of the village girls he had met. She had this elegance of an innocent city girl which surprised him. She was never seen in the company of the other girls who only knew to gather together to gossip under the mango tree beside the hospital just to catch his attention. He wanted so much to talk to her that when he learnt she was the sister of his friend’s wife; Odinaka, he became a regular visitor at their house using the excuse of being an in-law.

That afternoon when he went calling at the house, he only met her at home, she was busy trying to solve a physics problem and just like one at home, she wore just a small short which accentuated her long spotless legs and a little tank top which revealed her elly button. Her sisters usually sent such skimpy cloths to her thinking she  was still the little girl they knew her to e. to her though, she was still a ay ad didnt hesitate to act so with regards to her dressing but only at home.

John: “hello Amy. How are you doing today?” he hollered at her from the doorway.

Amaka: “hey uncle you are here? Welcome. She quickly stood up from where she laid sprawled on the floor chewing the bottom of her pen.

John: “yes dear. Thank you very much. I saw you chewing the bottom of your pen, is the assignment too difficult for you?” he moved closer to where she stood, bent down and scooped the waec past question papers into his hands.

Amaka: “assignment? Do they even give assignments In this village? I am just trying to solve the questions myself but they are proving so difficult” she said sadly.

John: “okay let me take a look at it”

He helped her through with the difficult question and gave her some tips on how to tackle such during waec.  All the while, his eyes roved over her body. The way she crossed those untouched long legs. She was a flawlessly fair complexioned girl and he longed to have a feel of her. He got lost In his head, before he could stop himself, his hands were already on her laps, trying to reach where no man ever had reached before. She jerked up nI shock while he stood too, but he didn’t compose himself, he went for her again but this time, with more force.

Question: will he succeed in doing what he has conceived in his head to her?

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  1. He is such a beast,how can he even dare think of touching his friend’s sister in law and without permission for that matter, he won’t succeed

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