(Episode 10) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 10) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Her restlessness and sense of foreboding knew no bounds as she kept trying to reach her mum on phone all to no avail. The incessant dreams she kept having also contributed to her continuous ominous feeling about something bad going on at home. She had called Odinaka once and she had noticed the edge on her voice immediately she picked the call.

Pamela: “How are you doing little sister?” she asked immediately she had heard her tired hello.

Odinaka: “I am doing very fine and at work now. Can you probably call me back?” why she didn’t feel at ease talking to her sister all of a sudden perturbed her but all she wanted more than anything at that moment was to be rid of hearing that voice. It sounded like it was sent to taunt and torment her already shaky psyche.

Pamela: “Wait Odi. I know when your free time is and this is your free time so just one more minute please? Are you sure you are fine? Hope all is well with you there in Abuja? How about your husband?” she had to ask hurriedly.

Odinaka: “We are all fine” she replied curtly.

Pamela: “Hmmmmm. Okay then. Hope you aren’t experiencing anything weird at your side? I have been having these weird dreams myself as if someone is waging a war against our family. Dear, if anything is going on with you please tell me okay? For the weapon of our warfare is not carnal but mighty through Christ to pull down every stronghold. We wrestle not against flesh and blood dear, but against principalities, power, spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places and forces of darkness.  Dear…” the line suddenly went dead, she looked at her phone again just to be sure it was not network, she dialled the number again but the call was  declined.


She felt annoyed just by listening to her sister quote the bible.

So she feels she is now better right? Spiritual this and that meanwhile she slept with another man while she was still married. Wasn’t her twin conceived out of that ungodly union? Now she feels she can just preach to me?

She tried to stop herself from entertaining that line of thought but it was impossible. The more she thought about it the more bitter she became towards her sister.  For some reason unknown, she felt like her sister owed her something; maybe an apology for something she could not seem to place.

She sat behind her desk going through her recent accident victim report when Harry strutted in.

Harry: “Good evening to you over there. How has been your day?  You seem quite disturbed” he observed.

Odinaka: “I am fine, thanks for your concern” she replied without looking up from the report she was reading.

Harry: “Its almost time to leave sef. See you on Monday. We both have tomorrow off na so make sure you rest very well okay? This stress sure is getting too much” he said and began to gather his stuffs together into his bag. Odinaka began to do the same too without uttering a word to him.

As she stepped out from behind her desk, the black pant trousers she  wore suddenly began to drip water but she was oblivious to it. Soon, her white chiffon top became soaked and clung to her skin like a second skin. Harry’s eyes began to pop out of their sockets at the sight in front of him. she was dry just a moment ago.

Harry: “Odinaka you are wet” he said without taking his eyes away from her chest. She caught him ogling at her like that and with his statement , she thought he was hitting on her. She took two steps towards him and with her wet hand dealt him a blow on the jaw. He staggered back, perturbed at her sudden outburst.

“What was that for?” he held his jaw which was throbbing painfully.

Odinaka: “How dare you look at me like that?” she shot him a disgusting look.

Harry: “I am looking at you because you are mysteriously wet. I mean wet” he howled back at her angrily.

Odinaka: “You are still saying it? Son of a bitch!” she took another step towards him but this time he knew better than just standing there. He dodged her blow and she staggered forward, he caught her before s.he could fall face down, the cold emanating from her making him quiver.

“Will you let me go now?” she shoved him off roughly as he searched her eyes, trying to unravel the mystery lying therein.

Harry: “Odinaka water is dripping from your body, you are wet from head to toe and its like you aren’t even aware. That is strange its like there is someone standing above your head, pouring buckets of water on you in succession. Look at the puddle of water under your feet. You really don’t know or you are pretending?” he searched her expression more intently.

Odinaka: “You must be crazy” she looked at herself, saw that everything was unlike what he had said, heaved a sigh of relief, picked up her bag and stepped out into the corridor. On her way out, she noticed everyone turn to her, looking at her with looks of puzzlement in their faces. She looked at herself again just be sure but saw nothing unusual.


She sneaked out of the house when she knew her mum was in one of her trance-like mood around 8pm.  Due to the numerous trees and lack of electricity in the village, it becomes quite dark easily on moonless especially on moonless nights. She walked tirelessly to her sister’s house which was a bit far from theirs and luckily for her, no one was in sight as she sneaked into the compound which had no gate yet. She circled round the house knowing fully well that he occupied the last floor checking for any window she could find opened. Luckily for her, the window to one of the rooms which no one occupied was opened and she snuck in as noiselessly as she could.

She heard water splash in the bathroom and followed the sound. She went through the sparsely furnished sitting room and into the room where he occupied. She touched the knife she had hidden inside her bogus top just to be sure it was still there.

I will surely make you pay for what you did to me you bastard. You think you can go free? You cannot. She thought in her heart.


Why exactly are they all looking at me like that? am I by any chance carrying dog shit on my  body? She was confused and embarrassed at the alarming look he kept getting from everyone around. A nurse ran up to her as she was about to step out of the reception area.

Nurse: “Doctor Odinaka, please don’t be angry at what I am about to say o but why are you dripping water like that? and from a second look, its like you are not even aware of it” she said, staring at the puddle of water which had gathered at her feet due to the fact that she was standing at a spot.

She followed the nurse’s eyes and it was like the veil covering her sight had been lifted and she was able to see what every other people were seeing. She looked frantically around in bewilderment an ran out of the hospital, wondering how she was going to get herself home.

Harry’s car pulled up beside her and he popped his head out of the window, urging her to hop in.

When He finally dropped her in front of her apartment, he clothes had become as dry as the harmattan wind. He looked at her, shook his head and drove off. He was yet to get over the fact that she had attacked him.

She quickly brought out her phone and dialled her sister’s number.

Odinaka: “Sister”  she said in a quaky voice but as soon as she had said the word ‘sister’, she lost interest in the call and almost ended the call on her again.

Pamela: “I know something is wrong Odi. It is either you give me your address so I can visit you or you come to Lagos. I will send you money for flight if you want. Please my dear” she pleaded desperately.

Question: What is Amaka up to? Are you in support of her carrying it out? Will Odinaka honour her sister’s invitation?

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  1. Pls let her honour d invitation and get free frm d attacks,as for odinaka i knw its very very painful bt let her ve a rethink…..may God liberate d entire family frm d evil hunts…AMEN

  2. She had better honour d invitation or else she will btreated d same way she was treated n d village by dose n abuja,
    Am not n support of wat Amaka want 2 do,nd I pray she doesn’t succeed.

  3. I just pray Odinaka honours her sister’s call, if at all she did not honour it now, she will wen d trouble is out of hand. Amaka pls don’t kill him & don’t commit sucide o

  4. If she like let her honour,DAT is her business, this problem have happened to the family before, & God interven,now it have happened again,there are all running away from DAT same God,except Pamela DAT have faith in God

  5. If she like let her honour,DAT is her business, this problem have happened to the family before, & God interven,now it have happened again,there are all running away from DAT same God,except Pamela DAT have faith in God

  6. Odinaka will want to visit her sister but d spirit will prevent her from going. As 4 amaka, am short of words but john did bad too.

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