(Episode 11) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

Odinaka: “All is well with me sis. Do not worry yourself unnecessarily and besides, I am always busy.  I just called to hear your voice” tears rolled down her eyes as she said those words to her sister. She wanted so much to pour her heart to her sister, have someone to talk to beside her husband whom she feels might bend to pressure very soon and abandon her. She knew her sister could be the help she so much craved but why she always loses her will to open up was what perturbed her the most.

Pamela: “Hmmmmm she has ended the call again” she said to no one in particular. She was dead worried for her family. She longed to know what was going on back in the village but there was no one to talk to. Her mum’s line was still unavailable.

Tunde:  “What’s with that worried look on your face? You didn’t even know when I came in. Are the children asleep?” he dropped his briefcase on the floor and slumped down beside his wife.

Pamela: “Welcome back my dear. I can’t wait to join you again at the office but right now I have my hands full with the triplets, they are a bunch of troublesome girls for real and boys. Even their nanny seems to be packing her things ready to take off anytime soon” she went closer to him and planted a light kiss on his lips.

Tunde: “Just leave my babies be o. Just chill Tyana comes of age. She will be able to help with your bunch of triplets. I wonder how you came about double triplets in five years. This house will become fuji house of commotion when they start growing up”

Pamela: “Na you sabi o. Besides, I still can’t reach my mum” she revealed sadly.

Tunde: “I also tried her number today but it still isn’t going through. What do we do now?”

Pamela: “I don’t know, I really don’t know. How I wish she will just show up here one of these days”

Tunde: “My thoughts exactly. And don’t worry dear, the God we serve will not plunge us back into the miry clay after taking us out of it. As long as we remain steadfast in prayer, we will be fine”

Pamela: “I am so proud of the man you have become dear. I am the happiest woman on earth”   she smiled t him appreciatively.

Tunde: “I am proud of the woman you have become too my dear after all you went through. I couldn’t have wished or prayed for a better wife. You made me better dear, you made me into the man I have become today” they both looked at each other lovingly even as one of the girls went running into her father’s arms.


He walked out of the bathroom with just an adidas boxers on with a towel draped over his shoulders; whistling absentmindedly to the song playing in his head. He turned just in time to see the outstretched knife which was aimed at his stomach. He dodged it and held her hand, thinking he must be having a bad dream. He snatched the knife from her hand and yanked her unto the bed as she cursed furiously under ragged breath.

Amaka: “I knew bastards like you don’t die easily” she pranced up to her feet and went for him again with claws ready to tear him to pieces but he was stronger and faster. He held her and began to twist her hand to the back which made her cry out in pain.

John: “You this little girl, do you think I am your age mate for you to just sneak into my house to attack me? Don’t you like yourself?”

Amaka: “Let go of me”  she kicked around like a wounded lion. “You mean the same way you snuck into my house knowing my mum was not around?”

John: “I can see you are still dwelling on the past. You are yet to let it go? When will you snap out of it? I am going to let you go now and you must behave yourself or id be forced to tie you up and throw you out this night” he let go of her and walked over to his wardrobe to get something decent on.

Amaka: “So what did you gain from doing that to me?”

John: “Acute satisfaction” he replied matter-of-factly.

Amaka: “You don’t even feel remorseful, do you?” she asked with disappointment written all over her.

John: “What exactly do you want from me? An apology? Okay I am sorry, if you are ready, come with me now, I will take you home”

Amaka: “Do not bother your pathetic self, I will find my way back home.

She sat outside waiting for her daughter and wondering where she could have gone to by that time. All of a sudden she began to hear voices all around her…

“Dont forget we already had a pact and you cannot back down now. We will take the life of one of our daughters if you refuse to do what we want. We will give you two market days to get it done or either second or last daughter will die” their voices ehoed on and on in her head. She shut her eyes and used her two hands to cover each of her ears, hoping to block out the voices.


She decided that she was no longer going to stay put after Harry had spoken to her on phone that day inviting her to his church to see his prophet. She was comfortable with speaking with Harry about the whole issue unlike her sister, why that was so, she didn’t want to find out either. And so that Sunday, she had gotten ready, lying to her husband that she was going to see one of her patients who had made a distress call to her.

Ndubuisi: “Honey are you sure that is where you are going to? You are way too dressed up to just that” he knew when she was lying and so it wasn’t hard for him to detect she was hiding something.

Odinaka: “You know I love dressing up”

Ndubuisi: “Its fine though. You know I can never stop you from going wherever you want as long as you will be fine there” he said sadly.

Odinaka: “I know dear. Do not worry; I will be back very soon. Miss me a lot” she bent down on the bend and kissed him on the cheek.

The service however was filled with lots of dancing, clapping and gyrating in spirit. She found it weird but she tried to at least clap along anyway. They were all on white garments except for some new members like herself who were on mufti. When the service finally ended, Harry introduced her to one of the prophets who took them to his house for private prayers and consultation.

Odinaka: “Harry wait!”she drew him aside. “I thought it is the senior pastor i will see?” she said eyeing the young prophet from the corner of her eyes.

Harry: “This one sees visions and does works at the same time. Many of the other prophets when they see the visions, they give the resultant wor for him to do” he explained. She did not understand what he meant by ‘doing work’ but she decided not to pursue the issue and just follow him. the prophet called her into his inner chamber which he used as office. It had the picture of Jesus surrounded by many other carved images of Him on crucifixion and small containers containing liquids stuffs she could not identify. A jar of honey laid open at a corner with incense burning beside it.

Prophet: “Kneel down let me pray for you “ he held a bell which he rung three times calling on angel Michael and Uriel to come down and answer their prayers.  After some minutes of praying, “It has been revaled to me that you have a spiritual husband and he is the one tormenting your life” he revealed with his eyes still closed.

Question: Is the prophet right? Is it really the issue of a spiritual husband?

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  1. It is not a spirit husband that is disturbing her but ancestral curse plus one devil incarnate yet unknown. How i wish she can pray on her own, how i wish pamela can intervene and how i wish pamela’s mum did not join the occultic club to worsen the situation

    • Chi, you don’t blame her.
      If you read closely, you’ll discover that she’s possessed, as anytime she tries telling Pamela who’s fire-filled, she finds herself saying something else

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