(Episode 14) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 14) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

The harmattan season was beginning to set in and he hadn’t taken any sweater along with him. he had to wear his lab coat as he headed for her house on foot. Ever since she the day she had made an attempt on his life, she had avoided him like plague and there was no one he could ask about her since she had no friends he knew of. He met the door to the sitting room open but no signs of her. He walked back to the back yard where the kitchen was at but she was nowhere in the kitchen either. He went back to the house and walked straight to the room and there she was on the bed, covered from head to toe with a duvet one of her sisters must have sent to them.

John: “What is wrong with you?” he sat by the bed side, pulled the duvet down to her chest to reveal her tear-streaked face and swollen eyes. “Ah! What is wrong with you?” he asked feeling strange. He had never had to console any lady before.

Amaka: “What are you doing here again?” she said weakly and tried to sit up but couldn’t.

John: “Just lay back okay? Are you sick somewhere?” he felt her temperature at the nape of her neck; she was steaming hot. “Oh God! Your temperature is so high. Why didn’t you come to the hospital when you knew you were not feeling fine?” he asked in a panicking voice.

Amaka: “I am fine. I just miss my family. I feel so alone in this world with no one to talk to. My mum became my only friend after my elder sister’s saga but now, she treats me like I am invisible too. I miss my sisters, I miss my mum” tears rolled down her eyes.

He didn’t know how best to console her. All of a sudden, he saw the folly of his way. He had broken the innocent girl, he had done the unforgivable but even then, he still didn’t know how best to lend her a shoulder to cry on, she was too young for him to be developing feelings for.

John: “I am sure your mum will soon come around. She is just preoccupied with lots of issues for now. And Amaka, I am very sorry for what I did to you. I feel so guilty right now, I shouldn’t have done that; I didn’t know what came over me. Please” he pleaded for his redemption.

Amaka: “I don’t want to hear your guilty verdict on yourself just yet. I feel so weak; I can barely eat anything without throwing up. You are a doctor; do you probably know what is wrong with me or how I can get cured?”

John: “No way will it be what I am thinking. Was I stupid enough to have released inside her? Didn’t I withdraw fast enough? Jeesus! This cannot happen” he mumbled to himself.

Amaka: “What did you say?”

John: “Let me see your eyes” she leaned towards him as he checked her up.


Mama Ikenna: “This is their house?” she stood at the gate of the four bedroom duplex, admiring it’s architecture.

Pamela’s Mum: “Yes it is their house” she replied with pride.

Mama Ikenna : “So you mean people actually live in this kind of house? You mean they eat and sleep here? No bush around at all, no farm just beautiful floors and flowers. I can even sleep outside as it is with this high wall and beautiful gate. Kai!” she exclaimed in admiration.

Pamela’s Mum: “Please lets go inside Mama Ikenna” she began to drag the woman along who ll of a sudden stood transfixed on a spot. “What is it?”

Mama Ikenna: “I am not going again. Please take me back to the village with immediate effect?” she said with a distant look on her face.

Pamela’s Mum: “Why? What happened?” she asked in bewilderment.

Mama Ikenna: “Nothing, just take me back”

Pamela’s Mum: “That cannot be possible. Do you know how many hours’ journey it is from this place to our village? Just tell me you are joking now. Why are you acting like a child like this? It was you who came to me begging to be brought here, now we are here, you are asking to go back again. Please I don’t like this kind of play mama Ik”

Mama Ikenna: “I said I don’t want to go again o. Have you brought me here for rituals or why are you forcing me to go in with you? Please take me back o” her voice had risen to her level where the people inside could hear her clearly.


Odinaka: “You are a liar! A terrible one at that” she yelled. “I cannot believe I let myself believe your lies all these while you moron” she started as soon as she came back from work that Monday morning and met him sleeping on the bed.

Ndubuisi: “Honey what is all these? What have I done to you?” he asked trying to rouse himself from the sleep that still clouded his mind.

Odinaka: “I have been told that all my troubles is coming from your father’s house and soon you will re-marry. Is that true or not? So you connived with your fetish father to destroy my life just because you sponsored my education? You are both using my star to make the people in your family shine brighter? Ike ekwensu da ra da (the devil’s power is fallen)” she drew closer to him and began to hit hi s chest with all her might as he tried to digest all she had said. He held her hand when her realised she had no intention of stopping.

Ndubuisi: “And who told you that? who told you something like that?” he began to flare up.

Odinaka: “What does it matter? Haven’t you already unveiled your new bride to be to me? Didn’t you bring her here in my absence yesterday or you want to deny that? what other proof do I need? Ndubuisi how could you do something like this to me and I thought you loved me” she broke down in tears.

Ndubuisi: “Whoever told you something like that is a terrible liar. Have you started consulting herbalists too/ when did all that start?” the disappointment in his voice could not be misplaced.

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Odinaka: “You mean it is only you and your father who are entitled to dibia consultation? Mmuonwu worshippers (masquerade worshippers). Are you angry because I have found out your secret? You disgust me Ndubuisi, yes you do”

Ndubuisi: “I don’t think I or my father deserve all these name calling you have been dishing out to us. We have been nothing but supportive to you so why are you listening to fake revelations? Someone is out to destroy the fragment of our marriage left and you are letting the person. Please dear, snap back to your senses”

Odinaka: “My head!” she suddenly held on to her head and began to scream.

Ndubuisi: “Oh no! Not again…”


Pamela: “Can you hear voices outside honey?” she lifted her head up from her husband’s chest where she had slept off on as they watched a program on Emmanuel TV together. Her children were asleep on the rug too and the girls were already steering awake as the voices outside began to rise.

Tunde: “Loud and clear dear” He cast Tyana who was already on her feet a warning look. She immediately laid back on the rug and closed her eyes.

Pamela: “Let’s go and check then? And to think the gateman will allow such in the compound” she complained.

On reaching outside, she was shocked to see Ikenna’s mum with her own mum battling with words. Immediately they saw her, Mama Ikenna became quite calm and began to smile.

Mama Ikenna: “My daughter, how are you?” she began to walk towards her with an outstretched arm.

Question: Does anyone else find Mama Ikenna’s action strange? Do you think she has probably accomplished her mission or just about to?

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  1. Its obvious she felt Pamela nd her family cannot be easily penetrated, dat was y she wanted 2 leave,another battle has just begun

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