(Episode 15) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 15) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Amaka: “So do you have any drugs I can take that can stop me from throwing up each time I eat? And please I don’t have money yet, when my mum comes back, I will pay you for it” she pleaded.

John: “When was the last time you saw your period?”

Amaka: “Well now that you ask, I actually haven’t seen it this month. I am supposed to have seen it two weeks ago, i guess. Is that why I am feeling weak?” she asked innocently.

John: “How did you know how to calculate your cycle?” somehow he was impressed with her reply. Not even many of the city big girls knew when they were due.

Amaka: “Have you forgotten my elder sister is a doctor? She taught me how to calculate it. She even used me to practice how to answer oral questions on many occasions so most time, i learnt from the stuffs she spewed out” she said, obviously proud of her sister.

John: “That is impressive but there is a problem, a very big problem and I don’t even know whether I should tell you or not. I am in a terrible shit”

Amaka: “What problem are you talking about? It is I who need the drugs so why are you the one in a terrible shit?” she had start feeling comfortable with him again.

John: “You are still a child mehn! What blunder have I committed like this?”

Or should I just get her abortion pill without telling her about it? No! She has the right to know at least. He deliberated in his heart.

Amaka: “Hope you are okay?”

John: “Actually, you are pregnant. And it was my doing but you cannot keep it or you’d be damned in this village”

Amaka: “Jeesus! No! I cannot be. There is no way I am pregnant. Please stop teasing me like that, it unfair”

John: “It is the truth. What do you want to do? you cannot leave it can you?”

Amaka: “I said I am not pregnant. Get out now! Just get out!!” she kicked him off the bed roughly and he almost fell to the ground. “I am not pregnant, there is no way I am pregnant at this age” she wept into her hands.

He sat on the edge of the bed again but this time, closer enough to hold her against his chest. She wept for some time and suddenly went still, she had slept off. He laid her back on the bed properly and covered her up with the duvet which seemed heavier than usual in his hands. He felt sorry for the girl. He had been the one who committed the sin, the blunder and yet, she was the one bearing the pains in it. He wished she could transfer some of those pains to him so they could bear it together.


Ndubuisi: “What is it dear? What is wrong with your head?” he cautiously over to her and laid a shaking hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down.

Odinaka: “My head is hot. They are trying to kill me, please help me send them away. I am dying” she said and started pointing at an empty space.

Ndubuisi: “But no one is there. Please calm down” he didn’t know when tears began to fall from his eyes as he powerlessly watched her tear at her own cloths and skin. She was beyond control.

Odinaka: “Please call my sister. No don’t call her, they will kill me if you all her. Oh my head!” she rolled on the floor with hands still on her head. He heard neighbours knocking on their door but he had been drained and he didn’t want anyone to see his wife in that state.

Ndubuisi: “But who exactly did we offend that has refused to forgive us? We left the village because of this same issue but it still followed us here. Who do I meet in this place?” he was never brought up in a Christian home. His father was an idol worshipper and so he only knew how to consult his father over any form of trouble he was passing through but even his father had failed in procuring a solution to the problem he and his wife were going through at that moment. He felt lost and lost he was until he probably finds his way to the ‘Way’.


Pamela: “What is going on here?” she unconsciously dodged mama Ikenna’s embrace but stood in front of her, still unable to believe she was actually there.

Pamela’s Mum: “She wanted to see you so I brought her with me since I was planning to visit you anyway. How are you my daughter? How about the children?”

Tunde: “Welcome mama” he greeted her warmly, prostrating.

Pamela’s Mum: “Thank you my son. Please I am tired, can we go inside?” Tunde picked up the only bag they had brought with them and led them inside with Pamela saying nothing to her mum. The presence of her ex husband’s mum was unnerving her not because she was yet to forgive her for the maltreatment she had suffered in her hands but because of her aura which she didn’t find so friendly.

The children scattered around on the floor brought instant tears to her eyes. How she wished her son also had a child. The children were so beautiful she wanted to hug them one after the other but quickly composed herself when she saw the way Pamela was looking at her.

Pamela: “Tyana!”

Tyana: “Yes mummy” she stood up from where she had been pretending to be asleep

Pamela: “Greet grandma or don’t you recognise grandma again?”

The coy girl went over to her grandma while her siblings followed suit. They all took it in turn to say good evening ma, except the girls who were still toddlers and just learning to walk.

Pamela’s Mum: “These children have grown so much. She kissed them all one after the other.

Pamela: “Now take them inside and make sure none of them comes out”

Tyana: “Yes mummy” she replied as she led her siblings who seemed to do everything she did inside.

After the children had gone inside, she turned to the women for a more detailed explanation. Her   mum told her everything and then left the pleading to the old woman who pled vehemently on behalf of her dead son despite Pamela reassuring her many times that she had forgiven him a very long time ago.

As they talked, her mum was deeply buried in her own thoughts…

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How on earth do I accomplish the mission? The two market days they gave me is almost spent already. How d I go about it? And to think I left only my last daughter in that village. I should have come with her rather this old strange woman. God are you asleep or what? Will you just sit there and watch me get afflicted in my old age? Pastor Chuks told me you do fight for your children but how is it that you aren’t fighting for me at all? My bones are weary already, the blood almost drained from my veins. I am losing my will to those wicked souls but what can I do? I have to protect my children.


She kept ranting on and on about them wanting to kill her. She had had previous attacks but none as intense as the one she was presently having. He stood bemused as blood oozed from the injuries she had inflicted and still inflicting on herself. Her hair was a holy mess as she had tried to pull every single strand from her skull. He groaned loudly and crumbled unto the floor beside her, weak and still lost on what action to take. As he watched her, she suddenly became still and she suddenly began to foam from the mouth. Blood oozed from her nose, eyes and ears.

Ndubuisi: “Jeeeessus Christ!” he didn’t know when the word fell off his lips…

Quesion: What do you think Pamela’s mum is thinking of doing? Has Odinaka been finally taken away?

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  1. GOD pls protect them…. dis is becoming too much for her n d children. in d bid to protect her children she falls into more wahala.. GOD abeg oo

  2. Ah, dis is serious. Odinaka can’t be taken away just like that and mama Pamela is trying to sacrifice someone, maybe one of her grandchildren.

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