(Episode 17) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 17) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

As she walked on wobbly feet towards the director’s office, she knew something was not right. The way she had been summoned was suspicious. She knocked gently on the door and waited for his raspy voice to ask her in. The director was a sturdy short tempered man with a potbelly that prevented him from sitting closer to his table.

Director: “Have your seat” he gestured towards the chair opposite his as light from the open wndow reflected on his shiny balding front head. He preferred natural ventilation to AC or even fan and so his window was always open except on rare occasions when the weather was unusually hot.

Odinaka: “Thank you sir. I was told you wanted to see me” she said like one trying to confirm what she already knew.

Director: “Yes and that is why you are here right?”

Odinaka: “Yes sir!”

Director: “Good! So I have been hearing series of reports against you these few months you have worked here. I know you are hardworking and none of your patients had ever had any negative thing to say about you nevertheless, we can no longer overlook the fact that you are not fit enough for this job at the moment” he paused while she shifted uneasily on her chair.

“So we have decided to put you on probation for a period of four weeks. During that period, you are expected to have regained your sanity and then return to work. If you didn’t return , we’d know you are still sick and if you do and we find out you still have the same problems, your medical license will have to be looked into. Make sure you find a solution to your problems by then. All the best” he ended at last.

Odinaka: “But what of my patients sir? Besides one month is too much. What will I be doing at home for such a long period?”

Director: “they have been assigned to another doctor. And about what you’d be doing, do you think I am giving you leave because I like you? You will be busy getting solutions to your problems of course. I will advise you to take it as serious as you can or you’d have the six years you spent in medical school wasted. You can leave now” he dismissed her with a wave of the hand.


Amaka: “Yesterday, I would have willingly collected the drug from you but not after the dream I had. I cannot take any risks, I cannot wiling walk into my own grave” she protested with a mouthful of her okpa.

John: “But that was just a dream. I have prescribed this drug for countless women and none of them had any complication at all, just a slight bleeding and that was all. Please take it from me, don’t forget I am a doctor and I know what I am doing”

Amaka: “I am not countless women. I am not the same as they so don’t compare us. I cannot take the drug”

John: “Okay so what are your plans? What will you tell your people? that I raped you? I will lose my job for sure, how will I be able to feed you and the baby when that happens? You should think about the future o. How about your education? Do you think you can still survive in school with pregnancy? You might have to put your school on hold for two years, will you be okay with that? how many of your sisters had a baby out of wedlock because as it is, I cannot marry you, you are too young for me”

Amaka: “Hmmmmm…so you know all these and you went ahead to have carnal knowledge of me against my wish? Now you have the mouth to list all the disadvantages in it. What did you tell me when I asked you what you had gained in taking away my dignity like that? You said it was just sex and you derived pleasure from it. Aren’t you deriving pleasure from it anymore?

You tell me to think about the future, who was the genesis of all these? Did you even think about the future when you were ravaging me? Did you think about the implication of your action when you were trying to force your way into me? See, I might be young but I am not daft so don’t provoke me. It is my life at stake even though you are the sinner so live me to my decision okay? Or will you rape me with your decision again? Will you force the drug on me? Before you do that, just think of what you’d gain from it if I lose my life in the process”

John: “Well you have a point there but I am more concerned about you. I know I committed a blunder nevertheless, this might impair your future”


A dark cloud descended on his mind. He could neither shake it off nor cloak it with the forceful smile he wore like a rotten garment in the office. Not being able to bear it anymore, he picked up his phone and dialled his sister-in-law’s number. At first, it was unreachable but on his third try, it connected…

Ndubuisi: “hello big sis” he greeted wearily.

Pamela: “Ah Ndubuisi! She exclaimed. “Why haven’t I thought of calling you instead of getting turned down by that your disrespectful wife?” she said.

Ndubuisi: “We need your help urgently sis. Your sister, i don’t know what is wrong with her”

Pamela: “My sister? What did she do? is it Ndishi? Did she sleep with another man?”

Ndubuisi: “No its not that. I just don’t know what the problem with her is. Last night, she had almost died or should I say she died but woke up again? We need your help”

Pamela: “Jesus Christ! I knew it! I knew something was wrong. You know what? I am taking the first flight down to that place tomorrow. Just make sure you are at the airport to pick me and don’t tell her I am coming. You understand?”

Ndubuisi: “Oh thank you so much. I will be waiting for you” he said and waited for her to disconnect the call herself.

He was almost knocked out of his breath when he got home and met his wife at home.

Ndubuisi: “ Honey what is going on? Why are you home by this time?” he sat by the edge of the bed and felt her temperature but it was normal.

Odinaka: “I have been placed on probation. They gave me a month to find solution to my problem or they will hav my medical licence seized” she replied without showing any form of emotion.

Ndubuisi: “But that is outrageous! You do your job so well despite your challenges so they can’t do that” he fumed.

Odinaka: “Well they said they will. My life is becoming ruined gradually. I am already getting to the point when I no longer care. It can as well get as ruined as it can- I don’t care”.

Ndubuisi: “And what do you mean by that? you cannot give up hope, you have to keep fighting. It is your right to be free. You offended no one, you owe no one so I don’t see reasons why you have to succumb to the evil trying to ruin you and don’t forget, if you gt ruined, I will get ruined too”

Odinaka : “Okay, lets not get ruined then”

The next day, he went to the airport to pick Pamela up. He had thought his wife would be going to work so he could have some time to update her on what was going on, he had taken the day off for that but unfortunately, his wife was home too and as soon as she laid eyes on her sister, she went berserk with rage.

Odinaka: “Ohhhhhh! What is she doing here? she is an abomination to me so why did you bring her here?” she raged and began to tear at her hair.

Pamela: “Blood of Jesus! Odinaka?” she began to cry immediately. “What has happened to you? The devil is a liar, I stand on the authority in the name of…”

Odinaka began to scream like one possessed by a million demons. She dashed to the kitchen, drew out a knife and placed it on her own neck…

Odinaka: “Ask her to leave now or I will slash my own neck” she pressed the knife tighter to her throat.

Pamela: “It is written in the bible…”

Odinaka: “Shut up! Don’t utter one word. Do you think I am joking?” she lifted the knife off her throat and slashed herself on the forearm and blood oozed out. “See? I mean what I am saying, utter one more word and she is dead”

Question: What kind of wahala is this? What should they do? keep trying to pray or give up?

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  1. I have never comment on any episode before not even when i read through finding shiela that was extraordinar but am an addicted follower of this blog.
    They should pray because the devil knew he has a short time, hence, he has come 2 accomplish his mission on time. Don’t heed to ur sisters threat Pamela

  2. Na wah ooo. Evil will neve cease, bt d power of d Almmighty God will over power. Dey shld nt stop praying. Bcoz evryday is full of evil, its prayer dat redeem it.

  3. hmmm! they should keep praying and never give up. D devil only come to kill, steal and destroy, they should know their warfare is nt carnal at all. The husband shld try any possible way to collect d knife frm her

  4. They shouldn’t give up. Its just d trick of d evil spirit disturbing her to make her not gain her freedom…. Interesting tale indeed….I’m learning so much from it

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