(Episode 18) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 18) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Pamela had seriously scolded her that evening after ending the call with Ndubuisi for not telling her bout Odinaka’s condition.

Pamela: “Mum! Ndubuisi  just called me now telling me Odinaka is in need of help. Do you know anything about it?” she had asked as they sat on the bed in her room with the door locked so as not to have anyone interrupt their discussion.

As soon as she heard the question, she burst into sobs.

Pamela: “So mama you really knew and decided to tell me all was well at home?” she asked raising her voice in alarm.

Pamela’s Mum: “I am sorry but it is a shameful thing. I could not say it out”  she hiccupped.

Pamela: “Shameful? Did I hear you say shameful? My own sister, my blood is going through something like that and you deemed it fit not to tell me. You know what mum? Something has changed in you. I no longer feel comfortable with your spirit. What exactly is happening to you all? Hope you left Amaka in good hands? Is she okay or she is damaged too?”  she stood up and started pacing around confusedly.

Pamela’s mum: “I am sorry my child”

Pamela: “No! Don’t tell me sorry mum. Tell me, who did you leave Amaka with? What happened to your prayer life all these while we all decided to give our lives to Christ? What did you do?”

Pamela’s Mum: “I did not do anything” she said in a whisper.

Pamela: “Mama! Okay then. Hope Amaka is fine?”

Pamela’s Mum: “She is fine”

But I am not really sure. Seemed like she had been trying to tell me something but I was too preoccupied with my own woes.  She added in her heart.

She placed her hands in her face and wept bitterly after her daughter had left her room. “what kind of mother am I? See what I am putting my children through. My life is worthless, very worthless. All I had to do was to be strong, strong for my children” she wept bitterly.

All of a sudden, violent wind began to blow in the room. The curtains were almost torn off where they hung on the wall, the little books in the room were scattered about as she looked around in confusion.  As she watched, three women appeared in front of her wearing the full regalia of the coven she had been finding herself in every night since the first night Aunty Martha had cunningly led her there.

Pamela’s Mum: “What do you people want here? You are not allowed in this house, don’t you know that?”

1st Witch: “You are the doorway through which we can get in. We have come to give you a tip” she said.

Pamela’s Mum: “What tip?”

2nd Witch: “you have your chance to carry out what you came here for at last. Your daughter will be travelling tomorrow morning so you have your last chance. Don’t forget tomorrow is the last market day. Were you told how Odinaka almost died? That was just a warning to you. Do the right thing or your last daughter will be made to bear the brunt of your failure”

3rd Witch: “The queen’s message has been delivered so we shall take our leave” she said and the wind which was still howling whooshed them away and everything calmed down immediately.

Pamela’s Mum: “Hmmmmm…I think this is the end of the road for me. I shall take my own life. I cannot do this anymore. At least my death will end this craze”

1st Witch: “You dare not do that. try it and your two daughters will meet you in hell in a twinkle of an eye” the wind carried her voice in an echo which reverberated in her ears  like an old bell being rung in an empty room.


Ndubuisi: “Odinaka please calm down, she is your sister” he started trying to get closer to her.

Odinaka: “Dont you dare take any step further. She is not my sister. She is here to destroy us and we will not let her” her voice changed to that of many women as she said the last words.

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Ndubuisi: “Jeesus!” he jumped back frightfully at the sound of her voice.

Pamela all the while was praying in her heart for strength and wisdom to tackle the issue on ground. Just as she was about to utter another word, her phone rang, it was her husband.

Ndubuisi: “I think you should really leave before she kills herself. Please, I am so sorry for bothering you” He said to Pamela who was already distracted by the incessant ringing of her phone.

Odinaka: “Yes pick your call, pick it now for we have something hot for you. It’s about your son Dennis. Pick it go home and crumble in grief” she said mockingly, laughing like a deranged woman.

Pamela: “The devil is a liar”

Odinaka: “Of course he is a liar, we don’t dispute that”

Pamela: “Hello honey!” she finally picked the call when it wouldn’t stop ringing.

Tunde: “You need to come back right away. Dennis has been poisoned and he is on the verge of death now” he said calmly into the mouthpiece.

Pamela: “What? Oh God! Jeesus Christ!!” she quickly picked up her bag which was still at her feet and bounded blindly for the door.

Odinaka: “I told youuuuuuu” she danced around like a child.

Ndubuisi: “What happened” he ran after her and caught her by the arm at the gate.

Pamela: “One of my sons has been poisoned. I need to take the next flight home now. I will be praying for her from home, I think we cannot fight this battle while in close proximity with her. We will find a way to plan it all soon though” she said hurriedly and left. Ndubuisi shook his head sadly and ran back to the room, she was on the floor, unmoving and still bleeding from the wound she had inflicted on herself.

He went straight for the first aid box in the closet, knelt beside her, cleaned the wound up and bandaged it neatly. He was short of words, neither could he think. She soon woke up, rubbing her eyes.

Odinaka: “I think I dreamt about my sister” she said, yet to notice the wound on her own arm.

Ndubuisi: “Really? Tell me about it”

Odinaka: “It’s a little vague though. It looked like we were fighting” she made to stand up, using her injured arm as support but fell back due to the sharp pain she felt. “What happened to my arm?”  she asked, shocked.

Ndubuisi: “You must have cut yourself in your dream” he replied uninterestedly.


Tears flowed down her eyes as she watched her pale looking son from the window. He was placed on life support as the doctors were yet to identify the type of poison which was used on him and so an antidote could not be administered on him just yet. The poison was eating away his insides little by little.

Tunde: “Come lets go home dear. You need to rest for some time and we need to get to the root of this matter too. Someone poisoned our son and we need to know who it was and the offence we committed against the person” he held her by the forearm and led her away from the window.

Pamela: “Yes you are right. As much as I don’t want to leave my son’s side, I also want to know who did this to him” she concurred and so they went home. They met the two women having an argument in the sitting room.

Tunde: “What is going on here?” he asked, alarmed by their audacity to fight when his son was dying in the hospital.

Mama Ikenna: “Ask her ooo” she began to cry. “I did not poison that little boy but she is accusing me of doing so. I did not do it” she felt really pained.

Pamela’s Mum: “She did poison my grandson, if she didn’t, who could have? She is trying to avenge the death of her wicked son. She is evil, please don’t fall for her tears” she pointed an accusing and angry finger at the woman.

Question: Could it have been Mama Ikenna who really poisoned the boy?

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  1. Even if she was the one dat poisoned Pamela’s son,whose fault is it if not Pamela’s mum(useless mother) wat stops her 4rm opening up 2 her daughter …(that family is cursed)

  2. This story is an eye opener to all, so DAT we can be strong in d Lord. Its Pamela’s mum DAT poisoned her grandson. Pamela victory is surely yours.

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