(Episode 20) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

On getting home, she could find no one at home and the house looked like no one had stayed there for days.

“Where could she have gone to, hope it is not that this people has gotten to her? Hei… Amakaaaa” she began to call out her name in a loud voice hoping that she was probably at the farm or somewhere close by. The more she called the more she was met by an eerie silence. It was like the whole village had gone still. She ran to the house beside Mama Nkechi’s to inquire and met only their first daughter Gozie at home.

Gozie: “Ah mama Pam! You are back?” she paused with what she was pounding.

Pamela’s Mum: “Yes I am back. How are you?” she asked looking around, hoping her daughter was somewhere there.

Gozie:  “I am fine”

Pamela’s Mum: “Please have you seen Amaka?”

Gozie: “Well, I haven’t set eyes on her since you left. Rumour has it that she is living with doctor John now. A lot has happened since you left o. Your daughter might not be the same person you left at home o” she resumed with her pounding.

Pamela’s Mum: “My Amaka cannot do a thing like that” she objected.

Gozie: “Go there na. Go and see for yourself”


“Witch come outside o. Asawo owerri, come outside let us see your fornicating face”  Abigail screamed from outside. She was with three other girls who had gone there for full battle since they hadn’t been seeing her in public to scorn, they decided to carry their grievances to the house instead knowing John would be at the hospital.

She tried to ignore them, to cover her ears so she wouldn’t hear them but she heard them loud and clear anyway. When she could take it no more, she decided to go out and confront them.

Abigail: “She is coming out at last o, see her, look at the way she is carrying herself like a lazy peacock. Kai! Nee kwanu carriage (look at carriage)” she clapped her hands annoyingly.

Amaka: “What do you all want?” she asked boldly, ready to give it back to them in their own coin. There was a barrier between them so she knew they would never be able to reach her with their fists.

Abigail: “She still has mouth to talk. This girl has guts o. She is even getting fat. How will you not get fat when you are eating our doctor’s money? How can you shamelessly be living with a man who is not your husband? I am sure h sleeps with you every night, morning and afternoon. Or wait o, maybe she is even pregnant sef” she faced her friends who nodded their heads in agreement.

Amaka: “That I live here or there, how is that any of your business? If he is sleeping with me every hour of the day, would you rather he slept with you instead?” she shot back.

Abigail: “Eeeeewooooo… o gbu o la m eee (she has killed me)” she exclaimed with her hands on her head. “Do you think I am cheap like you? You who will open your legs for every passer-by to pass through? You whose sisters are witches? You dare compare me to yourself?”

Amaka: “I open my legs for every passer-by but guess whose body it is? Mine, mine and mine alone so tell me, why are you so aggrieved about that? Why are you raging and ranting like a toddler who can never have what she desires? Wait you called my sisters witches? But tell me, aren’t they better than all the generations of your family put together? The two of them alone are like ten sons to my mother and twenty brothers to me so you could become a witch yourself just to be like them” the girl was left dumbstruck.

Abigail: “proud ashawo is what she is. I don’t blame you”

Amaka: “If you have run out of what to say, can you do me the favour of packing your filthy selves out of here? I wonder why this house has no gate to lock out nuisances like you. And to think I thought you had a lot to say, I am disappointed” she shook her head and walked back inside.

Abigail: “Hei! How I wish I can lay hands on that insolent thing” she bit her forefinger in regret and then left with her entourage who dared not interfere when she was talking and so minded themselves by keeping quiet.


Ndubuisi: “What do you mean by you are pregnant for me? I have never even touched you before” he protested looking at his wife who was unusually quiet.

Angelica: “Why won’t you deny it? What man wouldn’t when his wife is there? I have no intention of having an abortion done so get ready to do the necessary stuffs. I am not here to play around with words in case you feel I am” she sat on the bed at Odinaka’s foot.

Odinaka: “Will you stand up from my bed now or you want me to strangle you to death? how dare you sit on my bed with that your filthy butt?” she jumped off the bed, looking as aggressive as a mother hen in the face of an intruder.

Angelica: “Oh so you are this fierce? Very good, it is what I like” she said rising from the bed.

Odinaka: “So it is true? You had this intention all along? You dare scorn me to my face?” she turned to her husband with tears streaming from her face.

Image result for images of an African couple fighting

Ndubuisi: “Honey please don’t listen to her. Do not listen to her at all, she is lying. You know I will never do a thing like this to you even over my dead body. I have never conceived in my heart of having sexual intercourse with another woman before. Please believe me, you are all I have” tears gathered in his eyes like a puddle of water under a wet duck.

Angelica: “Ah! Men are wicked, very wicked indeed. How can you deny your own child so blatantly? You know I didn’t want to do this, you forced me, you forced yourself on me and later asked for forgiveness and I thinking it was a momentary lapse decided to forgive you. How can you turn your back on me now that everything has gone sour?” she began to cry too making Odinaka confused as to who was saying the truth and who wasn’t- she sounded and looked that convincing.

Ndubuisi: “Oh God! Please come to my rescue” he bent his head down in frustration and wept shamelessly into his hands.


Dennis had suddenly gone into coma. She and her husband had prayed and prayed for his survival but nothing seemed to be changing, instead, the boy’s health seemed to be deteriorating every passing hour. She began to grow weary while her faith began to slacken. She was by his bedside day and night that most times she forgot to pray, she only kept asking questions after questions in her heart.

God I do not know what will become of me if I lose my son like this, my innocent son. She thought in her heart.

Tunde: “You are still thinking dear?” he said from the doorway where he had been standing watching her and their son.

Pamela: “What else can I do?” she sighed.

Tunde: “You can go home, pray, take care of yourself and the rest of your six children. Those children need you too. Please do not lose yourself cos of this, do not give the devil an opportunity to strike” he said. He was on the verge of crumbling too but he knew he had to be strong in order to be able to help his woman rise again. She was falling and he wasn’t going to let her fall totally.

Question: Will the boy die? Will Pamela find her faith again?

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  1. The death of the child is meant to weaken her faith and give the witches opportunity to attack the family, but I believe even if Dennis dies, just like what happened to David in the Bible, she’ll rise up stronger than ever before

  2. I pray he doesn’t die but if he eventually, Pamela shldnt loose faith, cos GOD will give them victory….. Dat may be d sacrifice they have to pay…

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