(Episode 22) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 22) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

The three witches held hands and within the twinkle of an eye, they found themselves inside Dennis’ ward where he was fast asleep. They noticed he was out of coma and even the artificial respirator he had been using to breathe had been removed. Pamela’s mum smiled happily in her heart and prayed they wouldn’t succeed. She was not bold enough to tell the queen she didn’t want to be a partaker in the task they had been given but in her heart, she knew the God her daughter served will never allow her to be put to shame.

Immediately they got inside, the boy sensed their presence, opened his eyes and began to plead the blood of Jesus and call the name of Jesus. The rest of the two witches looked at each other in confusion. How could he have sensed their presence so easily? They were not meant to be seen by naked eyes.

Madonna: “Your daughter and her family must belong to a very powerful occult which uses this name at will. Just like the villagers say, your daughters are all powerful witches” she commented without looking at the person she was talking to.

Pamela’s Mum: “My daughter is not a witch but she serves a God whose name is above every other name. I know Him too, I should have taken Him more seriously and become as powerful as my daughter then I wouldn’t have had to come to you for help”

Madonna: “Shut up there. Who told you I don’t know about Him too? I chose this path I am on because it seems to be the easiest way out”

Pamela’s Mum: “Can’t you see how rosy your life is now? I guess that is why you brought a miserly husband to my daughter so she can end up like you”

3rd Witch: “Its enough now. We cannot deviate from our plans. The boy is weak, we can still attack him but we need someone to get closer enough to target his heart”

Madonna: “How dare you give orders when I am here? You two don’t want to know your senior right? Wait until we get back to the coven” she said and began to walk closer to the boy but right there in their face, a shield like a thin veil covered the four corners of his bed and no matter how much she tried, she was unable to get through it.

Pamela’s Mum: “I told you, I told you He is powerful and protects those who call upon Him. Let’s leave now before it is too late” she suggested.

She wanted to protest but when she saw the shield turning to fire, she was the first to vamoose from the ward while the other two followed suit. They returned to the coven to tell tales of their total failure.

Queen: “You failed and you had the guts to return here to tell me that rather than bite off your tongues on your way here and die?” she raged, her breath turned flaming hot and they all hide their faces from her wrath. They knew they were in for it…


Ndubuisi: “Village? But it hasn’t been that long we left there. Can’t we stay for some time before going back?”

Odinaka: “I feel like we should go back. Everything happening to us right now has its origin in that village. I feel we will find our answers there despite our earlier hopelessness”

Ndubuisi: “You have a point there. I will arrange for it, see if I can be granted leave in the office too”

She looked at him and the love pouring out from her for him was immeasurable.

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Odinaka: “I promise to become the best wife to you ever after all these have been settled. You have remained the best I could have ever prayed for despite all my inadequacies. I love you hubby and I pray to start bringing joy to you from now henceforth” she poured out her heart to him.

Ndubuisi: “Thanks for believing in me my jewel”

Odinaka: “Thanks for standing by me. We shall overcome, I know we will”


Tunde: “We have to go to your village. I have a feeling we will be able to address all these issues at once there or what do you think?” he said as after they had rounded up their prayers.

Pamela: “I was about to suggest that too. You should have seen my sister, she was just like a person possessed by a million demons. I am afraid for her, they know I am a threat to them and went berserk as soon as they saw me. Now i know why she could not talk to me properly on phone, they are controlling her” she said sadly. “And to think I haven’t even been praying for her since I came back”

Tunde: “That was no fault of yours. No mother will see her son in that state and still be in the right frame of mind. I am just glad we are both back on our feet now I have a feeling we will hear good news from the hospital soon and as for your sister, we have to find a way to get she and her husband down to the village too. This family must be made whole again”

Pamela: “Amen!”


Queen: “I shall punish the three of you for failing to carry out a simple task you were given. A little boy, just a little boy overpowered a whole Madonna of the Impurity coven? I am very disappointed. All those powers you were given, what are they for? For making mouth?” she fixed her gaze on Aunty Martha who shivered frightfully.

Madonna: “No my queen, It is not like that. It is not just about the boy, there was a very powerful force fighting for the boy. I couldn’t even get closer to him”

Queen: “What powerful forces were those? Do you know how many powerful demons reside in you? All you need to do is command them and they will do all your bidding. Did you really have to bring these much shame to this coven?”

Madonna: “It is not entirely my fault my queen. Even his grandmother here was fighting against my power with her mind, she was protecting him” she looked at Pamela’s mum accusingly.

Pamela’s Mum: “But that is not true. Ho much power do I have to protect someone against the powerful Madonna or go against the queen’s orders? I am just a humble follower here and she wants me to take the blame for her downfall” she insisted.

Queen: “Whether you take the blame or not, you shall still be punished. Now one of your daughters shall take the boy’s place” she said and chose three other witches to carry out the task.

Pamela’s Mum: “Oh merciful Queen of the underworld; please spare my daughters and take me instead. I am available for you, punish me in their stead please. It was all my doing, they are innocent” she pleaded with tears in her eyes. “Or give us another chance at righting our wrongs. I promise that this time, we shall carry it out successfully even if I have to go there in human form. Please your highness” she pleaded further.

Madonna: “Yes your highness! Please give us another chance we beseech you” she went on her knees.

Queen: “I can only do what the master has commanded…”

Question: What do you think the master’s command is? To give them a second chance at killing Dennis or to kill one of her daughters? Which daughter might be asked to be killed?

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  1. They will never succeed in taking any of them…… they ve been defeated once they will still be defeated again n again IJMN. Amen!!!

  2. the Master’s command will be to kill one of her daughter and probably that will be Amaka.
    Please Adelove and crew i want you guys to be looking into some of the comments that are been published here especially this guy called Kennedy because I don’t know whether he is reading the same story all of us are reading here. his comments are not matured and he Need to be warned.

  3. Someone please just be sensible enough to ask me why am doing this and you will all know that this living virus amaka is wicked. Judge me when I finally talk out I know it is wrong but what can I do where can I go and who can I cry too?

  4. That Kennedy guy is on his own. Always out of point.
    I hope Ndubuisi’s father isn’t the master. If he is, he will protect the children.

  5. @kennedy this is not the right place to meet who you want to meet . Sorry for whateveryou are going through but not here . If you know her then you shouldknow her house or church or office or something not just here

  6. all of them will fail. why didn’t the queen go and try the boy by herself. I thought one of the witch would challenge the queen to try her power to see if she can prevail.

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