(Episode 23) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Episode 23) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

Queen: “…and he has commanded that one of your daughter’s blood be added to his blood bank. I shall only do as I have been commanded and one thing you should know is: the one I serve is neither merciful nor benign on offenders. Women! Get me the blood of her last daughter” she turned to the three women who were to carry out the task. “As for you Madonna, you are getting stripped of your title as my second in command and half of your powers. Next time, I might as well strip you of your powers” she dished out judgment on each of the three witches on whose eyes were bitter tears of both pain and regret.

The other three witches knew they better not fail in their tasks or they would be punished too and so they gathered up as much strength and power as they needed and flew off in their animal skin.


It was about past 2a.m when they decided to get some rest at last.

God please help direct my spirit as I am about to sleep. Help me dream if there is anything to be dreamt about and show me ways in which this evil can be defeated. In you oh Lord do I put all my trust, I have no other God but you oh Lord therefore grant me power even in my subconscious, make my tongue fire so that whatever word I speak will carry fire. I know my siblings are weak spiritually and they don’t even know how to pray but I stand in the gap for them Lord, no evil fashioned against them should prosper; grant them the chance to get to know you too. She prayed in her heart as she laid her head to rest.

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As soon as she had slept off, she found herself in her dad’s compound, struggling with three women who were trying to enter her house whose door was wide open.

Pamela: “What do you three evil women want to go and do inside that house by this time of the night? Did you miss your ways?” she asked looking stern and mean.

1st Witch: “We did not miss our way young woman. We have a task to accomplish inside that house” she said not knowing who Pamela was.

Pamela: “what task is that if I may ask?”

1st Witch: “It is none of your business young woman. Just go your own way and we shall not hurt you” they made to take another step…

Pamela: “Stop there in Jesus’ name!” she commanded, with her right hand lifted above her face. “How dare you want to walk out on the daughter of Zion when she is still speaking?”

They all began to shake immediately.

2nd Witch: “Do not be angry, we didn’t know it was you. Please allow us go in and do what we were sent to do. it will soon be daybreak and we might be disgraced if we didn’t leave this place before 3a.m” she pled with her.

Pamela: “You must tell me what that task is” she insisted stubbornly. She knew the power she carried and so fear was far from her.

1st Witch: “The woman living in this house owes us a debt and we have come to collect it”

Pamela: “You are still playing with words. I command you to tell me what debt you have come to collect in this house even though Christ has paid everyone’s debts in this house on the cross of Calvary”

3rd Witch: “The debt she owes us is irredeemable because we own her soul now and so we are free to enter that house to collect whatever we want. Look at it, that is why it is wide open to us” she claimed.

Pamela: “Lies! You cannot collect whatever you want from this house because I am one of the occupants of this house and because of the grace I carry, everyone in this house is redeemed by the blood of the lamb. It is either you leave in peace now or I make your worst nightmare come true” she warned.

1st Witch: “No, we shall not leave until we have collected what is due unto us”

Pamela: “I stand on the authority in the name of Jesus Christ for the bible says HE has given me authority to trample on snakes and scorpions…and whatever I bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. I command you evil creatures to be bound with chains and fetters of God right now and be rendered powerless” as she spoke the word, the witches became immobile and chains appeared from nowhere, binding them together. They struggled and struggled, turning into all forms of animal in order to find an escape route but the chains held.

In reality, she was muttering incoherently and turning her head from side to side. Her husband woke up and began to pray too, knowing she was fighting a battle in the dream.


She woke up the next morning feeling a little stronger than she used to in the mornings. John and her mum had been quite supportive, most times, her mum wouldn’t even let her do anything in the house while John made it a priority to visit her every evening after work with all the stuffs he knew she loved eating.  That morning, he felt like doing something before her mum would wake up to stop her and so she had been the first to step out.

Amaka: “Jeeesus! Mamaaa…” she screamed at the sight of the three women bound together in front of the house where she was meant to sweep. Her mother knowing what had happened for she had refused to set the women free when she arrived that morning had seen them bound together. She had returned with tears thinking she was going to meet her daughter’s corpse but the reverse had been the case.  She wanted them disgraced so that they could at least leave her family alone.

Pamela’s Mum: “What is it?” she rushed out and almost fell on the three women.

1st Witch: “Nne Pamela eee. See what your daughter has done to us. Please have mercy on us and set us free” she pleaded weakly.

Pamela’s Mum: “Heeeeeeiiii! Neighbours eee, come and see what my eyes are seeing this early morning. This is an abomination. Witches in our sacred village” she raised alarm and screamed louder while Amaka aided her.

Amaka: “Wonders shall never end in this village. Witches in broad daylight and in front of my father’s house? Holy ghost fire fire you. Holy ghost fire” she kept saying even as people began to gather round about them.  No one will see them and say they weren’t witches for they were fully clothed in their coven’s regalia and their faces painted black to match their cloths. They had on their head red crown made with human bones. They were a sight to behold indeed.

“Aaaru eeeee (abomination)” rent the air as people increased in the compound.

“What is the offence of this family that these things keep happening to them?” a man said with his hands folded across his chest in shock.

“That is what I have in mind too. Ever since Ozoemena’s death, evil people just won’t let them rest. Now what were these ones looking for here? They must confess” another said.

“Yes confess! Confess!! Confess!!!” they all pointed at them angrily. Children threw stones at them while adults spat in their faces.

1st Witch: “Please have mercy on us, these chains are killing us” she pleaded but her pleading only made the people angrier.

“Die by fire! You must die” someone said.

“I know there are many of you in this village, mention the names of your accomplices and we shall free you” an elder said.

The witches started rolling their eyes around. Women hid behind their husbands while children hid under their feet. Their eyes fell on Pamela’s mum for a second…

Question: Should they mention her name so she can be disgraced along with them? Will her daughters ever forgive her?

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  1. I fear Pamela’s mum o..she is just not fit 2 be called a mother,wat kind of mother will allow harm come 2 her children (the same children she went seeking help 4) they shud expose her also

  2. I fear Pamela’s mum o..she is just not fit 2 be called a mother,wat kind of mother will allow harm come 2 her children (the same children she went seeking help 4) they shud expose her also

  3. I fear Pamela’s mum o..she is just not fit 2 be called a mother,wat kind of mother will allow harm come 2 her children (the same children she went seeking help 4) they shud expose her also

  4. Even if they mention her name, her children will forgive her and knowing she has not handled any operation successfully, i.e. shedding of blood, she will be exonerated. Though she went to seek for her family’s solution to their problem and was roped in.

  5. Even if her name is mentioned,she would be forgiven by her children if only she makes them understand that she went seeking for help & was initiated against her wish.Too bad she’s a week mother.


  7. Her name should not b mentioned bcos what ever mistake she has committed was due to d situation. I believe her daughter’s will forgive her bcos like everyone one else there is always a reason behind everything. We can see dat she did not accept to b part of them whole heartedly. Who could have believe dat aunty was a witch who never wanted their progress.

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