(Final Episode 24) The Curse of Ndishi part 2… A Scandalous Story!

(Final Episode 24) The Curse of Ndishi part 2... A Scandalous Story!

She had narrated the dream she had to her husband immediately she had woken up. He quickly dialled Ndubuisi’s number as soon as she was done with her narration.

Ndubuisi: “Big brother! This one you remember us today” he hailed happily.

Tunde: “My dear, busy schedule don’t even let me remember myself. How are you?”

Ndubuisi: “Just hanging on” he replied sadly.

Tunde: “You should be doing better than just hanging on. My wife had a terrible dream last night and we have to do something about it. Can you and your wife take the first flight down there today? We will meet you there or you meet us there but it is imperative we all meet there today. How possible can that be?”

Ndubuisi: “We were planning to go to the village but not today. I still have to get my leave approved by my boss”

Tunde: “You don’t need no paying job Ndu. You are a boss yourself and your place is at your hospital. God will establish you from there if not, you will continue to work for others and forget yourself doing so. Get down to the village today, its just 5a.m. you can still meet the 8a.m flight. My wife is getting ready already. This has more to do with you and your wife. You both need redemption”

Somehow, he felt happy about what Tunde had said about his job for he had missed his hospital so much and always worried about how John was running it. As soon as he had ended the call, a knock sounded on their door and he went to open it. It was Angelica with a box that could accommodate all the belongings he had ever owned in his life.

Ndubuisi: “What are you doing here by this time?” he asked, eyeing her and the bag.

Angelica: “I have packed in to my husband’s house of course or don’t you have eyes?” she said and pushed her way in. Odinaka was already awake and in the bathroom.

Ndubuisi: “Really? You are welcome ehn? How is the baby doing?” he asked smiling.

Angelica: “The baby is fine darling” she was extremely happy at the change she thought she had seen in him and sat on the bed comfortably.

Ndubuisi: “Honey, she has packed in. My second wife is here at last. Please help m to welcome her” he said, gesturing to her with his eyes to act calm”

Odinaka: “Oh yeah! You are welcome” she turned to her husband and asked him in the Nsukka dialect “what is going on here?”

Ndubuisi: “Dont mind the idiot. We are going to the village this morning and I am going to tell papa Michael to lock the door once we have left. She will go back to wherever she is coming from disgracefully. Just leave her” he replied in the same dialect, smiling as if they were saying something good about her indeed.

Odinaka: “Ehya! That is good to know. Angelica dear, welcome jare, what do I prepare for you?” she switched to English while Angelica giggled a jiggled like one who had just won an American visa.

Angelica: “You can’t be preparing food for me now. I will prepare it for you and our husband, don’t worry” she stood up and quickly rushed to the kitchen, thinking of how she will have him all to herself already.

Ndubuisi: “ehn ehn lest I forget, I and your senior wife will be going to the village this morning so you have to take care of the house” he announced and dropped a fake key for her. “That is the key to the house, always lock the door when you are going out, there are thieves around”

Angelica: “Awwwww ehya, I will miss you guys, hope you will not stay too long?” she feigned sadness meanwhile she was thinking of how many of her boyfriends she was going to bring into the house to make good love to her in their absence. She was beyond herself with joy.


1st Witch: “We cannot mention their names. It i against our code of conduct but just know they are here among you” she they began to get suffocated. It was like the air around had vapourized and nothing was left for them to breathe in. As they were taking their last breath, Pamela and her husband arrived to the consternation of all present. It felt like Heaven had decided to bring them back at the right time.

Few minutes later, Ndubuisi and Odinaka also arrived, wondering what was happening at their compound. At this time, Tunde and Pamela had gone inside the sitting room and had begun to pray. Their mum like a flash of lightening ran inside. The crowd began to disperse, thinking that was all there was to it. Some youths had been made to carry the corpses of the three women to the village square to serve as deterrent to any other person who wants to involve in witchcraft.

Pamela’s Mum: “Yes yes yes I will confess but please stop the prayers, it is tormenting me” she cried, her children exchanged surprised looks. Ndubuisi and Odinaka had joined in the prayers too after they had bound any demon that might want to manifest through her to disrupt their prayers.

Pamela: “What are you confessing to mum?”

Pamela’s Mum: “Please forgive me. When Odinaka’s ordeal started, I had gone to your aunty seeking for solutions not knowing she was a witch…” she narrated her ordeal in the hands of the coven and how they had made her aid mama Ikenna in poisoning Dennis. She told them how they had gone the night before to kill him in the hospital an how Amaka was also in danger of death that same night.

Pamela: “Mamaaa!”

Odinaka: “Mama ah!”

Amaka: “Mama but why?” they were all dumfounded but could only exclaim.

Pamela’s Mum: “I am sorry my children. They threatened to kill Amaka and Odinaka if I didn’t comply with them. I am really sorry, Pamela please pray for me. I will serve God now with the whole of my heart. I will no longer run to any man for solutions to my problem but run to God in prayers. Just teach me how you do it and I promise to be strong from now on”  she wept bitterly.

Tunde: “The devil has been shamed. We have no option but to forgive her. Who are we to judge another who is even ready to commit to God? She was just being a mother but you young mothers in this sitting room should also learn. Amaka I can see your stomach and I know what that means so you are included too. Mothers should be strong for no one can stand in the gap for their children as much as mothers can. That you are a Christian does not mean challenges will not come, it will come but you will have to continue fixing your eyes on Christ and not running helter-skelter. If not for how strong in faith your sister is, she would have lost like two of her children already, the stuffs she overcame in the past would have come back to haunt her again but because she remained strong spiritually, she was able to foil all of their plans.

Odinaka, learn from your sister, Ndubuisi give your life to Christ and let God use you to bring salvation to your family especially your dad except you liked what you and your wife went through in their hands?”

Ndubuisi: “Not at all brother in law. I am ready” he knelt down while his wife and Amaka followed suit. Their mother was already on her knees. Pamela wept tear of joy as her family rededicated their lives to Christ while Ndubuisi gave his to Him.

They resumed with the prayers and just then, aunty Martha appeared from nowhere carrying a huge calabash and weeping.

Aunty Martha: “Yes I did trap Odinaka’s spirit here. I turned to her after I was unable to get to Pamela who I felt betrayed me. I am under torment right now, I am sorry for all I have done” she snivelled.

Pamela: “Now you are going to break the calabash in Jesus name”

She lifted it up and crashed it to the floor. A black cobra reared its head but was soon burn to ashes right in their presence while Aunty Martha seemed to have melted with it. They had tried to make her confess Jesus as her Lord but it had been too late.


John: “I am sorry guy” he apologised.

Ndubuisi: “You dared rape my sister inlaw after I gave you a job to better your life?” he suddenly flew into a rage, took some steps towards John and punched him in the face and any other place he could get his fists on. “How can you be so depraved as to do that to such a littlegirl?”

Odinaka: “Honey its okay. He seems to be a changed person now.

Ndubuisi: “I am sorry dear, I made a bad choice”

Odinaka: “No you didn’t. You helped a helpless person and that counts. We shall forgive him and we all shall work together in the hospital, no need sending him away, we need him here”

John: “Oh thank you sister-in-law. Thank you very much. I promise never to hurt your sister again. I will be there for her every minute of the day” he said in appreciation.

Few days later, it was gathered that mama Ikenna had died in her sleep after she had locked herself up in the house for days with no one knowing her whereabouts. Young men had to break her door to discover her lying lifeless on her bed, clutching a bible to her chest. Where she had gotten it from, no one knew.

Together, the family triumphed over evil and continued to wax stronger through prayer. Odinaka later completed her housemanship at Unilorin Teaching Hospital where she also gave birth to a baby boy. She later returned to the village to help at the hospital. And so at last, everything worked together for good for them all.

NB: Please note that ‘The Curse of Ndishi Part 2 has nothing to do with the Enugu Ezike People’s Ndishi. Ndishi did not manifest here since no one committed adultery. If you want to know about Ndishi, then that will be in part 1- Pamela’s story and yeah, Ndishi is very real.

I am sure the message I want to pass across is already embedded in the story but one last word, don’t ever slacken in prayer for the devil roams about seeking whom to destroy. You might think you have offended no one meanwhile someone is holding untold grudge against you. Always pray whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. Thanks for reading and I’d be reading your comments as you share your thoughts on the story and other lessons you might have learnt at the comment section.

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  1. I’ve really learnt alot from this story. It pays to be prayerful and spiritually alert. We really live in a wicked world, where people allow themselves to be used as agents of destruction. Wickedness and oppression is real but more real is our victory in Christ. Once more kudus to Adelove and crew. You guys are the best indeed.

  2. The God who answereth by fire let him be my God the is my God this story is be real I learnt n I can tell it real thanks to Adelove u are d best site

  3. It pays to serve Jesus.. Adelove,nothing do you..hold on to your God,devil is a liar.it is well with you..
    Thanks for the story, one with God is a majority..
    God bless you,regards to all your crews.

  4. To God be the glory; our God is ever faithful to his word; he said com unto me all ye that labored I wil give you Rest:victory at last.God bless you adelove love you more;more grace

  5. whoa! what a lovely ending, we’ve learnt a lot. big thanks to adelove crew, but u fail to tell us what later happens to amaka and john

  6. Tanx Adelove and crew for dis beautiful and wonderful story. My lesson learnt from dis story is dat it is always good to pray whether in times of trouble or not. We should always be close to God. Finally mama Ikenna accepted christ before she gave up d ghost. Also wen ever we r in trouble we should always turn to God and not seek for spiritual assistance bcos d devil will never give u any help for free.

  7. our God is still in the habit of delivering his own children in time of needs.we should also learn to forgive our fellow men as God is forgiving us on a daily basis.tks adelove your stories are inspiring.

  8. Wow. Prayer is the key. And GOD is good and everything HE does is perfect. Meaning if Mama Pamela hadn’t join them the family won’t have been liberated and, her spirit was fighting for her family also thou she was amongst the witches cos it wasn’t her wish, God uses the foolish things of this world to confirm the wise.
    We should also teach our children how to pray so that they can be a threat to the devil nd his host.

  9. i must really commend you people because through your stories a lot of soul has been converted and for this particular story, it is quite educating. ADELOVE AND CREW YOU GUYS ARE SIMPLY THE BEST.

  10. There are many ways to evangelize Christ and Adelove has used this unique way to do it. You guys never fail to let your fans know that evil is real, but the power of God in the name – Jesus is more than the ultimate evil. Thank you for this story, it also encourages us to carry our children along in our spiritual walk. God bless Adelove, I pray for more inspiration for your team.

  11. All glory be to God. It has ended well again this time, He alwz win His battle. I really learnt alot, thanks tob u guyz 4 publishing d story. More wisdom

  12. AdeLove you are blessed indeed your stories are drawing many to d cross of our Lord Jesus. May God continue to enrich you wit more knowledge in Jesus name you wil never fall

  13. One big lesson learnt is that we should invest the right virtues in our kids while they’re growing up so when we’re not around our kids will stand strong even in prayers!

  14. Welldone guys, you are capable of changing mentality & mindset of people with your piece. Thands for encouraged my spiritual life with your work, may you continue to wax stronger in all your endeavours in Jesus name. Adesoji.

  15. Adelove Kudos. I have learnt alot from this story. Infact it has helped in boosting my spiritual life. Knowing the power of prayer in someone’s life. Thank God for Adelove keep it up.


  17. Thanks Adelove. Please,request you consider completing some old stories as well,e.g “Naija Interesting story and one other one that the guy was a player to the extend that he took it to the Church and of one Sister pregnant and later abort the baby without her notice. Thanks and God bless.

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