(Episode 3) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Dapo’s Mother could not follow her friend, Ranti to the beer parlour, so, she lurked around in a corner in the street to avoid being seen by passers-by. She decided to follow her friend in case anything happened to her at the beer parlour. The table in which Aremu and his friends sat were filled with empty bottles of beer of different brands- some half filled with plates of fish pepper soup on the table to complement the drinks. Ranti let loose when she got to the venue. She had never been this crazy- one of the reasons her husband felt he could do anything to her and get away with the lot. However, he got it all wrong this night, as the woman released the beast in her, she wore the garment of trouble and she was as outrageous as never before. This startled her friend, who was watching the actions from a corner in the street as she had never seen her meek friend in this shade before in the last few years of their friendship. She roared like a lioness whose cub had been attacked as she saw a lady sitting on her husband’s laps. The sight of this nauseated her and stirred up the boiling anger in her like a turbulent ocean wave. She bellowed at her husband.

Ranti: “Agh!” She exclaimed.  “You this man, you don’t have the fear of God. And you told me this afternoon that you don’t have money, but you have the money to spend on things that will bring no good to you. You can spend on adultery abi? But, you can’t provide money for your family?” she asked rhetorically, gesticulating. “You are a living ghost. Ti e ti tan. Just look at you, see your life outside. You are here drinking away your future and destiny”. She fumed, waving her fingers in an upward direction irritatingly at her husband whose mouth was wide open.

Aremui: “Yo-o-uu this woman, what have you come here to do?” he stammered, pointing his fingers at his wife and blinking his eyes every millisecond.

Ranti: “you are mad for asking me that question. All the deities of this land are having a feast in your thinking faculty. In fact Sanpona will strike the mouth you used to ask me that stupid question. You left me and two kids starving at home and here you are drinking away your senses and you have the audacity to ask me what I came here to do. Ask me once more and see whether you will not dine with your ancestors tonight”.  She threatened her husband as she looked around for any object to fight with. The lady on her husband’s laps grumbled. “Let me hear what you are saying. You this never-do-well asawo. Gboko-gboko, olobo ten kobo. Husband snatcher”. She said as she clapped her palms at the lady hurling abusive words at her. “wait sef, what am I still doing? I am here and you are still sitting on my husband’s laps”. She said, as she stretched her hands to pull the lady out of her position. The lady, held her wrist and hung it in air.

Ranti retreated as the lady held her wrist.

Ranti: “okay, no wahala. I have not come for you tonight. It is this useless old for nothing idiot that I have come for. So, if you don’t want to get a souvenir from me, just maintain your lane and back off, otherwise you will knock on hell’s door tonight”.  She warned the lady, poking her right finger at her nose. The lady, however, gave her a this-woman-has-gone-mad kind of look.

Aremu: “woman, o ya go home and stop creating nuisance here. Go home now before I change my mind”.

Ranti: “yes, it is that change of mind I want to see. Let God receive two visitors tonight”. She replied as she thrust her husband in the chair and pulled the table out.

Aremu: “I won’t let you implicate me. So, I will take my leave before the devil breaks loose”. He said as he stood up to leave. Ranti pulled his trouser as his mistress was about to follow him.

Aremu: “hmmm, you this woman free me before I wound you o”.

Ranti: “yes, that is what I want kuku kill me, so that you can continue with your waywardness”.  Some of her husband’s friends at the beer parlour begged her to leave that her husband would join her at home. However, she refused to yield to their pleas. The devil had really taken over her this night as she turned deaf ears to the people at the drinking spot. One of the friends spoke.

Friend One: “wo, mama Fatou, you go home. Your husband will come meet you for house”. He persuaded, squinting his eyes trying to gain balance from the effect of the alcohol.

Ranti: “you people are telling me to leave as if I don’t know this man. He will not come home. If someone could watch his children starve, tell me, is homecoming a priority to him?” she asked rhetorically, putting her hands backwards. “I know the person I am dealing with too well, he will never come home”.

Ranti: “leave her alone, she no dey hear word. She is a stubborn woman”. He said, facing his friends. The beer parlour owner, Mama “G” was becoming impatient  and could no longer stomach what she was seeing, as she stood watching the insanely drama of the outrageous housewife. She burst out angrily.

Mama G: “see madam, leave here now. You are spoiling market for me. Leave before I change am for you. You dey create scene here abeg.

Ranti: “so, I am a nuisance now abi?” she asked rhetorically, putting her hand on her chest. “I don’t blame you. You know who I blame? I blame these fools for seated here lavishing their incomes on beer. How will you not tell me to leave your shop?” she said, looking at the woman irritatingly.

Mama G: “see dey look face o. I no be your husband o. and I no come your house come force am to my bar. Dey look face o, I no be your husband wey you dey sharp mouth for. I go break bottles for your head o. I no send anybody”. She spoke loudly with her cracked voice like that of some touts at the motor park. She threatened, waving an empty bottle of beer at Ranti, tilting her head sideways like a meningitis patient.

Ranti: “exactly! That is what I want. Break the bottles on my head. You useless old fool”. She replied, pushing her head closer to her and poking her nose.

Mama G: “this woman no know me o. abi you dey craze? No dey take Oluyole eye look me o. Na Ijora, Isale-Eko I for grow”. She said, still waving the empty bottle of beer in the air. The other fun seekers at the drinking spot tried to calm the unrest but all to no avail. Ranti lost her patience and temper. She scattered the table filled with bottles of beer and shattered virtually all the bottles. This aggravated the beast inside of Mama G, she smashed an empty bottle of Gulder lager beer on her head, kpom! Her eyes spun and gradually she slumped to the ground.

Aremu: “you see what you have caused yourself now? See where stubbornness has landed you”. He pointed to his dying wife on the ground.

Dapo’s Mother, who had been hiding in a corner observing the brawl, came out from her hideout. Blood was oozing from her head, her hair was soaked in blood. Her friend quickly reached for her before it got out of hands.

Dapo’s Mother: “agh! Papa Fatou, this is not fair o. And you stood there watching the woman hit the bottle on your wife’s head?”

Aremu: “what do you expect me to do? na she pass her boundary  nah, abi her house reach this place?” he asked rhetorically, eyeing his wife.

Dapo’s Mother: “ehn, all the same you should not watch her die now. Abi you will not take her to the hospital?”

Aremu: “no be today. Leave her alone, she will not die”. He replied scornfully. His friends’ efforts to persuade him to take his wife to the clinic proved abortive, he was cold about the dying woman’s condition.

Dapo’s Mother: “what kind of man is this?” she whispered as she helped her friend to her feet. “O ya, put your hand round my neck and stand up” she lifted her up and they left the spot.

Question: What happens next? Will Aremu consider taking care of his wounded wife?

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  1. Aremu is a disgrace to man-hood, he is a fool, wicked and so heartless. I just hope and pray that Ranti will not loose her life.


  2. Na wa o, some men can be useless and heartless shaa. I don’t blame the poor woman for her outburst. I pray she survivers

  3. There’s always a reward for patience,I think Ranti went overboard.There are ways to tackle issues without going violent especially when a lot of people has interfered.All the same,I pray she survives & then get separated from the man for the time being.

  4. it’s true that aremu is heartless, but Ranti also over reacted even crossing her boundary. violence cannot solve the problem at hand, else she might lose her life as it is now.she can quietly pack out of the house or divorce the man.

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