(Episode 5) Ghost Of The Past: Tale Of Love And Betrayal!

Ranti’s Mother yelled at her daughter who was reluctant to follow her to the house.

Ranti’s Mother: “has this man hypnotized you or what? The same way you turned deaf ears to all our warnings when you got pregnant for the good for nothing villain, and he decided to keep you in this rat hole”. She said, with huge irritation looking round the room. The daughter remained silent as her mother nagged. “You must follow me today o. It is you I blame not the idiot. You gave yourself to him for free now. Now this is what you get in return. Beating everyday”

Ranti: “o ya, let us go”. She said as she strapped her baby to her back, looking face down, she was too scared to look at her raging mother in the eyes.

Ranti’s Mother: “o ya let’s go. And the idiot is not even at home.

Aremu arrived home shortly after his wife had followed her mother, feeling tipsy and smelling of alcohol.

Aremu: “where has this woman gone to?” he soliloquised as he got to the door and found it locked. “Where can she be?” He wondered looking around, as searched his trouser pocket. A neighbour told him his wife had followed her mother. “abeg, you see my wife?” he asked

Neighbour: “I saw her this morning with an old woman. She left the house with her and the children”.

Aremu: “okay, thank you”. He opened the door and entered his room. He had his bath, changed his clothing and left for his mother-in-law’s house.


Aremu begged his mother-in-law to release his wife for him, despite his reckless lifestyle.

Aremu: “good morning ma!’ He prostrated to greet the old woman, whose lips remained sealed and looked at him contemptuously. “Mama, it is you I am greeting”. He said still on the ground after the old woman refused to return his greeting.

Ranti’s Mother: “go and greet your mother. Don’t greet me at all”. She fumed, backing him.

Aremu: “I am sorry if I did anything wrong. But, I am here to see my wife”. The old woman snapped back at him.

Ranti’s Mother: “did I hear you say wife?” she asked rhetorically, holding her ear. “Who gave you wife? You must be drunk. You better go and look for your wife elsewhere. As far as I am concerned I did not give you my daughter as wife. So, look for your wife elsewhere”.

Aremu: “I know I have wronged you, but I am sorry. That is why I am here to apologise. And moreover, it was Ranti that came to look for trouble. I don’t know why she came to cause trouble at the place that night”.

Ranti’s Mother: “eh eh”. She chuckled. “You are so bold, you still have the courage to say all this rubbish to my face?” she asked rhetorically. “I don’t blame you at all. I blame the girl that sold out herself for you cheaply. She caused all this mess, and brought the shame on me. Before I open my eyes, I want you to disappear”. She shouted at him, closing her eyes. Aremu, refused to go until the old woman threatened him with a machete. “You are still here?” she asked as she opened her eyes and still found Aremu squatting before her. She entered her room and came out with a machete. At the sight of this, Aremu took to his heels. “You should have waited for me now. Why did you run away? You bastard!” she said, gasping.


Few days afterwards, the families of the couple interfered and the couple reconciled.

Aremu: “You know I like you and I don’t like to see you hurt or cry, but…”

Ranti: ‘but what?” she cut him short. “But you enjoy making me and my children suffer abi?” She asked folding her arms under her breasts, turning her back on her husband.

Aremu: ‘it is not what you think, my wife. You know I won’t watch you and my kids suffer”. He spoke softly, resting his hands on his wife’s shoulder from behind.

Ranti: ‘hmmm, abegi, look for another lie to tell. I know you are lying. It is already part of you. You just enjoy inflicting pain on me. You hurt me physically and emotionally. Yet you claim you like me. And I don’t even understand what is wrong with me, I can’t think straight. I still find a way for you in my heart despite all the things you do to me. You will come back and I will still accept you back. Am I under a spell or what?’ she asked rhetorically, weeping bitterly.

Aremu: “You know I don’t like to see you cry. Your lips are too precious to wail and your eyes are too golden to cry, and should not see evil”. He spoke softly, jamming his black thick fleshy smoke darkened lips on her nape.

“Leave me alone jor”. She retreated as her husband tried to find his way through to her bra.

Aremu: “haba, what is it again shebi I have begged you. I am sorry”. He said, as his wife moved away from his soft grip.

Ranti: “the kids are awake”. She said, pointing to her kids lying on the mat on the floor.

Aremu: ‘this does not stop us from doing what we want to do now. After all this is not the first time we will be doing it in their presence”. He said, swivelling her to face him.

Ranti: “that was then. Not anymore. And not until I see positive changes in you, you will never get in between my legs” she jolted away from him, while Aremu’s pipe remained few inches longer than normal, with a glaring protrusion in his trouser.


Abbas met an old friend of his on his way home after work one evening. He was at the filling station at the popular Challenge bus stop in Ibadan, when he heard someone scream his name from a car driving out of the filling station.

Man: “Abbaaas!” he screamed out of the car.

Abbas: “Who is that?” He swivelled round to see who screamed his name. “agh! Ponmile!” He screamed his name feeling so elated to see his old school mate again years after they had graduated from the prestigious university of Ibadan. “agh, paddy mi to sure. Park, park, park”. He said, turning his finger around after paying the petrol station attendant.

Ponmile: “agh! Abbas, how far now?” he said, grinning and hugging his friend so tightly.

Abbas: “when did you enter town?”

Ponmile: ‘just last month o”.

Abbas: “agh! Is it fair and you can’t reach me your friend. You have forgotten your person?”

Ponmile: ‘haba, lai lai. How will I forget Abbasido of all people? My day one person”. He said, snapping his fingers and hugging his friend again.

Abbas: “if so, why have you not called me since you came?”

Ponmile: “ma bi nu. Don’t be upset. I don’t have your contact and I went to where your family used to stay at Eleyele, they told me they didn’t know anybody by the name I mentioned there”.

Abbas: “see, since when? Have you forgotten it is no longer yesterday we left school?”

Ponmile: “hmmm, that’s true anyway. Where are you heading to now?” he asked with his hands akimbo.

Abbas: “I am going home. My house is not far from here. I stay at Bolumole NEPA”.

Ponmile: “that is not far from here now?” he asked, pointing in the direction opposite them.

Abbas: “no, it is not far from here. You can come and know my house”. He suggested.

Ponmile: “tele nko.  Before! You drive your car. I will drive behind you”.

Abbas: ‘okay, no wahala”. They entered their respective cars and drove off.

At Abbas’ home, his wife was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the husband came in.

Abbas: “wow! Alhamdulillah!” He said as he flung his key onto the table. “e kuule o” he greeted from the sitting room stretching his neck to peep into the kitchen, while his friend looked around the room.

Khadijah: “oh, this man is back”. She soliloquised as she stacked the dishes into the rack. “Oh you are welcome”. She greeted from the kitchen.

Abbas: “you sit down jare. You are welcome to my humble home”. He said, spreading his hands apart as Ponmile looked for a comfortable place to sit in the well-furnished sitting room. “Why is this woman not coming out, doesn’t she know I have a visitor?” He murmured as he moved towards the kitchen. “Madam, will you tell me you don’t know I have a visitor, abi you did not hear?” He said with a slight irritation.

Khadijah: “oh, I am sorry. I wanted to quickly stack these dishes that is why”. She said as she moved to the sitting room to receive their guest with a ceramic in her hand. “good…” the plate slipped out of her hand as she bowed courteously to greet Ponmile.

Question: What could be responsible for the reaction of Khadijah at the sight of Ponmile?  And did Ranti make the right decision of reconciling with her illegitimate husband?  

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  1. I don’t like Ranti action at all she should have held I a little longer. There must be something fishy between Kadijat and ponmile.


  2. Maybe ponmile is khadijat’s ex or still her lover…who knows?….Ranti’s brain needs to be formated…can’t blame her though..LOVE…

  3. Khadi is somehow connected to Pomile but that closeness should be about (love affairs). Rain is notbin her right sense, Evn if she will do something like reconciliation, its still early.

  4. Ranti didn’t make d right decision its too early to go bk even if she had wanted to, Khadijah n Ponmile may ve dated b4 or still dating now.. something is really fishy bcs of her reaction

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